• Show Date: 01/11/2014
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Helen Cousins Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Llanelli & District Canine Society

Llanelli Open Show 1st November 2014   

My thanks to the Officers & Committee for their kind hospitality and to my stewards for doing an excellent job.  Thank you to exhibitors for the entries, I was pleased with the quality of dogs here and thoroughly enjoyed my day.   

AVNS Working Grad – 3 (0ab)  1 Courtney – Roberts - Korifey Platinum – Doberman  Stunning young dobe, couldn’t take my eyes off him, quite a character and full of himself.  Well proportioned head with a flat skull, good ear set and expressive eyes. Good length of neck, straight front, correct angulation with a good layback.  Lovely square shape with a firm topline which he held on the move. Strong well muscled rear end with a good turn of stifle. Just needs to fill out a little to complete the picture.  Moved around the ring with strong driving movement, good front extension & side profile. Pleased to award him BAVNSC & Puppy group 1. I’m sure this lad will have a bright future.   

2 Richards – Baranova Oleg Of Sheridel (AI) – Newfoundland 

3 Josselin – Kyrimara Olympic Gold – Newfoundland   

AVNSC Working Open – 2 (0ab)  1 Wedlake – Sandbears Strike It Lucky At Sealake – Newfoundland  Well balanced bitch with a good broad head with a nice short muzzle. She has a nice strong neck leading into well angulated shoulders. Straight front, tight elbows and a good depth of chest. Plenty of substance throughout on this girl. Good breadth over the loin with level topline. Carrying a dense jacket and was presented well.  Moved out well around the ring.  

  2 Wedlake – Ch Alphabear Dancing Queen At Sealake – Newfoundland   

AV Working Puppy - 2(0ab)  1 Courtney – Roberts - Korifey Platinum - Doberman  2 Mangat – Nehrani My Precious – Bullmastiff     AV Open – 0 (0)   

Working Group 

1 Gates – JCH BEL Icewolf Strikes A Pose De Lunartico – Alaskan Malamute  This young 12 mth old lady caught my eye as soon as she walked into the ring, she is quite a character, full of charisma. Strong broad head, slight stop, very expressive eyes & good ear set. Strong neck, deep chest and plenty of substance yet remains feminine.  Good angulation fore & aft, well muscled throughout.  Nice straight back with the required slight slope, good tail with correct set which she carried well. Carrying a good dense harsh jacket. Moved positively around the ring with strong driving movement.  Pleased to award her G1 which she asked for, a top quality bitch with a bright future ahead.    

2 Saint Lythans Louise SHCM – Rottweiler  Impressive Rottie with a most appealing head and expression. Lovely skull & foreface well proportioned. Nicely arched length of neck, clean well laid back shoulders, excels in front construction, straight front with plenty of bone. Body well proportioned with a nice straight back, good depth of brisket and well sprung ribs. Well muscled angulated quarters.  Covered the ring with ease with strong driving movement. Expertly handled.    

3 Gwyn - Vanimore Hi Ho Silver – Great Dane  Well put together 2 yr old bitch with a typical head with a lovely length of foreface.  Good reach of neck leading into correct shoulders.  Tight feet, plenty of substance, strong angulated quarters, pleasing outline, moved well.     

4 Williams – Tickbern Oklahoma In Tinland – Bernese Mountain Dog  Nice type with a super head & muzzle, correct bite, lovely dark expressive eyes.  Broad front, plenty of substance on this girl. Compact body, strong quarters, moved well.   

Puppy Working Group  Some nice youngsters here 

1 Courtney – Roberts - Korifey Platinum – Doberman   

2 Gates – Neskyla Show Me Your Heart At Rosskaja – Alaskan Malamute  Very smart compact 7 mth old lad. Well proportioned broad head with a most delightful expression. Good neck, loved his front angulation.  Well off for bone, good depth of chest for his age. Nice straight topline, good breadth over the loin. Well muscled quarters with well let down hocks which he used on the move.  Covered the ring with effortless driving movement.   

3 Saint Lythans Dylan Thomas – Rottweiler  Well constructed throughout, pleasing well proportion head & expression. Good front, nicely angulated fore & aft. Correct body proportions, good spring of rib, nice level topline. Lovely outline when stood.  Moved with drive, a very pleasing youngster.   

4 Oliver - Hicks  - Ardhub Absolutely Fabulous By Nashbank – Bullmastiff  Lovely young bitch with a very impressive head.  She has a straight wide front with plenty of bone. Short backed with a good tail set. Well angulated fore & aft, plenty of muscle. Gives an impression of great strength but remains feminine. Moved well around the ring.   

Shetland Sheepdogs Open D/B – 3 (1ab)  1 Thomas – Malaroc Master Copy at Richjoy  Very smart well presented 5 yr old dog. Has a most delightful typical wedge shaped head with an alert expression, good head proportions throughout. Small ears which he used well.  Nicely arched neck, straight front.  Correctly angulated shoulders, well bodied with a good spring of ribs, level topline. Nicely angulated quarters, good tail carriage. Plenty of good quality coat. Covered the ring well with his smooth movement. Pleased to award him BOB.   

2 Jones – Whinsdelph Face The Music   

Belgian Shepherd Dogs Tervueren - 3 (1ab)  1 King – Bonvivant Moondust of Grizwold  Feminine 9 yr old bitch who epitomises breed type.  She has the most exquisite head, finely chiselled with correct proportions, flat skull & cheeks.  She has the most expressive eyes and used her ears extremely well giving her that typical Belgian expression.  Well angulated shoulders & quarters. Lovely body shape and has a harsh coat.  Covered the ring well with a brisk free movement.  A lovely bitch at one with her owner.    

2 King – Niaelle Zenos of Grizwols   

German Shepherd Dogs – 2 (1ab)  1 Jones – Lararth Vanos Of Morolwg What an impressive masculine dog, commanded the ring with his presence. Exceptionally strong head with correct proportions, expressive eyes.  Good length of neck, correctly angulated forequarters with good lay back. Good length of body, correct height to length ratio, firm topline which he held on the move. Strong well angulated quarters, good substance well constructed throughout. It was a joy to watch this dogs effortless  movement, he powered around the ring with drive. Destined for top honours, I had no hesitation in awarding him G1   

Border Collies Open D/B – 4 (1ab)  These could swop places at any time, a close decision 

1 Garland – Tonkory Doyle JW SHCM  Nicely put together dog, well constructed throughout. Strong head & foreface, good stop & muzzle. Well set apart ears which he used well, he has a delightful expression Nicely arched neck, straight front, well angulated laid back shoulders. Well sprung ribs, good topline. Strong quarters with well let down stifle & hocks.  Very striking dog carrying a good coat. Moved effortlessly around the ring, lovely side profile, pleased to award him BOB & G3   

2 Davis – Kinaway I Am Sir Matt For Jacamals 

3 Carter & Morse – Cartezz Its About That time   

AVNSC Pastoral D/B 5 (1ab) 

1 Morris – Cairbar Dare To Dream – BSD Groenendael  A very classy feminine young lady full of quality, character & breed type.  Delightful head, nicely chiselled with good length. Correctly set ears which she used well and a most delightful expression with a twinkle in her dark eyes. Good length of neck, correctly angulated shoulders. Well muscled quarters, good bend of stiffle with well let down hocks, good tailset. Delightful outline, not quite in full coat but what she has is of good quality & texture. Moved freely around the ring with a typical brisk Belgian gait. Pleased to award her Best AVNSC & Group 2, must surely have a bright future   

2 Price – Stavron you Got It At Coningsbear – Swedish Valhund 

3 Flower – Serenlas Obsession – Rough Collie   

AVNSC Pastoral O – 5 (5ab)  1 Webb & Bates – Annakareyna Sparking Ice At Rosskaja JW  - Samoyed  Nicely put together well balanced dog.  Strong wedge shaped head, good broad skull & muzzle.  Good length of neck leading into well laid back angulated shoulders. Well bodied with nicely sprung ribs, would prefer him slightly shorter.  Well angulated muscular quarters with a good bend of stifle.  Moved with drive.   

2 Price – Stavron Xpress Delivery at Coningsbear – Swedish Valhund 

3 Flower – Atendus April maid is Serenlas – Rough Collie   

AV Working P 2 (1 withdrawn)  1 Ashbourne – Angelicus Sammie Sno It All  A stunning 11 mth old dog who stood alone but quite took my breath away.  He has the most impressive head and appealing expression, wedged shaped, flat broard skull with a full muzzle and has that typical smile. Arched neck, exceptional angulation fore and aft, plenty of substance and so well balanced throughout.   Good depth of chest, well sprung ribs, he has the most wonderful shape and looks so good in profile.  Good length of tail which he carried well. Moved effortlessly around the ring with drive. Carries a profuse quality jacket and was presented and handled to perfection.  Pleased to award him Puppy group 1 and was delighted to see him go RBPIS. Well done   

AV Working O – 3 (1 withdrawn)  1 Davis – Kinaway I Am Sir Matt For Jacamals – Border Collie  Masculine dog well put together with a lovely skull and foreface, loved his expression.  Well set ears which he used well, very alert.  Nicely arched neck and has well angulated shoulders. Good bone and depth of chest, nice body lenth and plenty of width over the loin.  Muscular rear quarters, carrying a good quality coat. Moved freely around the ring.   

2 Shining Moonbean At Liryecontyl   

Pastoral Group 

1 Jones – Lararth Vanos Of Morolwg GSD 

2 Morris – Cairbar Dare To Dream – BSD Groenendael 

3 Garland – Tonkory Doyle JW SHCM – Border Collie

   4 Williams – Vuedor Amazing Grace – Pem Corgi  Feminine 3 yr old bitch with such a typical foxy head, very alert expression, she has correct head proportion and a good ear set. Sturdy, well bone with well laid back shoulders.  Nice level topline held on the move. Strong rear end well angulated.  Moved purposely around the ring, her delightful movement won her G4       

Pastoral Puppy Group  4 top quality puppies 

1 Ashbourne – Angelicus Sammie Sno It All   

2 Price – Stavron you Got It At Coningsbear – Swedish Valhund  Very smart sturdy young man who is so well put together.  He has a most delightful blunt wedge shaped head with a good ear set and a most appealing expression.  Correctly angulated well laid back shoulders, well off for bone, good depth of chest for one so young. Nice level back, good spring of rib, excels in rear angulation with low set hocks which he used to move effortlessly around the ring with drive. In good coat and condition with well defined harness markings.  A top quality young lad who will go far.   

3 Carter & Morse – Cartezz Its About That Time  Loved this youngster, so appealing and well put together.  Ideal head proportions, has a lovely broad head and good stop.  Good length of neck, correct angulation fore & aft with good muscle for his age. Good body length with well sprung ribs, perfectly balanced. Moved smoothly and steadily around the ring.   

4 Jones – Whinsdelph Face The Music – Sheltie  Very feminine young lady with a most delightful typical head and expression, used her ears well. Correctly angulated laid back clean shoulders. Good body proportions with a level back. Good quarters with a nice turn of stifle, neat well let down hocks. Lovely coat well presented, moved well both ways.    Thank you to the people that stayed to the end 

AV Veteran Stakes D/B – 4 (3ab)  1 Thomas – Gunalt Pi In The Sky – Weimaraner  Lovely 7 yr old stood alone but well deserved her place. Exquisite head with a delightful expression & straight foreface.  Well constructed and balanced  throughout. Correctly angulated  fore & aft. Lovely shape & level topline, moved well both ways, good side profile, a quality bitch.   

AV Puppy Stakes D/B – 14 (11ab) 

1 Carter & Morse – Chartezz Its About That Time – Border Collie 

2 Paterson – Sylvain  Followin Footsteps – Min Smooth Dachshund

  3 Dunhill – Santorna Walk The Line At Gellijam - Min Smooth Dachshund   

AV Open Stakes D/B – 14 (10ab) 

1 Patterson – Our Pride & Prejudice - Min Long Haired Dachshund  Lovely feminine bitch well balanced throughout. Good head with almond shaped eyes.  Clean neck, nicely angulated shoulders.  Good length of body, good breath over the loin, well ribbed, good quarters. Loved her smooth flowing movement, a quality bitch 

2 Jones & Heard – Tangaer Zibeline – Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit) 

3 Dunhill – Shantallah Tease N’ Please for Gellijam - Min Smooth Dachshund   

Helen Cousins  Judge