• Show Date: 27/07/2014
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: GARY SOUTHGATE Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Alfreton & District Canine Society



Can I say thank you to all my exhibitors who enter under me it was a very hot day


P (3a3)

PG (6a2) 1 Mr P A Hollies & MISS T A Carrs Janqbu Justitfying Jacob 13 month old dog with good eyes and mouth with good pigmentation .used his well set ears all the time good bone with a good spring of rib. Move well all day My BOB and then took Utility Group 1 a credit to his owners 2 Douse Shasadees Dhimmond Tee arra

O (6a2) 1 Mr & Mrs T J &A Humphiries Kesals Ebony Eyes

15 Month old Bitch well balanced with good top line and nice eyes and good muzzle moved well RBOB 2


P (2a0) 1 Mrs A P Springthorpe’s New angels my guy at millthorpe what a super 10 month old dog stood in the ring like he owned. Good head and neck well set ears good mouth deep chest well boned moved round the ring with so much grace for a young powerful dog it was a great pleasure to go over him credit to his owners. My BOB, and BPIB 2 in The working group and 1 in the puppy group

2 Mr R Burton’s Merrybear Freddie Mercury

Pg (0-0)

Open (3a1)

 1 Mr M L Alexander Vodahond Carrie-Anne (sh ch) 5 year old bitch well balanced nice head with good mouth eyes and a super topline in good coat moved well .

2 Springthorpes Merrybear Euphoria at Millthorpe


P (4a2) 1 Mr & Mrs M & JM Powell & Miss JL Lewis-Shermer 11month old dog good broad skull good almond shaped eyes good length of neck well boned good spring of rib good strong movement BPIB Working puppy Group 4TH

2 Mr S Bramwell & Ms J Brooks quoja’s vlta

J (3a2) 1 Mr S Bramwell & Ms J Brooks Quoja’s Vlta well balanced 11 month old bitch with good head neck deep chest good movement


PG (3a1) 1 Mr S Bramwell & Ms J Brooks Quojas Quo Vadis Just over 2 years old bitch such a good head mouth lovely eyes deep chest and well muscled this bitch’s movement was the best on the day this was my BOB and working group 1

2Mrs P durrance’s Gyrima Come Fly With Me To Shannakiel

O(3a1) 1 Mr & Mrs M & JM Powell & Miss JL Lewis-Shermer Juffther A New Hope For Riversrock just under2 years old dog good head well set ears and deep chest good movement just miss out on bob

2 Mr S Bramwell & Ms J Brooks Paloduro Gold Digga jw