• Show Date: 04/10/2014
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Charmaine Ennis van Maren Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Golden Retriever Club Of Scotland

                     The Golden Retriever Club of Scotland Single Breed Open Show, Alva, Scotland. Judge Charmaine Ennis van Maren

Veteran Dog : 7 entries , 2 absent 1. White’s Lochtaymor Griffindor Nearly 10 years and still a great show attitude with an ever wagging tail, in attractive gold coat and condition. Creates a very pleasing outline on the move with excellent head and tail carriage. Firm, strong straight topline with a dead level tailset. Plenty of neck flowing into well laid back shoulders. Enough forechest, would prefer more return of upper arm and a shorter loin. Absent for the challenge for BV.. 2. Lang’s Lochtaymor Zephyr 3. McAleese ‘ Lochtaymor A Diamond Jewel at Glormhorcu .

Minor Puppy Dog : 3 entered , 1 absent 1. McAleese’ Lochtaymor Conquistador for Glormhorcu. 8.5 month old happy, showy,puppy in an ‘inbetween’ growth stage . Often bum high and dipping in his topline in stance but holds his topline straight on the move. Pleasing head. Good bone, body and substance with tight cat feet. Long cast in ratio of his leg length so hope he grows up on his legs, for more ideal proportions. Posseses superb length of neck set into very well laid back shoulders. Good forechest and fabulous return of upperarm for a baby. Lovely hind angulation, with well developed second thighs already. In lovely mid gold coat . Moves with great extension at both ends. 2. Bolton’s Thornywait Candyman at Shiresmill.

Puppy Dog : 3 entered , 2 absent 1. Cuthill’s Mousseglen Maclaine . Big framed very lovely puppy of 9.5 months. Has everything just where you would want it! Lovely body proportions and conformation. Pleasing, soft head and expression with dark eye and pigment. Super strong neck with good reach , fabulous shoulder placement, plenty forechest and a correct return of upperarm placing his legs well under his body. Strong level topline, good ribcage. Strong hindquarters with good angulation. Good length of leg. Lovely body and substance with strong bone. Moves with an effortless free stride to cover lots of ground easily. Needs to tighten in the elbows on the move . BP .

Junior Dog : 6 entered , 1. Gray’s Knockothie Fairway. Youngster with a superb reach of neck. Stands foursquare naturally with straight legs fore and aft. Superb layback of shoulder. Good in forechest with enough return of upperarm. Well ribbed back, with a strong loin. Strong, level topline on the move and when free stood with a wagging tail, when stacked and goes tense with a rounded croup and lower tailset. In glorious gleaming rich dark gold coat. Moved out with ease 2. Dunbar’s Linigor Spin The Bottle JW 3. Monie’s Earngrove Jomaz .

Yearling Dog : 7 entered, , 2 absent 1. Webster’s Tasheen Hudson. Strongly made , gold coloured, well muscled male with a happy, waggy character and very friendly disposition. Outgoing, animated mover, with good reach in his front action but could have more drive from behind. Masculine head with a powerful deep muzzle. Obvious male of good bone and substance. Lovely neck of strength set into well placed shoulder,. Good forechest and adequate upperarm. Straight forelegs, short strong rear pasterns. Good well padded feet. Well sprung ribcage and strong in loin. Super strong hindquarters. A little rounded in croup giving a lower set tail. 2. Murray’s Mousseglen Martin 3. Zwizchlewski’s Marvin Ignacy.

Maiden Dog 4 entered, 2 absent 1. McAleese’s Lochtaymor Conquistador for Glormhorcu 2. Woodhouse’s Purban You Are Everything .

Novice Dog 6 entered, 2 absent 1. McAleese’s Lochtaymor Conquistador for Glormhorcu 2. Gray’s Knockothie Fairway 3. Greig’s Nedlezah Take A Chance On Me at Cranngary .

Undergraduate Dog: 3 entred, 1. Webster’s Tasheen Hudson 2. Murray’s Mousseglen Martin 3. Greig’s Nedlezah Take A Chance On Me at Cranngary .

Graduate Dog: 5 entered: 0 absent 1. McAleese ’s Lochtaymor Murraymint at Glormhorcu Masculine boy in fabulous full mid gold double coat with plentiful pale furnishings . In super hard muscular condition. Has great show attitude. Kind, male head. Lovely neck and flow into dead level, strong topline and correct level tailset. Fabulous bone , body and substance. Strong in loin. Superb well shaped feet. Super in his front and rear angulation. For me , too low in the leg in comparison to his length of body. Well developed second thighs. True sound mover from front and behind , but a bit proud of his tail in the ring. 2. Webster’s Tasheen Hudson 3. Harper’s Glynerva Matinee Idol .

Post Graduate: 6 entered, 0 absent 1. Cuthill’s Mousseglen Masterkey. Superb free and easy mover. Covers the ground with a powerfull stride. Most gorgeous in his shape , proportions and construction. Pleasing throughout from nose to tip of tail. Beautiful head and expression. Superb front and rear angles, straight legs, well ribbed, good bone and feet, in lovely coat and condition. BD. & RBIS. 2. Warden’s Eyevalley Macallan of Glentochty 3. Welsh’s Rannaleroch Benn Dorian JW.

Limit Dog: 7 entered, 2 absent 1. Wicklow’s Gillbryan Trivelino JW. Male of superb breed type and construction with good bone and substance. Great legs and feet. Super neck and topline. Totally balanced in his outine., making a great shape in profile both stood and on the move . Masculine and strong but not coarse in anyway. Animated with super show attitude, wagging tail, firm , level topline , and dead level tailset. Can tend to elevate his front angulation in his enthusiasm for food! 2. Barron & Jenkins’ Rannaleroch Beinn A’Chroin JW 3. Gibb’s Gibbglen He’s The One.

Open Dog: 5 entered 1. Maynard’s Napoleon Uber Den Wolken To Chinnordale . Excells on the move with good reach and drive , has a powerful action while maintaining super head and tail carriage. A totally balanced dog in his construction with nothing overdone and no exagerations. Good straight legs viewed from front or back of correct length for his body proportions. Super strong level topline with level tailset. Good length and strength of neck. In beautiful deep gold coat and great condition, well muscelled throughout. Pleasing head with good .pigment. RBD. 2. Williamson & Thomas’s Ronjalee Rock A Fella To Sandti JW 3. Welsh’s Linigor Luv Em N Leave Em.

  Veteran Bitch : 8 entered, 2 absent 1. McDonald’s Flyngalee Whispering JW SHCM. Looking amazing for her 10.5 years, in top condition, with a good cream coat, she oozes ring presence, quality and style. Ultra feminine with a beautiful, sweet head and kind expression. Lovely neck and flow into well laid back shoulder. Good ribcage, Very balanced in her construction enabling her to move with an easy stride. Super straight legs from front and behind, stands forsquare, ever wagging. BV. 2. McGeoch’s Nedlezah Lochy 3. Hain’s Strathain Blonde Bombshell .

Minor Puppy Bitch : 5 entered 1. O’Neil’s Thorntwait Colour Me Red. Very much a baby full of character and cheeky charm. Gorgeous bone. Superb well padded, cat like feet. Very sweet well chiselled head with lovely pigment and dark eye. Scopey, with a great reach of neck, well placed shoulders, good ribbing, short strong couplings, level topline, and tailset. Strong rear pasterns which she used well on the move. Hope she grows to fufill all the potential shown at this young age. 2. McDonald’s Fergusglen Dancing Queen at Lamancha 3. Pratt’s Largymore Lalande of Rosyth .

Puppy Bitch : 9 entries, 2 absent 1. McDonald’s Fergusglen Dancing Queen at Lamancha. Superb, matured, well developed puppy in super pale coat, Full of quality and breed type. Very lovely bone, feet and substance . Well shaped , good head with dark pigment. Fabulous forehand with long, strong neck set into well laid back shoulders , plenty forechest, and upper arm placing forelegs well under the body. Deep through the heart, well sprung ribs, short, strong couplings. For me, would like a little more hind angulation, for a more perfect balance with her great front, but as only a youngster this could improve with age. as she drops more into stifle. 2. Cuthill’s Mousseglen Manola(AI) 3. Barron & Jenkins’ Rannaleroch Loch Carron.

Junior Bitch : 7 entered, 1 absent 1. Dunbar’s Linigor Let’s Play JW. Solid, sturdy, well developed , very mature , quality blonde bitch in superb plush double coat. Well muscled. Strongly made throughout, but still a feminine head. Superb bone and feet. Good angulation front and back. Well sprung ribs, strong in loin. Level topline and tailset. Super well developed second thighs. Short strong rear pasterns. Would like to see more drive and power on the move. 2. McGeoch’s Megarvey Islay Mist at Nedlezah 3. Brown’s Fenpinque Glitterspelle .

Yearling Bitch : 8 entered, 1 absent 1. Dunbar’s Linigor Luv Song JW. Most fabulous shape. Well constructed and with super proprtions throughout. Quality bitch in all aspects and from any angle. Has good substance and size. Totally straight viewed from front and rear. Lovely short, strong pasterns. Makes a great picture standing and on the move. Pretty shortbread biscuit colour. RBB. 2. McGeoch’s Megarvey Islay Mist at Nedlezah 3. O’Neil’s Glenlewis Constellation Maiden Bitch : 6 entries, 3 absent, 2 w/d 1. McDonald’s Fergusglen Dancing Queen at Lamancha.

Novice Bitch: 8 entries, 3 absent, 2 w/d 1. McDonald’s Fergusglen Dancing Queen at Lamancha 2. McGeoch’s Megarvey Islay Mist at Nedlezah 3. Barron & Jenkins’ Rannaleroch Loch Carron. 

Undergraduate Bitch : 5 entries 1. McGeoch’s Megarvey Islay Mist at Nedlezah. Pretty, feminine bitch of good type. Superb on the move with a long, ground covering , powerful stride and free and easy side action. Excells when moving but does not always give her best in a static stance, when her shape can go. Lovely made to go over with a good length and flow of neck, into level topline. Straight legs, plenty forechest and good return of upperarm. Good second thighs and turn of stifle. 2. Barron & Jenkins’ Rannaleroch Loch Carron. 3. Finnie’s Lochtaymor Jane Eyre at Thistleyhill

Graduate Bitch : 4 entered, 1 absent 1. McGeoch’s Megarvey Islay Mist at Nedlezah 2. Hain’s Strathain Doris Day 3. Barron & Jenkins’ Rannaleroch Loch Carron.

Post Graduate Bitch : 5 entered 1. Winton’s Braidwynn My Choice Very lovely blonde bitch full of breed type. Most gorgeous well chiselled appealling head with kind expression, expressive eyes and dark pigment. Totally balanced fore and aft. Lovely neck. Dead straight front legs, super shoulders and front angulation. Strong, powerfull back end with well developed second thighs and a good bend of stifle. Good feet. Well ribbed back with good spring of rib. Short coupled with a super short strong, muscular,loin. Level topline and tailset. 2. McDonald’s Lamancha In Search Of Dreams JW 3. Sneddon’s Forthvalley Joy Thru Winter.

Limit Bitch : 6 entered, 3 absent 1. Sneddon’s Kadaka Kuriosity At Forthvalley. Feminine with a pretty head. and elegant outline. The darkest shade of gold. Straight front legs, and when viewed from behind. Good bone. Good length of leg. Super reach of neck, Shoulders long in the blade and well laid back. Okay for forechest and upperarm. Good turn of stifle. Well ribbed back with level topline and tailset. 2. Barron & Jenkin’s Summeramba Doris Day at Rannaleroch 3. Brett’s Glenhaven Scarlett O’Hara .

Open Bitch : 5 entered, 2 absent 1. Williamson & Thomas’ Ronjalee Roxy Lady For Sandti SHCM. Super gorgeous for breed type and construction. Love everything about her. Super show girl , freestood with immense ring presence and tension, giving a great show attidue. to hold herself correct at all times. Lovely, very expressive, well chiselled head. Good carriage and use of ears.. Superb length of neck. Dead level topline and tailset. Well muscled with good substance and size. Fabulous front and rear construction. Great staight legs with good feet. Oozes quality and charisma. BB & BIS. 2. Maynard’s Chinnordale Wedding Gown 3. McCormack’s Linigor Candy luv at Flyngalee