• Show Date: 25/05/2014
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 27/03/2020

Gundog Breeds Association Of Scotland

Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland

25th May 2014

GBAS held a very professionally run Open Show at the excellent Lanark Agricultural Centre. The atmosphere throughout the day was one of sportsmanship and good humour. Grateful thanks to my very efficient stewards for keeping my rings running smoothly and to time.

I had a quality line up for BIS and from those present I selected the Irish Setter, Gordon Setter, GLP, Spinone, Cocker, WSS, Flatcoat, ESS and Clumber Spaniel for further consideration. My eventual winner was the ESS Cameron’s Donarden Madame Butterfly. I found her simply stunning and at 17 mths old she must have a very bright future. She exudes breed type being of good size and displays the slight raciness that sets the ESS apart from the rest of the spaniel family. She has excellent angulation fore and aft and stands on good bone and feet. Her head is beautiful with a lovely almond shaped eye to give her a soft and gentle expression. She is well ribbed back with strength over the loin and her movement is typical with forelegs swinging straight from the shoulder. RBIS was the Irish Setter Sturrock’s Forfarian I’m Sexy An I Know It JW. A fine example of the breed, racy and full of quality. The most handsome of heads on a beautifully arched neck, deep shoulders sloping well back, good spring of rib, firm loin and nice big bum. Moves well and expertly handled. Grp 3. The WSS Douglas’ Ferndel Justin Time. Functionally built with plenty of curves and a slight rise over his loin. His skull is slightly domed and he has strength of foreface and good ear set. He moves on a quick and easy stride showing a clean pair of heels and carries his tail well. Grp 4. Madigan and Fairbairn’s very workmanlike Cocker Spaniel Grassmillees Mr Bojangles. Square in appearance, compact with big ribs, level topline and slightly rounded rump. He maintains his topline on the move and has excellent tail carriage; typically cockery. Puppy Group. BPIS was the outstanding and aptly named Italian Spinone Glen, Knowles and Malcolm’s Goldfly Sugars Classy Lady With Bessalone. Wow! What an absolute cracker. This was my ‘take home’ dog of the day. Her head is beautifully lean and balanced with the desired rooflike quality and almost human expression. Short, strong neck, big ribs, clear break in topline, wide powerful quarters and excellent tail set. Her movement is typical Spin, pounding and relaxed. She is most certainly a future star. RBPIS. Fairbairn’s Misperros Kerrrerra Of Carmelfair, Cocker. Very eyecatching yet still unexaggerated. She is well boned with firm, thickly padded feet, correct layback of shoulder and good return of upper arm. Beautiful head with gently rounded skull and low set ears. Terrific movement with great reach and drive. Grp . 3 Roe’s Kerkastelli Czar HV. Just 6 months and shows such confidence and presence. Appealing head, good reach of neck, firm topline, wide quarters, hocks well let down, moved well. Grp 4. Frew’s Dunfionn Rysa, Gordon Setter. Typically made with good head proportions and square finish to foreface. She is well boned and substantial throughout with the rugged quality that I look for in a Gordon. She is well marked with tan of good colour.

Welsh Springer Spaniels. Such a pity there wasn’t a puppy class. Graduate (7) 1. Dobbie’s Glenbrows Secret with Rockypoint. What a beautiful girl and typical of her breeding. She is a lovely shape and balanced throughout. She has a very pretty head with kind eye and slightly domed skull, strong neck, clean shoulders, firm topline with muscular loin. Moves well. Presented a more finished picture than 2. Harris-Mayfell’s Ferndel Fable. 3. Place’s Tammano Cadell at Aarminias BPIB. Limit (5) 1. F. Justin Time BOB. Preferred his head to that of 2. Caffrey & Dods’ Gellyburn Gaelic Damsel at Balcraig. 3. Place’s Slapestones Sinatra at Aarminias JW Sh CM. Open 1. Caffrey & Dods’ Sh Ch Gellyburn Damselfly Sh CM JW. There is no mistaking her type; she is a Welshie through and through. Short and compact with lovely reach of neck, great forechest and good, wide quarters. Moved well with a lovely waggy tail. Sadly in the challenge she had to give way to the younger dog. 2. Flockhart’s Cedar Sunset. American Cocker Spaniels Open (2) Speich’s Glarus Sun Dance. She is pleasing in outline with her strong, sloping topline and high tail set. Her head is domed with a deep stop and low set ears. Moved well BOB. 2. Maxwell/Robinson’s Afterglow Blow A Kiss to Aintshe BPIB. Spanish Water Dog Open (3) 1. Wiseman’s Valentisimos Olli Dante. He is a nice size, robustly made and well muscled. Good head proportions, eyes well apart, muscular neck, good depth of brisket and well developed thighs. He is in good coat and moved well. I found him quite endearing and he made me smile. BOB. A.V. Gundog Champion (2) 1. Ir Sh Ch Jack V.R. mit S., GLP. 2. Sh Ch Z. Elvis P., Weimaraner. A.V. Gundog Veteran (1) 1. Duncan’s Sh Ch Magregor Pukka Sh CM JW, GSP. Lovely type, worthy champion with masculine head, soft expression, good spring of rib and stands over plenty of ground. 2. D. Star Attraction, ESS. 3. S. Kita of W. Lab. A.V. Gundog Minor Puppy (20) 1. Dobbie’s Bushbane Celtic Swing at Suthron, E.S. Very nice type, lovely head and eye, noble bearing, well ribbed up, moved well. 2. McCall’s Bejamac First Impression WSS. 3. R. Andromeda Pointer. A.V. Gundog Puppy (18) 1. Walton’s Stanegate Shiva IWS. Very nice indeed with a lovely head and low ear set, typically aloof. 2. B. Fields of Gold. 3. S. Blether Cocker. A.V. Gundog Post Grad. (14) 1. D. Bella Rosa Irish Setter. A.V. Gundog Junior Warrant Winner. Open (6) 1. K. Gale Storm JW GSP. 2. W Armani D Lab. A.V. Gundog GBAS Members Stakes. Open (14) 1. R Fortuna JW

2. M. Jumanji of C Pointer. 3. D. Heart of G Irish Setter.

Christine Morgan