• Show Date: 13/07/2014
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Gary Fletcher Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 08/05/2019

Evesham & District Canine Society




(Dogs Only)

JUNIOR (7, 0 abs)

1st Downey & Last, Snoqualmie Zeus, D, 08.06.13, really like this youngster and almost certainly will excel in the show ring. Moved really well around the ring, effortless gait and showing great presence for a dog so young. Good head and expression with correct eye and a nice thickness to ears. Well-muscled thighs and good angulations.

2nd Vijay, Azgard Veuve Clicquot, D, 03.11.13, an 8 month old big puppy, well-constructed with correct proportions. Was very chilled and moved around the ring with maturity for a youngster. BP

3rd James, Amical Kamdor, D, 06.12.13.

POST GRADUATE (9, 2 abs)

1st Vijay, Azgard Dominance, D, 04.07.11, love this dog and would expect him to do really well in the future with a bit more ring time. Showed with plenty of character and confidence although a bit boisterous at times. All round good construction and a perfect coat, picture-perfect head and cheeky expression. Good depth of chest, perfect angulation front and rear. Beautifully presented and in fabulous condition with plenty of muscle in the rear legs. BD

2nd Squires, Threec’s Tony Stark at Coldspell, D, 06.05.12 another really nice boy showed well with text book movement, really nice head and good muscle in the rear legs. Would’ve liked to see him with some more coat on the day.

3rd Downey & Last, Snoqualmie Jupiter Makanni, D, 07.12.11,

OPEN (9, 6 abs)

1st Redwood, Rigrunner Slider, D, 19.07.09, a good dog, correct foxy head, perfect eyes and ears, good angulation front and rear and moved lovely around the ring. If a reserve best dog was on offer this guy would have won it, very nice dog indeed.

2nd Facey, Arctictreks Duke of Astro, D, 01.12.12, a nice dog and still very young, moved well in the ring and look really nice in profile covering the ground with ease. Good angulation front and rear with good depth of chest. Well-handled and beautifully presented.

3rd Wright, Pelenrise Brite Horizon, D, 15.12.12