• Show Date: 09/02/2014
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 27/03/2020

Welsh Springer Spaniel Club Of South Wales

Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of South Wales

Open Show

9th February 2014

It was an honour to be asked to judge this very well run show. A warm Welsh welcome awaited me along with some excellent exhibits. Huge thanks to the exhibitors for entering under me and for their sportsmanship and camaraderie.

MPD. Three very promising puppies. 1. Harrison’s Glenbrows Magician. At 6 mths & 2 days this baby boy took it all in his stride. Gorgeous head, strong bone and cat-like feet, firm topline and very well sprung ribs which is where he scored over 2 & 3. With wide hindquarters and hocks well let down he moves soundly with precise foot fall. So gently handled. BPD. Has better tail carriage than 2. Worth’s Sarabande Rio Grande (AI) Nice type, very clean over neck and shoulders, well ribbed back just not the body of 1. 3. Reyonlds’ Benoveor Crime Wave Des Vauriennes (imp Ned)

PD 1. G Magician. 2. B. Crime Wave d V.

JD 1. Philipson’s Menstonia Marksman. I preferred this dog for size and balance over 2 & 3. He has a lovely head with strong muzzle and typical ear shape. Muscular body with good spring of rib, strong, well muscled quarters and deep second thighs. Moved well with good driving action. 2. B. Crime Wave d V. 3. Breeze’s Glenbrows Paintbox at Clynewood

SYD 1. Frost & Troth’s Cochnaid’s Cartier Topaz. Dog of pleasing size and substance with superb muscle tone. He has a beautiful crest to his neck which is set cleanly into well laid shoulders. Very workman like with straight well boned forequarters which I preferred to that of 2. M. Marksman

VD. I find it so hard to judge these grand old chaps who give their all and have served the breed so well. 1. Baguley’s Kylowen Gerrans ShCM. He has the classic slightly domed skull, kind eye showing his lovely temperament, excellent forechest and depth of brisket, big ribs and bum. 2. Leary’s Hillpark Hallmark of Haselmount. Good compact type, moves well showing a clean pair of heels. 3. Baguley’s Tannamoor Hallmark at Lligwy ShCM

MD. 1. B. Crime Wave d V. Well proportioned head with kind eye, long, muscular neck. Sound mover with substance and depth. Dense coat, handled very well.

ND. 1. B. Crime Wave d V. 2. G.Paintbox at C. 3. Ovey’s Bozidar Rio

GD. 1. C. Cartier T.2. Luckett-Roynan’s Solva Giorgio. Displays a very happy disposition and is very well muscled. Ample spring of rib, just needs to body up. 3. B. Rio.

LD. 1. Reynold’s Glenbrows Band of Brothers for Benoveor JW ShCM. This dog has caught my eye several times and I was delighted to have the chance to judge him. He is beautiful in profile with strength and quality, handsome head with lovely chiselling, kind eye and good ear set. Presented in lovely coat and condition, moved well but rather proud of his tail which let him down in the challenge. 2. Evans’ Typica Kingfisher. Dog of good proportions with plenty of depth and strong loin. Preferred the more chiselled head of 1.

OD. 1. Tew’s Pamicks Dazzling Boy. There is simply no mistaking this dog for type; he is Welsh Springer through and through. He has a well proportioned body, strong topline with the classic slight rise over his loin, depth and substance, strong bone, tight well padded feet and well set on tail which he carries beautifully. Masculine head with good chiselling below dark eyes and fabulous square finish to his foreface. Typically quick and active on the move he is clearly built for endurance and hard work. It was my absolute pleasure to award him Best Dog and BIS. 2. Barkley’s Cherryheath’s Mr. Mischief JW ShCM. Well known dog who exudes personality and lives up to his name. Handsome head, good length of neck, shoulders well laid back with good return of upper arm. Shows his socks off at all times. Res. Best Dog and Res. BIS.

SBD. 1. G. Paintbox at C. Got his act together this time. Nice type but is at the juvenile stage where he needs to body up. Good width to his quarters with moderate turn of stifle. Moved well once settled. 2. B. Rio. Big boy, well muscled and having a lovely day out. In good coat.

MPB. 1. Worth’s Sarabande River Breeze (AI). Pretty little girl who excels over neck and shoulders. Beautiful outline and good width to her quarters. Moves well and shows confidently with good head carriage. Just preferred her strength of foreface and depth of brisket to 2. O’Brien’s Helgen Entwined Rose. Another nice one with many of the attributes of 1. Presents a typical outline, pretty head, true in front, deep in second thigh. Could have moved better; a little more schooling would help.

PB. 1. Fairhall & Millard’s Ferndel Fairy Tale. What a little beauty! Compact body with gentle rise over loin, super front and plenty of lung and heart room. Muscular loin, good width and moderate turn of stifle, short, strong hocks. Moved very well with excellent head carriage. Had the edge in front movement over the PD. Best Puppy Bitch and BPIS.

JB.1. Leary’s Menstonia Minty of Haselmount. Presents a beautiful outline and is clearly Welsh Springer. Has a gorgeous head with the softest expression. Plenty of body and substance, muscular and slightly arched loin, moved very well with excellent hind action. 2. Revell’s Julita Rokahula JW. Another lovely headed girl with good length of neck, clean shoulder and depth of brisket. Classic rise over loin. 3. Luckett-Roynan’s Solva Venus

SYB. 1. Frost’s Cochnaid’s Cartier Diamond. Proportionately built, curvy outline, arched neck, good lay back of shoulder and length of upper arm. Good forechest and strong well developed quarters. Nice type.

VB. 3 lovely girls all having a smashing day out and enjoying showing themselves off. 1. Attwood’s Kylowen Gyllyngvase Lovely size with the ribs and depth to do a good days work. Excellent muscle tone and strong, wide quarters. 2. Knowles’ Menstonia Memories Past. Charming head, good type all through. Preferred front of 1. 3. Evans’ Sycharth Catrin

MB. 1. Worth’s Sarabande Sea of Dreams (AI) Litter sister to MPB and equally as good. Has the same gorgeous neck and shoulder placement, strong topline and moves well with confidence. 2. S. Venus. What a pity she wouldn’t go. Pretty girl with super quarters and very well muscled. Her movement was very difficult to assess as she insisted on pulling on her lead.

NB. 1. Michie’s Tobermyn Kindred Spirit. Would have liked to see more chiselling in her head but nevertheless very pretty. Clean neck and shoulders, good forehand with rear angulation to match. Moved OK. 2. S. Venus

GB. 1. M. Minty of H.2. C. Cartier D.3. Luckett-Roynan’s Solva Guletta

PGB. A quality class and a pleasure to judge. 1. Harrison’s Glenbrows Future Romance JW. Just the type and size for me. Has breed attributes in abundance. Seriously considered for top honours. Typical Welsh head, beautiful expression, compact and strong body, beautifully handled and presented. 2. Jackson & Gately’s Russethill Royal Jubilee JW. This is a lovely bitch to go over and was close up to 1. Just preferred the head of 1 but nevertheless she is beautiful with a soft expression and dark eye. Beautiful tight cat like feet.3. Tew’s Pamicks Tilly Trotting

LB. 1. Reynolds’ Slapestones Hepburn for Benoveor. Another curvy girl shown in lovely bloom. Strong in outline with the classic rise over the loin. Has strength and depth in body with terrific flare over her quarters. Moved well. I liked her very much. 2. Revell’s Julita Rinatasha. Another good type. Love her head and expression, uses her strong quarters well on the move. Just not the finish of 1.

3. Masson’s Coedybrain Rebecca at Manmoel

OB. 1. Sutherland’s Julita Rezanella of Jacranella.BB & RBIS. It was a real tussle between these two and I wish I’d had 2 1st prize cards. Both are gorgeous girls and full of breed type. They have the strength of body and correct angulation to make them very fit for function. In the end I felt that 1 had the edge in width of hindquarters. Both moved powerfully, covering the ground well. In the challenge for BIS she lost her topline on the move. 2. Harrisons’ Int. Ch. Glenbrows Portrait. Just lovely. 3. Michie’s Tobermyn Dawn Chorus

SPB. 1. H. Entwined R.

SWB. 1. Evans’ Sycharth Hob Y Derri Dando. Good size and shape, clean over neck and shoulders, wide powerful quarters. Moved well. 2. Lyons’ Bushwacker Hot Spot. Beautifully made in body but proud of her tail on the move.

Christine Morgan