• Show Date: 15/02/2014
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 27/03/2020

Huddersfield & District Canine Association


15th February 2014

Cocker Spaniels. P. 1. Goodall’s Kalispell Beaspoke. Looked a little tall at first glance and head needs to break but nevertheless good type with level topline, deep ribs well sprung, good tail set and excellent width to 1st and 2nd thighs. Moves with drive and a lashing tail. RBOB, BP & PG1. Well done.

PG 1. Aykroyd’s Helenwood High Octane of Clydesian. Well developed skull, low ear set, square finish to muzzle. Decent depth and spring of rib. Rear angulation could be better but moves very well with beautifully carried tail. Prefer head and tail carriage to that of 2. Clayton’s Casrod New Tricks

O. Burley’s Suedons Pippin for Barnsbur. Balanced head, square outline with plenty of substance, big ribs, big bum, excellent pro sternum and layback of shoulder. Lovely tail carriage, moved OK, BOB. 2. Aykroyd’s Helenwood High Velocity of Clydesian 3. C. New Tricks

Italian Spinone J. Blythe’s Talpalupo Ettore. Decent head, dewlap present, good in front with pronounced prosternum and layback of shoulder. Break in topline, good rear angulation, harsh coat. Would like to see more substance all through. Moved OK but rather loose in front. BP. PG 1. Stanley’s Darrowdale Songbird. Presents a square outline, is well off for bone and has plenty of substance. Divergent head planes, soft expression, short neck, good in front but would like more width between shoulder blades. Good spring of rib, break in topline, plenty of width over quarters. Moved rather close behind. 2. Roberts’ Lucoru Shady Tree for Mirkwood 3. Stanley’s Jaylynne Angelyna. O. Lovely class with 3 excellent examples of the breed. Such a pity the dog in 3rd was put off by the girls. 1. Coldwell’s Lucoru Bombay Saphire. Lovely type. Divine head, beautiful eye and expression, well pronounced occiput, dewlap present. Deep and straight in front, big ribs, big flare over quarters, super width of thigh. Moved very well with typical head and tail carriage. BOB and Grp 2. 2. Dixon’s Riccini Kemelia JW. RBOB. 3. Roberts’ Gemarla Veloce for Mirkwood

Golden Retrievers. P. 1. Shaw & Robertshaw’s Akenscales Moon Beam. Presents a balanced outline, pretty head and strong muzzle. Straight in front with good depth, ample spring of rib, level back with correct tail set. Wide quarters, moved OK once settled. J. Broadhead’s Monchique Street Urchin. Best head of the class, happy boy with ever wagging tail, stands on good bone and feet, wide quarters. 2. Kipps’ R Diamond at Wheatcroft Golden Angels of Oberach (IMP DEU) 3. Grimmett’s Haydene Love Story PG. 1. Anderson’s Ramchaine Bubbalicious at Linchael (IMP NDL). Beautiful type, plenty of dog in front, gorgeous head, strong neck flows into well laid shoulders, strong, level topline, well muscled quarters. Moved like a dream with correct tail carriage. BOB. 2. Carrington’s Gloi Princess Grace 3. Keighley’s Thornywaite Flamboyant with Colbar. O. Copley’s Largymore Lady Islay for Hamcar. Lovely type, feminine, dark eye, level topline, good tail set, strong neck, sweeping stifle, just wish she’d carried her tail better. RBOB. 2. M. Street Urchin 3. R Diamond at W G Angels of Oberach

Christine Morgan