• Show Date: 15/02/2014
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Helen Gutteridge Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society

National Working and Pastoral Breeds Society. Open show 15th February 2014 I thank the exhibitors for accepting me as their substitute judge in such sporting manner. Australian Shepherd. PD/B (4). 1st Spavin’s Hearthside Man of Mystery at Dialynne NAF TAF (imp). B Tri. Nicely made 8 month lad of correct proportions height to body length and in skull to muzzle. He has time to mature and broaden a little in skull which will finish his head nicely. He has a good brisket for his heart and lungs, necessary for stamina. His angulation is balanced and sufficient for the breed’s agility. His gait was sound, true and without exaggeration from all views. Well presented. BP 2nd Weaver & Weaver’s Allmark Electic Avenue. BM Tri. Another very nice puppy, just not moving quite as true in rear as one, otherwise similar comments apply. JD/B (1) 1st Calton’s Tribbrook Beam Meup Scotty. R Tri, 12 months. A sweet boy who was very giddy in this class but settled later. Of a somewhat finer and slower maturing bloodline I thought. Beautiful in head and expression, excellent earset and carriage. His angles and proportions are standard fitting. Gait sound. He needs to mature and broaden in skull and ribcage. PGD (4) 1st Weaver & Weaver’s Bordertime Special Choice. B Tri. 22 months. Well built mature looking with a masculine head. Strong neck flowing smoothly into withers. Well off for bone. Correct proportions. Crucially had a sound gait from all views. Well presented and handled. RBOB 2nd T Beam Meup Scotty. OD (3) 1st Dyde’s Dragonora Bad to the Bone. R Tri. 3 years. This dog pleased in make, shape and character. Masculine standard fitting head without any exaggeration. Well angulated matching fore and rear. Tail set follows the line of the croup. In good coat. Another with the crucial sound gait from all views. Well presented and handled. Covered the ground with a little more ease than the others in the challenge. BOB 2nd T Beam Meup Scotty. Finnish Lapphund. JD/B (2) 1st Lock’s Bridus Pikkumimmi 15 month bitch. Feminine head with melting oval eyes, broad based ears, clear stop and rounded forehead giving a lovely expression. Muzzle of correct length and tapering slightly to nose. She has good length to height ratio, correct in brisket and forechest. Angulation balanced, tail set high. Brisk gait. In good coat. 2nd Lock’s Elbereth Matti. 6 months at his first show. Delightful baby with correct half prick ears, lovely dark oval eyes. He has a lot of maturing to do. BP PGD/B (4 – 1 absent) 1st Birks’ Infindigo Riemu Kilttaa. Almost 2 years cream bitch. Feminine standard fitting head with oval eyes and good earset. Correct length to height ratio, angulations and leg length correct. Oval well furred feet. Adequate in brisket, firm loin, tail well carried. Gait brisk and sound from all views. RBOB 2nd Pashley & Morrison’s Elbereth Miskakarhu. Very handsome male with a good head. A tad too deep in brisket and moving a little too close behind on this surface. OD (5-3 absent) 1st Jackson’s Ch Int Ch Lux Ch Bel Dutch Elbereth Matkamies. A very handsome almost 5 years old male. Standard fitting masculine head set on a good neck which flows into the withers. Body and leg proportions please, correct angles fore and rear. Tail well set on. In excellent coat. Sound brisk gait from all views. BOB 2nd Bird & Vallittu’s Fin Swed Est Ch Int Ch Lapinpelkon Hanta Heikki (Fin Imp). Another very handsome male in full breed regalia. I felt he lacked a little in stop and forehead to have an absolutely typical head, otherwise a lovely well made dog. OB (2-1 absent) 1st Birks’ Ypreau Allisa. Typical feminine head with dark oval eyes, broad based ears, good stop and rounded forehead. Height to length ratio correct, but a little deep in brisket. Balanced angulations. Correct slop to croup and tail set. Rather unenthusiastic on the move. Judge: Helen Gutteridge