• Show Date: 02/11/2014
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 27/03/2020

Mid Herts Gundog Club




PUPPY 1. Ray’s Annilann Mister Blue Sky. Sturdy 8 mths dog with balanced head and clean back skull. Square finish to muzzle, kind eye, low ear set, strong neck, big ribs, good tail carriage, moves on well-padded feet. BPIB. Preferred his shoulder placement to that of 2. Potter’s Elm Romneya

GRAD 1. Wildman’s Harbethol Look Rockmaster with Chanmalo. Has the squareness that I look for in a Cocker. Square muzzle, well defined stop, bright eyes, low ear set. Muscular neck, shoulders well laid back, good return of upper arm, deep brisket, ribs well sprung and well-rounded quarters. Typical ground covering movement with lively tail action. BOB. 2. Ebb’s Artificiosa Robin Hood 3. Height’s Fourtails Fenland Dawn

POST GRAD 1. Wildman’s Mystical Milow at Chanmalo. A very merry cocker. Fabulous head with soft eye and square muzzle. Thickly padded feet, plenty of heart and lung room, strong loin, carries a firm topline on the move, RBOB. 2. Kidd’s Freestone Twist of Aniseed 3.Height’s Harbethol Spring Quest at Fourtails

OPEN 1. Davidson, Wells & Gray’s Graysaxon Treasured Gift with Benchmark. Pleasing head, clean skull, strong neck, good ribs, level topline moved OK.


GRAD. 1. Wilson’s Peasblossom Luna at Zawspring. A lovely bitch of good type, racy in outline, typical head and eye well balanced with strong, square muzzle. Straight front, well boned, plenty of depth and ample heart and lung room. Carries a strong, firm topline on the move and displays true ESS front action. BOB.

POST GRAD. Harris’ Rosannoch Alexandrite at Coastalglows. Compact bitch, good body properties, kind, almond-shaped eye, plenty of length to neck and clean over shoulders. Moves well with a lashing tail. RBOB. Had the better balance over 2. Speed’s Torbeck Perranwell Bay 3. Wilson’s Mosi Mahbub for Zawspring

OPEN 1. Harris’ Waterswarren Back to Black at Coastalglows. Balanced head on strong neck flows into well laid shoulders; excellent return of upper arm. Strong in body, moderate quarters moved OK but did himself no favours by pulling to the side on the move. Had better head and shoulders than 2. Wallis’ Torbeck Penrhyn Bay


OPEN 1. Tye’s Thandiwe Last Tango of Tymora ShCM. Presents a balanced outline, moderate spring of rib, firm level topline. Strong bone with plenty of substance throughout, moves well on a relaxed stride showing a clean pair of heels. BOB.


PUPPY. I liked both of these puppies. 1. Luckett-Roynan’s Solva Captain Vere. 6 mths dog with plenty of bone and substance. Handsome head, gorgeous eye, strong neck and well laid shoulders. Ribs well sprung, strong loin. BPIB. I thought he had the better head of the 2 with a better defined stop but 2 was beautifully handled. 2. Roland-Shrubb’s Amanshe Romance in Paris avec Bichere.

JUNIOR 1. Caldwell’s Bowdonia Bellissima for Cerysan. Very pretty head with ears well set on giving a beautiful expression. Long, muscular neck fits cleanly into well laid shoulders. Stands on strong bone and firm feet. Her profile movement was smooth and powerful with great forward reach. 2. Luckett-Roynan’s Solva Vespina

GRAD 1. Woodward & Thomas’ Bowdonia Time to Dream. She has a gorgeous head with lovely balance to it and square finish to her muzzle. Quality bone, firm round feet, big ribs, big bum and tail well set on. Moves well with lovely tail carriage. Preferred her head over 2. Johnstone’s Glenbrows Paper Money for Gilpeta 3. B. Bellissima for C.

POST GRAD. 1. Caldwell’s Cerysan Pocahontas. Quite fine in head but true and straight in front with deep brisket, strong loin and wide quarters. Preferred her front movement and tail set over 2 who was carrying a tad too much weight. 2. Davidson & Wells’ Amanshe Golden Lotus with Benchmark

OPEN 1. Caldwell & McDowell’s Sh Ch Gemill Back to the Future for Cerysan ShCM. A dog with a sense of humour and of glorious type. I love his head with its clearly defined stop, chiselling and true Welsh expression. It is so well balanced with its strong, square muzzle, kind eye and moderate ear set. His strong neck fits well into clean shoulders, he has excellent bone and substance, big ribs, wide quarters and moves with style on an easy stride. BOB. It was a close call between him and the beautiful bitch who stood behind him but his outstanding showmanship pulled it off for him today. I wish I’d had two first prize cards. 2.Thomas’ Bowdonia Moment to Shine RBOB.3. Woodward’s Bowdonia Chasing Dreams

Christine Morgan