• Show Date: 17/05/2014
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Helen Gutteridge Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Redditch & District Canine Society

Eurasier. This was my first appointment for this breed and thank you for bringing your lovely dogs. Junior. Ist and BP: Ford and Smith’s Glenwaters Arabella Winkle. 8m bitch, red with pale “fox” mask. Pretty young lady of good overall body, loin and leg length proportions. Still in her puppy coat, well presented and correctly allowing her body outline to be seen i.e. not overlong and not standing off. Her muzzle to skull lengths are correct and her forehead is flat with the characteristic furrow. Muzzle and skull are a shade narrow, as to be expected in an immature example of the breed, consequently her earset is a little tight for now. Her almond eyes of medium size give the slightly mischievous breed expression. All around her angulation is correct being medium, with stable pasterns moderately sloping to oval feet. Her ribcage has a little development to come in all directions, and she has a good strong loin. Her tail set is a touch low at the moment, but she carries it well on the move, and Eurasiers are allowed to drop the tail. Her gait is sound, tidy and efficient, single tracking somewhat with moderate speed. Very pleased to see her get PG3. Post-graduate. 1st and BOB : Watkins’ Albionspitz Bedazzled. 3 years, bitch, red with black muzzle. Almost mature girl with well-proportioned body, slightly longer than height at withers, but not too overtly. I preferred her more mature head in the challenge with a broader muzzle coming to a blunter tip than the pup’s. Correct almond eyes. Her earset seemed a tad wide, but the venue was quite noisy which could have influenced this. Ribcage had sufficient width, depth and length and she had a firm loin. Tail set was high and the tail had sufficient length. Angulation all round was correct, moderate with equality of length evident between withers, point of shoulder and point of elbow, and this the same as pelvis length and thigh . She also had a sound, tidy gait showing efficient propulsion. By this I mean she showed no tendency to hackney, swing her legs up in the air, or any other flashiness which we do not want. Out of coat, but had correct length, texture and “lie”. Very pleased to see her get G3. 2nd: Ford and Smith’s Glenwater No Foolin Castro. 2 years male, black and tan. Not fully mature and a little narrow all through. Not settled in this noisy venue. Sweet natured with a lovely gloss to his coat. Gaited well. Open. 1st and RBOB : Watkins’ Albionspitz Echo. 2 years bitch, shaded fawn. Another pretty feminine girl with a good body in proportions and correct coat. Typical head, not overly resembling any of the ancestor breeds. Moderate stop, forehead flat with furrow, correctly set ears. Eyes OK. Tail set good, but a little short. Correct medium angles all round, but the upper arm (humerus) was a little shorter than in the others. I think this may be mirrored by the thigh (femur) as she was somewhat lacking in drive. However she is balanced, with good pasterns and feet and moves soundly. Judge: Helen Gutteridge