• Show Date: 06/07/2014
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lesley Layland Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Lanchester Agricultural Society

Lanchester Agricultural Canine Society

6th July 2014

Cocker Spaniel

Open 2

1st Lowery’s Bartonholm Nobodys Girl

Well made 9 month dark blue roan bitch. Lovely feminine head well chiselled with dark eyes and ears correctly set. Good length of neck without any throatiness set on sloping shoulders with straight well boned forelegs. Deep brisket with ribs well sprung, short coupled body and good rear angulation. Very happy on the move covering the ground well. BOB & BP

2nd Lowery’s Bartonholm Blended Blues

English Springer

Graduate 1

1st Ternent’s Hunterhack Turning Tables

Black and white bitch of 18 months. Pleasing feminine head, well balanced with good eye and expression. Neck of moderate length, with nice shoulder placement. Good forechest with good depth and ribs well sprung. Strong in loin with a nice bend of stifle and well developed quarters. Moved OK. BOB

Irish Setter

Open 3 (1ab)

1st McBeth’s Rohanmor Diamond In The Dark At Maclaurien

Well presented and handled bitch of 6 yrs. Shown in good condition with a lovely quality rich coat. Lovely feminine head with good dark eye, raised brow and good length of foreface, ears well back and of good length making a lovely expression. Good reach of neck well arched and clean onto well placed shoulders with a good return of upper arm, straight front and neat feet. Good depth of chest, spring of rib and short coupled. Firm topline with correct set on tail. Lovely rear angulation allowing her to move out well with a good driving action BOB.

2nd Glasper’s Eusnit Actionmaster At Denetop

Curly Coated Retriever

Open 2 (1abs)

1st Jacques’ Curlabull Satisfy My Soul

2yr old bitch. Well balanced head with correct eye. Strong clean neck of good length with good shoulder placement. Straight forelegs placed well under body, matured for age with a deep and well ribbed body. Good rear angulation with hocks well let down and good feet. Moved out strongly with a good front extension. Nicely conditioned but doesn’t need anymore weight. BOB & Gundog Group 3

Golden Retriever

Puppy 6 (2abs)

1st Hare’s Ritzilyn Beach Bunny At Rojillair

Nicely made, confident bitch of 11mths with pretty golden coat and pale feathering. Lovely balanced head with dark pigment, kind eye and alert expression. Reachy neck placed on well laid back shoulders with good length of upper arm. Straight well boned forelegs on good feet. Nice depth of chest with plenty of heart room and good spring of rib. Good turn of stifle with nice second thigh and hocks straight and well let down when viewed from rear.  With her exuberance she just gets a little carried away with herself on the move which her handler needs to watch but it clearly shows she is enjoying her day out. Once settle however she moved well with a good forward reach when viewed in profile. A promising puppy with a bright future. BP & Gundog puppy group 4. 

2nd Lowther’s Evenmint Autumnal Rose

3rd Wright’s Palton Panetela

Junior 1

1st Broadhead’s Monchique Pachance To Dream

A delightful young 17 month pale coated bitch and not only was she clean and elegant in outline but also on the move with her lovely composure and super sound, positive and true movement. Ultra feminine in head with a beautiful expression, kind dark eyes and pigment. Lovely clean neck of good length with super front angulation, dead straight forelegs, tight feet and well up on pasterns. Good depth of chest, spring of rib and short coupled body.  Rear angulation mirroring front with a lovely turn of stifle and a beautiful level topline with correct tailset. Although she stood alone in this class she came up against some stiff competition in her subsequent classes and with her overall attributes this just pushed her to the top spot in each class and subsequently BOB. I was delighted to hear that the last few points gained here today completed her well-deserved Junior Warrant and it was lovely to see her go Gundog Group 1. 

Graduate 6

1st Broadhead’s Monchique Pachance To Dream

2nd Ewart’s Beaupippin Careyburn Linn

Another lovely bitch who is maturing nicely since I last seen her as a puppy. Different type to 1, a more compact bitch but still showing lovely balance from all angles. Lovely kind and feminine head with super dark pigment and good dentation. Super reach of neck set on well laid back shoulders, with good length of upper arm. Parallel forelegs with lovely tight feet and good strong pasterns. Good depth of chest and spring of rib. Short in couplings with a lovely turn of stifle. She excels on the move with her strong and positive movement. Shown in lovely quality coat and hard muscular condition.

3rd Lowther’s Evenmint Secret Charm

Limit 5 (1abs)

1st Broadhead’s Monchique Pachance To Dream

2nd Barnes’ Shaphiron Jokers Wild JW

Dark gold boy with kind masculine head with dark eye and well set ear giving for a lovely expression. Muscular neck of good length with good front angulation, elbows tucked in with well boned forelegs of good length giving a balanced picture. Good depth of chest and short coupled body with lovely rear angulation and straight well let down hocks. A steady but true mover who holds himself well on the move with his level topline and tail carriage.

3rd Broadhead’s Monchique Dream Awhile JW

Open 6

1st Broadhead’s Monchique Pachance To Dream

2nd Broadhead’s Monchique Dream Awhile JW

Mature pale bitch and as usual from this kennel shown in lovely coat and condition. Short and compact of lovely type. Pretty head with kind dark eye of good shape. Strong, reachy neck placed on well angulated shoulders, straight forelegs placed well under body with tight feet. Mature short coupled body with a good depth of chest giving plenty of heart and lung room. Good rear angulation and turn of stifle which completed a balanced picture. Moved out well from strong rear quarters.

3rd Ewart’s Beaupippin Moonlite Orchid ShCM

Judge Lesley Layland