• Show Date: 02/11/2014
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lesley Layland Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Waverley Gundog Association

Waverley Gundog Association

2nd November 2014

Golden Retrievers

Thank-you to the committee for inviting me to judge at their extremely well run show and many thanks to my jolly steward who helped to keep the ring running smoothly. Not only was it the clubs 50th anniversary but it was made even more special as this was my first time judging our lovely breed on home soil and what a super entry I had too. I was particularly impressed with both puppy classes with some very nice youngsters to judge but, sadly there wasn’t enough card to go around. Many puppies were 6 months so it’s such a shame that the classification doesn’t include a MP class nor a BPIB award. With the ring being extremely generous I was grateful that many of the exhibitors used it to full capacity when asked to move their dog, allowing them to fully stride out. I was delighted with both my dog and bitch line ups with all being fine examples of the breed. Eventually BOB went to the young bitch Linirgor Luv Song JW who later went on to be shortlisted for BIS.

Puppy Dog 10 (1abs)

Super class

1st Walker’s Cardrona Caledonia

Beautiful and rich dark gold coat boy with kind, masculine head of good shape enhanced by super dark eyes and pigment. Good length of neck placed on well angulated shoulders, nice amount of forechest with straight forelegs, strong pasterns and tight feet. Body well ribbed and short in couplings. Nicely angulated stifle matching his front. Moved out steady and true with a good overall gait and lovely carriage. He caught my attention on my first look around the ring for his lovely balance and clean outline and was glad he didn’t let me down when going over him or on the move. Not a flashy boy but he is so honest in every way and I just fell for him. At 6 months he is just right for his age, time and maturity is all that is needed. If there had been a BPIB award he would have taken it, good luck for the future.

2nd MacDonald’s Linirgor Blueprint

Not quite the balance today as 1st as he looks like he’s done a bit of growing of late but still a very nicely made 6mth boy. Lovely masculine head again with nice dark eye and pigment. Good reach of neck on well-placed shoulders with correct length of upper arm. Deep chest, straight forelegs and tight feet. Short coupled body, level topline with correct tailset. When he’s allowed to stand naturally he just relaxes into his stifle. On the move this young boy has a super forward reach and a powerful rear end but please don’t move him too quickly as at times he looses his gait.

3rd Cuthill’s Mousseglen Maclaine (AI)

Junior Dog 7 (2abs)

1st Cuthill’s Mousseglen Maclaine (AI)

Another lovely boy who was unlucky to meet the previous winners. More mature than most of his age so looked more at home in this class. Lovely masculine and well-shaped head with gentle expression from kind dark eyes. Strong reachy neck leading to correctly angulated shoulders. Good depth of chest and ribs well sprung. Well boned straight forelegs with nice catlike feet and tight pasterns. Short coupled with excellent rear angulation. Strong in loin and hind quarters enabling him to move out positively with ease, a very nice type.

2nd Greig’s Nedlezah Take A Chance On Me At Cranngray

Well -presented mid gold boy of 13 ½ mth. Shorter coupled making him more compact than 1. Well balanced masculine head of good type. Clean, strong neck of good length. Nice layback of shoulder and well bodied with nice proportions making him balanced. Stifles well bent with strong hocks, short pasterns and tight feet. Moved out soundly and true.

3rd Grady’s Thornywait El Dorado At Glenrioch

Novice Dog 4 (1abs)

1st MacDonald’s Linirgor Blueprint

2nd Cuthill’s Mousseglen Maclaine (AI)

3rd Greig’s Nedlezah Take A Chance On Me At Cranngary

Graduate Dog 5 (1abs)

1st Beck’s Bluebraes Baltimore Jack JW

Really loved this young boy of 20mths, sadly today he wasn’t quite in his best bib and tucker which cost him BOB however, best coat or not he still has the most beautiful conformation. Just the type of head that I love; clearly masculine yet in no way overdone and retaining balance. Beautiful dark eyes and pigment with ears well set giving that typical true golden expression which is so loved.  Strong clean reachy neck leading to well laid back shoulders and excellent front angulation. Good depth of chest, straight well boned forelegs, elbows tucked in and tight feet. Well ribbed body just perhaps a little longer in loin than some but that doesn’t detract from his balance. Lovely rear angulation with strong quarters which enabled him to move out true with drive. He carries himself well with a beautiful level topline and tailset showing a lovely easy length of stride when in profile. Delighted to award him BD. 

2nd Grady’s Thornywait El Dorado At Glenrioch

Time is all that is needed with this young lad. Nicely balanced throughout, he shows correct front and rear angulation. Well boned forelegs, tight feet and pasterns. Deep chest and well bodied. Strong in loin and short coupled. Nice head type with good eye shape, ears well set and correct bite. Well-handled and presented. Just moved a little close behind.

3rd Gray’s Knockothie Fairway

Post Graduate Dog 6

1st Cuthill’s Mousseglen Masterkey

This 3yr old boy has the most delightful of masculine heads with lovely dark eye and pigment. Strong reachy neck with good layback of shoulder and nice return of upper arm. Mature well ribbed and short coupled body with a deep chest allowing for plenty of heart and lung room. Straight well boned forelegs, elbows tucked in on neat feet. Nicely angulated rear but at times tends to over stretch himself a little when standing. Moved well with good front and rear action.

2nd McCormack’s Flyngalee Alonso

Nicely made upstanding boy of 2 1/2yrs. Masculine head with alert expression. Strong muscular neck of good length, shoulders well laid back with good length of upper arm. Well boned dead straight forelegs, perhaps just a little up right in pastern but with good feet. Deep brisket and short in loin with nice turn of stifle. In good muscular condition which clearly showed in his active ground covering movement.

3rd Warden’s Eyevalley Macallan At Glentochty

Limit 2 Dog (2abs)

Open Dog 4

1st McShane’s Nedlezah Ties The Knot At Rigerin

This boy can certainly move and rightly so he took full advantage of the ring and just powered his way around it with his long easy stride powered by his super rear action. Rich golden coated lad with handsome well shaped head and kind dark appealing eyes. Strong clean neck of good length, set on well-placed shoulders with good length of upper arm and nice amount of forechest. Good length of leg with ample bone and tight feet, Well ribbed mature body and short through the loin. Well-turned stifle and strong hocks. His lovely head and tail carriage when on the move completed an attractive picture. RBD.

2nd Williams & Thomas’ Ronjalee Rock A Fella To Sandti JW

Another very nice chap of 3 yrs. A different type to 1, heavier and more compact. Masculine head with good expression and dark eye. Good reach of neck leading to a level topline and correct tailset. Nicely constructed front angulation, deep through the heart with good spring of rib. Mature compact body and short coupled. Well boned legs with tight elbows on catlike feet. Rear angulation complimenting front with strong rear quarters and hocks. In lovely quality profuse mid golden coat and lovely muscular condition. Not quite as together on the move as 1st and for me just preferred 1’s overall type.

3rd McAleese’s Lochtaymor A Diamond Jewel At Glormhorcu

Puppy Bitch 13 (4abs)

1st Hill & Smith’s Megarvy Maliboo

Nicely made young lady of 6 months with quality mid golden coat. Sweet feminine and well balanced head with beautiful kind dark eyes, excellent pigment, good dentation and ears well set giving a beautiful expression. Good length of neck, shoulders well-placed and nicely angulated with correct length of upper arm. Well boned straight forelegs, elbows tucked in on very tight and neat feet. Deep, well ribbed chest with short couplings and strong loin. She carried herself well on the move holding a beautiful level topline and tail set with her very accurate, sound and true movement. Just needs to drop a little into her stifles but this didn’t detract from her overall balance and body proportions.

2nd McDonald’s Fergusglen Dancing Queen At Lamancha

Quality bitch of 8 mths who was unlucky to meet 1. Ultra feminine head with dark eyes of good shape enhanced by dark pigment giving the kindest of expressions. Good length of neck with correct layback of shoulders. Forelegs straight, well boned and good feet. Good length of leg to body proportions. Deep brisket and well sprung ribs, short coupled with a good turn of stifle. Super level topline and tailset both when standing and on the move. Moved out true from strong quarters with good forward reach but just preferred 1’s front action. I was later told that her subsequent class win completed her JW, well done.

3rd Dunbar’s Linirgor Violets Are Blue

Junior Bitch 6 (2abs)

1st Dunbar’s Linirgor Lets Play JW

Nicely turned out 17 mth old with profuse pale coat. Nicely balanced feminine head with dark eyes giving a gentle expression and correct bite. Good reach of neck into well- constructed shoulders, Nice amount of forechest with good depth and nicely sprung ribcage. Well boned straight front legs with nice catlike feet and well up on pasterns. Short coupled and well bent stifles with a good width of thigh. Hocks neat and parallel when viewed from the rear. Confident on the move covering the ground well.

2nd McDonald’s Fergusglen Dancing Queen At Lamancha

3rd Cuthill’s Mousseglen Manola (AI)

Novice Bitch 6 (3abs)

1st MacDonald’s Fergusglen Dancing Queen At Lamancha

2nd Cuthill’s Mousseglen Manola (AI)

Well made bitch with pretty head, good length of neck and nicely put together shoulder. Forelegs well boned on good feet. Deep chest, well bodied, short coupled and nice rear angulation. Moved out well.

3rd Ramsey’s Gillbryan Walk On Sunshine At Robbols

Graduate Bitch 8 (2bs)

Such a shame that both these two ladies decided to leave their party dress at home. Both appealed very much for their overall type.

1st O’Neill’s Glenlewis Constallation

Nicely constructed and feminine girl with a super clean outline. So well balanced at both front and rear. Pretty feminine head with lovely dark eye of good shape, dark pigment, good width of muzzle and well set ears. Good reach of neck with lovely forehand construction. Nicely boned straight forelegs with strong pasterns and tight feet. Good length of leg to body ratio with nice body proportions. Short loin and nicely made rear angulation. Firm topline and correct tailset which was held on the move. Moved out well showing her correct movement both coming and moving away. Just need more coat and feathering to complete the picture.

2nd Williamson’s Ritzilyn Barbie Cue

Really liked this young girl of 15mths and not surprised as I recently did her litter sister well too. Well balanced feminine head with super dark pigment with kind and gentle eye. Good reach of neck onto strong well laid back shoulders. Good depth of chest and spring of rib with forelegs straight with ample bone placed well under body. Short coupled body with well bent stifles. Nicely made and well put together. A very nice mover who covers the ground well.

3rd Black & Macleod’s Gareloch Golden Legacy

Post Graduate Bitch 7 (2abs)

1st Dunbar’s Linirgor Luv Song JW

Super well-presented bitch of just over 22 mths. Mature for her age which just push her to the top spot over another very nice bitch. Very attractive and well balanced head with lovely kind dark expressive eyes. Strong clean neck of good length. Excellent layback of shoulder, straight well boned forelegs of good length on super tight pasterns and catlike feet. Deep brisket with ribs well sprung and short in couplings. Super rear angulation giving her lovely body proportions and symmetry throughout. Her overall conformation clearly shows when on the move. Never putting a foot out of place she is a very powerful and true mover holding her strong level topline, head and tail carriage at all times. BB & BOB

2nd Winton’s Braidwynn My Choice

Not surprised I liked this bitch as she is of similar breeding to 1. Smaller and more compact than 1 but everything in the right place. Pretty feminine head with kind dark eyes of good shape and ears well set. Good reach of neck set on well angulated shoulders. Deep in chest with ribs well sprung and short coupled body. Rear angulation complimenting front with strong well let down hocks. Beautiful level topline which she held on the move. A steady but accurate and sound mover.

3rd Thomson’s Lochtaymor Bridget Jones Of Tillycorthie

Limit Bitch 4 (3abs)

1st Simpson’s Ellscott Fairley Graceful

Sympathetically handled dark golden 5 yr old. Nicely shaped head with dark eye and pigment and correct bite. Good length of neck onto a level topline and tailset. Good front angulation and length of upper arm. Straight legs with ample bone and nice spring of rib. Would prefer a little more rear angulation and was sadly out of coat today. Moved well.

Open Bitch 8 (3abs)

1ST Williamson & Thomas’ Ronjalee Roxy Lady For Sandti ShCM

A super balanced 4 1/2 yr old bitch who stands foresquare at all times. Prettiest of heads with lovely kind dark eyes and pigment giving a lovely expression. Strong reachy neck on excellent shoulders with a good length of upper arm. Straightest of forelegs with nice amount of bone and neat feet. Deep chest, mature well ribbed body and short in couplings. Rear angulation matching her front with good width of second thigh. Moved around the ring so positively showing off her super level topline and tailset. Coat was the deciding factor and today she had to make do with RBB.

2nd Neil’s Thornywait New Song For Moloko

Larger built bitch of 7 yrs. Attractive feminine head with well-shaped dark eyes, dark pigment and correct bite. Muscular neck of good length leading to a lovely level topline and correct tailset. Super well angulated shoulders with deep mature chest, well sprung ribs and well bodied. Well boned straight forelegs and tight feet. Nicely bent stifles and strong hocks. In beautiful dark golden coat and excellent muscular condition so it was not a surprise that she moved out so well covering the ground easily.

3rd McDonald’s Lamancha Flame Of Hope ShCM

Judge Lesley Layland