• Show Date: 31/08/2014
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Jane Power Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 21/03/2022

Salisbury & South Wilts Canine Society

Salisbury & South Wilts Canine Society

Sunday 31st, August 2014.

I would like to thank Alan Wood and the Committee of the SSWCS for inviting me to Judge. Your hospitality was excellent, a big thank you also to my Steward.


Junior: 2/3 1st Earl’s Knightcott Easter Parade with Ruption (D) 16 m Brindle. Handsome masculine head. Alert, mischievous expression. Good undershot bite. Lovely reach of neck flowed onto a great front. Excellent depth and width of chest. Good underline and slightly sloping top line. Pleasing square outline. Good bone, nice tight feet. Moved with power and drive. Best of Breed. He is a promising youngster pleased to see him awarded Grp 2. 2nd Wills’ Knightcott Bump n Grind with Ruption (D) 

Post Graduate: 2/3 1st Earl’s Knightcott Easter Parade with Ruption (D) 2nd Scott’s Grand Master Flashee George (D) 

Open: 2/3 1st Earl’s Knightcott Easter Parade with Ruption (D) 2nd Russell’s Vasmascal Streetwise at Rustar (B) 


Junior: 1/1 1st Thorn’s Taevas Black Velvet at Grafmax (B) 13 m Black & Tan. Very pleasing feminine head, dark almond shaped eye. Sweet expression. Excellent front and hindquarters strong topline. Moved well with drive. Nice tight feet. Another promising youngster. RBOB & BOS

Post Graduate: 1/1 1st Godfrey’s Grafmax Ninette de Valots (B) 2 yrs Black & Tan. Nice feminine head, with lovely dark eye. Keen expression. Good front and hindquarters. Moved well. Tight feet. 

Open: 1/1 1st Thorn’s Grafmax Louis Armstrong Sh.Cm. (D) 5 yrs Black & Tan. Excellent Breed Type. Handsome very pleasing to the eye. Strong head, good length of muzzle, nicely chiselled. Nice dark eye. Keen and lively expression. Excellent front and rear angles. Good width and depth of chest. Powerful and well muscled body. Moved with purpose and drive, kept his topline on the move. Pleased to award him Best of Breed. 

Great Dane:

Open: 1/1 1st Wheeler’s Jaydania Virginia (B) 2 yrs Fawn Pretty and very feminine. Nice dark well shaped eye. Kind soft expression. Correct length of muzzle and drop of flews. Strong neck going into good lay of shoulder. Width and depth of chest good, straight front and good spring to rib. Nice feet. Lovely topline which she held on the move. Moved well with drive. Very nice bitch, pleasing to the eye.

Belgian Shepherd (Tervueren):

Post Graduate: 1/2 1st Harris’ Delator Spring is here at Tolnedra (D) 2 yrs Handsome boy. Lovely masculine head. Keen and lively expression. Nice dark almond shaped eye. Lovely type and balanced throughout. Well muscled, moved with purpose and drive. Excellent body shape, good underline, excellent mane, shown in lovely condition. Promising youngster who caught my eye. Best of Breed.

Open: 2/2 1st Harris’ Delator Dionysus at Tolnedra (D) 8 yrs Another good looking boy, who unfortunately gave way to the handsomeness of youth. He has good body shape, good height at withers, firm topline. Balanced angles front and rear. Moved soundly coming and going. A credit to his owner. 2nd Jordan-Davis’ Norlyght Omatikaya (B) 

Jane Power