• Show Date: 20/04/2014
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Clare Robinson-Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Birmingham & District Gundog & Terrier Club

The Birmingham & District Gundog & Terrier Club

Twin Group Open Show – Sunday 20th April 2014

Staffordshire Bull Terrier – Dogs

I would like to thank the Committee for inviting me to judge such a popular and well-run show.  Thank you to all exhibitors and on-lookers who came to support at my first judging appointment, I thoroughly enjoyed the day and was delighted to have so many lovely dogs to go over.

PUPPY: 2 (1)

1.    JOHNSTON’S CHAPMEEK BERTIE IS THE NAME - Brindle & white pied 8 month old dog.  Flashy markings, good scissor bite, lovely dark eye, neat ears, level topline and good tail carriage.  Moved well when he had settled, well-handled for a first show. Best Puppy Dog & Reserve Best Puppy In Breed.

JUNIOR: 4 (0)

1.    HOPGOOD & TURNER’S MYSTICBULL STORM TROOPER OF ANTROBOSS - Black brindle 14 month old dog.  Caught my eye from the start and did not disappoint up close.  Lovely expression enhanced by pronounced cheek muscles, distinct stop, good bite and tidy ears.  Short, muscular neck leading to well-placed shoulders and good width of chest.  Nice spring of rib giving a very pleasing outline.  Level topline which was held on the move.  Tidy feet, nice tail carriage, moved well and showed in lovely fit condition.

2.    THOMAS’S BIGGLESWICK FUNKY DEVIL - White and red pied 13 month old dog.  Keen expression with lovely dark eyes.  Clean lipped with nice scissor bite.  Good front with pleasing depth of brisket.  Close-coupled with level topline and good tail carriage.  Moved with drive.  Shown and handled well, just felt my first place edged it slightly today on maturity.




1.    WALKER & ROLLIN’S SEENWORSTAFF TRUE GRIT FOR JANIKASTCO - Red with black mask.  Lovely dog who, for me, is the perfect mix of bull and terrier.  Lovely head shape with broad skull, distinct stop and pronounced cheek muscles.  Nice dark eyes and neat rose ears all contributing to this dog’s beautiful expression.  Good scissor bite and clean lipped.  Muscular neck widening to well laid back shoulders.  Well boned, straight front legs with good width of chest.  Great spring of rib with level topline which was held nicely on the move.  Moved well with drive from the rear.  Showed in lovely fit condition.  Very pleased to award him Best Dog and, with my co-judge, Reserve Best Of Breed.

2.    CRAMER’S STAFFSTYLE YOU GOT THE LOVE - White and red pied.  Heavier set dog than my first but well-balanced nonetheless.  Broad skull with very pronounced cheek muscles.  Dark eyes and neat ears.  Correct bite.  Short, muscular neck.  Wide front and well-sprung ribs.  Nice topline and tail when standing or on the move.  Handled and moved well.



LIMIT: 3 (1)

1.    FULFORD’S STAFFSTYLE BURNING HEART AT BOKIDO JW - Red and white pied.  Nice head with good width of skull, very pronounced cheek muscles with a distinct stop.  Beautiful dark eyes with neat rose ears giving this dog a lovely expression.  Clean scissor bite.  Short, well-muscled neck, widening to shoulders and a broad chest with good depth of brisket and spring of rib.  Good topline and tail carriage, when stationary and moving.  Overall, a very tidy dog with the great strength for size the breed standard expects.  Handled very well to Reserve Best Dog.

2.    CRAMER’S ROUGHNECKS CRUSADER FOR INSHAIG – Red with white markings.  Lovely rich red dog with a good head shape, correct bite and neat ears carried well.  Alert expression used to full effect.  Good front with nice spring of rib giving an overall well-balanced dog.  Level topline and correct tail carriage.  Shown and handled well.

OPEN: 3 (1)

1.    STOKES’S OXSTOKS MISTER BOO – Red with white chest.  Good shaped head with broad skull and pronounced cheek muscles.  Dark eyes and lovely neat rose ears carried well, giving this dog a pleasing expression.  Clean lipped with correct scissor bite.  Short muscular neck widening to well-placed shoulders.  Wide front with good depth of brisket and spring of rib.  Level topline and good tail carriage.  Moved very well, with drive from the rear.  Showed in lovely fit condition and handled well.

2.    CRAMER’S STAFFSTYLE ESKIMO PIED JW – White and brindle pied.  Nice head shape with distinct stop, dark eyes and tidy ears.  Well-boned with nice front and good rib giving a nice overall outline.  Level topline and good tail carriage.  Moved well.

Clare Robinson-Cox (HAMASON)