• Show Date: 06/12/2014
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 27/03/2020

Coventry & District Gundog Society



English Setters.

Puppy (5,4) 1. Danks-Kemish’ Grakar Gucci at Alolfran. 7 mths o/b bitch that I found simply gorgeous. Her beautifully balanced head with its dark eye, good stop, and the kindest, gentlest of expressions, sits on a reachy neck that flows into her well placed shoulders. She has plenty of heart and lung room, short, level back and wide quarters. She stands on good bone with neat feet and moves with a lashing tail. Hard to believe that this was one of her first outings as she showed like a veteran. She simply oozes quality and type and with her ‘look at me’ attitude she will go far. I just loved her. BP and RBOB.

Junior(6,3) A good class with all 3 having excellent breed type and qualities. The 2 younger boys were just at that teenage stage where they need to drop into their frames. 1. Danks-Kemish’ Gamerights Makin Waves at Alolfran (Imp Bel). 17 mths b/b with a balanced outline, great spring of rib, strong loin, and sound quarters. She was handled to advantage to move steadily on a good length of stride. 2. Freeman’s Zorah’s Heavenly Messenger 3. Saunders’ Shanandi Flaming Surprise

Open (4, 1) Another excellent class, 3 quality exhibits. 1. Cole’s Sorbus Jedi Master. 7 yrs b/b. He has a deep, straight front, ample spring of rib, level topline and good flare over his hips. However it was his handsome head that I totally fell for. It is exquisite in type with a true English Setter, bright, benign expression, excellent chiselling and good length of muzzle. He moved well to beat a very good dog who was rather untidy in front. BOB. 2. Danks-Kemish Sh Ch Ravensett Jail House Rocks Alolfran JW, ShCM. 3. Croft and Littlechild’s Ravensett Royal Legacy with Thistlesett.

Clumber Spaniels Post Grad (2,1) 1. Jukes’ Micklemess Sunseeker. Balanced boy with good bone and substance. Excellent pro-sternum and return of upper arm, big ribs, strong loin and wide quarters. His nails need some judicial trimming as they are making his feet spread and he is rather proud of his tail. Moved OK once settled. BOB.

Sussex Spaniels 1. Puppy (3,1) 1. Bowe’s Tawnyka It’s A Puzzle for Belcam. BP. What a little cracker at 6 mths and his first show. He has a balanced head that is moderately curved with pronounced stop and typical Sussex frown. He stands on very well boned legs and strong, round feet and has great substance throughout. He moves with typical Sussex roll and carries his head just above the level of his topline. He showed his socks off to beat a very naughty boy 2. Wakefield’s Marquell What Ever Next at Norriss NAF

Junior (2) 1. Kenyon & Smith’s Pindani Myrtle. Gorgeous girl with typical outline and of a lovely size. She has a rich, golden liver coat with gold tips coming along nicely. She has the most beautiful and soft expression under her heavy brows, low set, thick ears, good length of neck with slight throatiness and deep, well developed chest. Strongly boned with big knees her substantial body certainly makes her fit for purpose and her strong movement with its rolling gait confirms this. RBOB.2. M. What Ever Next at N.

Post Grad (4, 1) 1. P. Myrtle 2. Bowe’s Patchinghall Gold Savannah at Belcam 3. Wakefield’s Norriss Northern Wizzard

Open (2,1) 1. Wakefield’s Norriss Northern Cassandra. Lovely type with classic head, strong neck and great balance throughout. Plenty of dog in front, great return of upper arm, big ribs, big bum and ever wagging tail showing her kindly disposition. Her soft coat is a very good colour with gold tips and she is in hard condition. Terrific on the move showing a clean pair of heels. BOB.

Spanish Water Dog. Grad (2) 1. Egginton’s Valentismo’s Pacopilik. She has a beautiful head, short, strong neck and good angulation. Strong, straight front, level back with good depth and width of chest she carries an excellent rough textured coat. Sound movement shows a clean pair of heels. RBOB. Beat a good bitch who was rather apprehensive today 2. Egginton’s Valentisimo’s Carla

Open (2) 1. Egginton’s Valentisio’s Castro. This is some dog and surely all one could ever want in a SWD. He typifies the standard with his balanced and robust appearance, distinctive coat and excellent muscle tone. His balance is apparent as he stands most comfortably and totally fills the eye whilst his outstanding type is reflected in his powerful movement. He has that indefinable quality that only great dogs possess and I could stand and watch him all day. Expertly handled to BOB and Group 4. His mother who stood 2nd has clearly passed on many of her fabulous qualities. 2. Egginton’s Valentisimo’s Gordviday

YKC Members’ Stakes (3,1) Tough decision but 1 just pipped it on type. 1.Brooksmith’s Nightgold Blackavar. Attractive b/w pointer, stands over plenty of ground, level topline, good depth and sound on the move. 2. Griffith’s Stonerubi Beatrice Di Tenda, Bracco.

Christine Morgan