• Show Date: 11/09/2014
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 27/03/2020

Westmorland County Agricultural Society


11th September 2014



Grad 1. Radcliffe’s Sniperay Verandi. Easy winner; curvy outline, handsome head, soft expression, excellent in front, strong bone, deep brisket, neat feet. Reachy neck into well lad shoulders with ample return of upper arm. Plenty of lung room and strong loin. Lissome movement BPIB. 2.MacManus Crookrise Diva by Luneville. 3. Brown/Underwood’s Sniperay Jet Fire.

Open.1. Close call between 1 & 2. 1. Mason’s Freebreeze Figaro. Substantial orange with handsome head, slight dish, excellent prosternum, great depth and spring of rib, well ribbed up. Moved with style on an easy stride. BOB. Just preferred front skull of 1. 2. Bell’s Crookrise The Medlar at Owlspoint JW 3. Radcliffe/Smith’s Sniperay Rip Van Winkle form Tzaziki


Grad. Glen & Knowles Wilholme Sharp & Smart at Besalone. Quality, balanced dog, short in back and stands over plenty of ground. Balanced head with lovely eye, arched neck, well laid shoulders, deep chest and well ribbed back. Good tail set and carriage. Super well muscled quarters used to great advantage on the move. BOB. 2 Sielski’s Orchidstar Yu Cant Fool Me 3. Sielski’s Orchidstar Yu to Me.

Open. 1. W. Sharp Smart 2. Glen & Shields Wilholme Saucy Brown 3. Brown’s Montalba Millie Chillum Sh CM

Golden Retrievers

Junior 1. Riley’s Wylloh Monets Garden. Decent front and spring of rib, level topline, good tail set, excellent turn of stifle and width of quarters. Profile movement good but close behind. Preferred head of 1. BOB. 2. Newton’s Momoyee I’m On Top of the World

Grad. 1. W. Monets G 2. Shepherd’s Wylloh Fairytale Dream at Parlickview

Open 1. W. Monets G 2. Magson’s Datassie Day Dreamer at Castlegolden 3. Shepherd’s Gillbryan Easter Greeting at Parlickview

Flat Coated Retrievers.

Grad. 1. Curtis’ Rainesgift It’s About Time. Raciest of the three and best head. Strong topline, short, high ears, sadly out of coat, moved OK. 2. Curtis’ Ravencraig Full Moon 3.Lambert’s Ravencraig Flapjack

Open 1. Whitaker’s Brigadeer Master for Zabiekabi. Very typey, decent head, level topline, plenty of heart and lung room, well ribbed u, strong quarters, easy, free flowing movement. BOB.

Labrador Retrievers

Grad. 1. Bell’s Brigburn Sanoran at Westerulston. Black of good type, substance without excess fat, typical head, strong topline and good tail carriage. Wide quarters, strong bone, gleaming coat, smooth over. BOB. 2. Johnstone’s Wenningdale Ellie May. 3. Threader’s Gulsary Galilaki

Open 1. Powell’s Seatallan Walnut. Very showy black, good breed attributes, tail set a bit low and threw his front about a bit but never stopped showing and wagging his tail. Beat a very good bitch who was a fidget. 2. Burrow/Robinson’s Rookerynooks Saw Ya Lookin. 3. Johnstone’s Wenningdale Maggie May

Cocker Spaniels

Grad. 1. Dowker’s Patchlord Baby, b&w. Just a baby and needs to body up. Head OK, reachy neck, rather narrow in front, strong level topline, good ail set. 2. Holt’s Noires Desire at Hailstorm

Open. 1. Balmer’s Lochranza Glowing Ember. Good type, best head in the class, low set ears, square muzzle, short back, level topline, workmanlike all through, moved well. BOB & BIS. 2. P. Baby. 3. Holt’s Hailstorm Beth’s Dream at Bethryn


Grad. 1. Holt’s Melverly Missionaire to Bethryn. Beautiful type. Typical head, lovely eye, very clean over neck and shoulders, good depth and spring of rib, strong topline, good quarters. Moved well with typical front action. BOB

Open 1. Large’s Meadowdale Riot is Madaza. Well presented, racy in outline, good length of neck, well off for bone, big ribs, wide flare over quarters, moved well. Preferred head over 2. Lockhart’s Chetruda Secret Asset. 3. House’s Dukedel Whatareturn to Gleadsbury

A V Gundogs

Puppy Powell’s Seatallan Xeronema, Lab Good head and substance, strong topline, wide quarters, great tail set and carriage, moved well 2. Radcliffe’s Sniperay Atlantis.3. Whitaker’s Keamarola A Star Is Born with Zabecabi

Junior. 1. W. Sharp and Smart. 2. P. Baby

Post Grad. 1. Sanderson’s Thandiwe Arthur Sixpence. Field Spaniel. Well balanced and muscled throughout. Masculine head, kind eye, straight front, low set ears, moved well. 2.Inman’s Shine On You Crazy Diamond for Keanarola

Open 1. Bell’s Millpoint Double Trouble at Owlspoint Sh CM. Upstanding male, oozes breed type and commands attention. Handsome head, big ribs, big bum, a powerhouse on the move. 2.Howarth’s Moorbrook Mary Rose JW 3. Howarth’s Shandwick Star Attraction at Arkview.

Christine Morgan