• Show Date: 19/10/2014
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jo Armstrong Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Northern Belgian Shepherd Dog Club

Breed: Belgian Shepherd Dog (Tervueren)

Puppy Dog

Both these puppies have excellent type, but were determined not to show themselves to their full potential today.

1st Bird and Caden’s Domburg Brown Sugar (Imp USA)

10 months old. Tall, mature looking puppy. Dark, obliquely set, almond-shaped eyes. Slightly tall triangular-shaped ears, well set. Excellent mask. Good parallel head planes, slight Roman nose. Front angulation a little straight, but good rear angulation. Excellent top line and good overall shape. Very excitable and erratic on the move, making it impossible to assess satisfactorily, which cost him in the best dog line-up. RBD.

2nd Wallis’ Kehala What A Promise

Nine months old. Dark, obliquely set, almond-shaped eyes. Small, triangular-shaped ears, well set. Slightly diverging head planes. Good mask. Unfortunately he was reluctant to be gone over today. However, from a visual perspective, appeared to have good, balanced front and rear angulations and this was reflected in very balanced, easy movement.

Junior Dog

1st Bird and Caden’s Domburg Brown Sugar (Imp USA)

Yearling Dog

1st Bird and Caden’s Domburg Brown Sugar (Imp USA)

Post Graduate Dog

No entries

Limit Dog


Open Dog


Veteran Dog

1st Brown and Godfrey’s Sezanne Aramis

Small, almond-shaped eyes. Very slightly converging head planes. Muzzle a little deep through. Triangular-shaped ears, well set. Under line has good tuck up. Moderate front and rear angulations, but shoulder is put forward giving the impression of short neck and resulting in slightly restricted front movement. BD.

2nd Bird and Caden’s Ch Domburg J’Ai Une Reve

Dark eyes, but slightly rounded. Deep stop with slightly rounded forehead. Slightly diverging head planes with Roman nose. Extended mask. Small ears, well used. Good body shape, top line and underline. Threw out a hind leg on the move, but covered the ground.

Puppy Bitch

1st McNamara and Gardiner’s Kehala Secret Promise

Another exceptional youngster. Nine months old. Dark obliquely set almond-shaped eyes. Long, well-proportioned head with good head planes, very slight Roman nose. Excellent mask. Beautiful expression. Triangular-shaped ears, well set. Elegant body shape with flowing top line and correct croup. Good, moderate angulations, slightly straighter in front than rear. Excellent coat and colour. Moved very well once settled. BB, BOB, BP RBIS, BPIS.

Junior Bitch


Yearling bitch

No entries

Post Graduate Bitch

1st Brown and Godfrey’s Sezanne Voulez Vous

Dark, obliquely set, almond-shaped eyes. Good head planes and good mask. Triangular-shaped ears, a little tall but well set. Good top line with correct croup. Balanced front and rear angulations. Coat could be a little longer, especially to frame head, but is of good colour and texture. Good movement in profile, but a little wide behind.

Limit Bitch


Open Bitch

1st Brown and Godfrey’s Sezanne Gucci At Kirstavin

Dark, almond-shaped eyes, could be more obliquely set. Tall, triangular-shaped ears, a little wide at the base. Parallel head planes. Excellent mask. Good top line and under line. Balanced angulations. Good coat and colour. Moved well.

Veteran Bitch

1st Hearson and Malinowski’s Ch Domburg Hot At The Top At Jumasue

Very dark, almond-shaped, obliquely set eyes. Well-proportioned head with parallel head planes. Sufficient chiselling, but a little full in muzzle. Good mask. Lovely expression. Triangular shaped ears, of good size and well set. A little more muscle tone would help to hold top line and improve under line, but otherwise well constructed with good, balanced angulations and correct croup. Profuse coat. Moved well. BV. RBOB.

2nd Brown and Godfrey’s Sezanne Palomino

Good overall body shape. Dark eyes. Minimum stop. Unwilling to use ears today. Good mask. Good angulations, but front a little straighter than rear. Excellent top line with correct croup, good underline. Moved well.