• Show Date: 08/06/2014
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Camille Lambert Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Ashfield (Notts) Canine Society

Ashfield (Notts) Canine Society

Open Show

8th June 2014

Border Collie

Junior D/B (1/0)

1st Greggs Pendiffie Kindred Spirit, 14 mth male at a typical junior stage. Nice overall type with good size but would like a little more substance. Good head with room to develop. Rather erratic on the move, but sound. Given time should mature into a nice boy.

Post Graduate D/B (1/0)

1st Dennis Anadune Diamond Delight, almost 20 mth old bitch. Beautiful outline with clean lines. Super feminine head of sufficient broadness and correctly tapering to the nose. Eyes well set of correct shape and super expression. The correctly set semi-erect ears were used to advantage and accentuated the strong expression a working collie should have. Her body was of good length with level topline held well on the move leading to slightly sloping croup and good tail carried correctly. Adequate angulation which aided her smooth, effortless gait, this girl could keep going all day and would certainly be able to do a days work. Very happy to award her Best of Breed.

Open D/B (1/0)

1st Beddows Borderpride Eternal Touch ShCM, flashy 6 year old male, in super coat and condition. Masculine head of good proportions. Good ears which were well set apart but not used as well as he could. Solid body of good shape with good topline held on the move leading to a slightly higher set tail. Ample substance and plenty of angulation, moving well but not the athleticism of my BOB winner, happy to award this handsome lad Res BOB.

Rough Collie

Puppy D/B (2/0)

1st White’s Mejola Maid to Persuade, 11 mth attractive sable/white bitch. Nice head with parallel planes, would prefer a stronger underjaw. Eyes set well of good size and shape. Ears carried well and used effectively. Well arched neck of good length. Quality coat covering body of good shape with well sprung ribs. Moved well fore and aft with free effortless side gait. BP. 2nd Howells Orionsview Targaryen.

Junior D/B (1/0)

1st White’s Mejola I Am Persuasive, brother to my Puppy winner. Sable/White with lovely outline and well arched neck leading to correct topline. Head of good proportions with good strong underjaw, ears used and set well. Decent angulation and moved well although not quite as true as his sister today. A nice youngster with lots to offer.

Post Grad D/B (4/1)

1st Flint’s Highnol As Sweet As Candy, 20 mth S/W bitch. Attractive head with nice eye, would prefer stronger under jaw. Ears set well and used effectively. Nicely arched neck flowing into good topline. Good length to height ratio, with nice body with well sprung ribs. Moved well. 2nd Farthing’s Ladnar one More Time for Didek. 3rd Bradshaw’s Salgarden Time On My Side at Tyfield.

Open D/B (4/1)

1st Scott’s Aniesh Portrait in Blue ShCM, 4 yr old blue merle male with rich tan markings. Lovely masculine head of good planes and strong jaw. Super length of neck which was well arched and flowed into a good topline leading to well set tail. Body of good proportions, well ribbed and carrying better muscle than I had seen previously. Nicely angulated which showed in his powerful driving movement. Quality coat of good texture but would prefer a clearer blue colour. Very impressive male which I was happy to award BOB. 2nd & Res BOB White’s Mejola My Blue Harlequin. 3rd Flint’s Erjon Emma Jean with Highnol JW.

Shetland Sheepdogs

Puppy D/B (2/1)

1st Fuller’s Amethrickehs Cute Trouble at Jacanshe, 7 mth sable/white bitch. A little apprehensive but settled well. Well off for size, attractive head with good eyes and well set ears. Nice length of neck with good arch. Coat of nice quality for age. Would like slightly better angulation, but moved soundly. Very raw baby that was shown very nicely by her young, understanding handler. Unfortunately did not stay for the Puppy Group.

Junior D/B (4,2)

1st Stokoe’s Sheltisha Bruce Almighty, sable/white 12 mth old male. The two dogs in this class were of completely different types. I preferred the size and substance of my winner who had a typical head and well arched neck. Good body with nicely rounded lines and quality jacket. Well angulated showing in his true movement, tail carried correctly. Nice youngster with lots to offer. 2nd Jacobs & Johnson’s Tooralie’s Nightingaile.

Post Grad D/B (7/4)

1st Simons Blazecroft Blaize for Glory, Very attractive amost 5 yr old sable/white male. Lovely head with nice lines and strong underjaw. Super ears used well. Nice leg length to height ratio with good body and well sprung ribs. Well angulated with super movement straight coming and going which won him Res. BOB. 2nd Stokoe’s Sheltisha Bruce Almighty. 3rd Walker’s Colroy Crystal Mizpah for Tooralie (IKC).

Open D/B (8/2)

1st Sorockyj’s Mohnesee Mission in blue JW ShCM, 5 yr old male, blue merle with rich tan markings. Super overall outline carrying lovely head with good planes and strong underjaw. Beautifully arched neck leading to excellent topline and gently sloping croup with super tail carried well. True movement coming and going, side gait easy and balanced. Very nice male which I was pleased to awarded BOB. 2nd Wise’s Karmidale Pure gold at Shettriever, 3rd Simons’ Sheltisha Kiss at Midnight for Blazecroft.

AVNSC Pastoral

Puppy D/B (9/2)

1st Foster’s Fosterbrie Divine Edition (Briard). 6 mth male heading a very strong class. Super masculine head of excellent proportions, superb outline with good length level topline held well on the move. Lovely angulation which showed in his free flowing movement, which was true fore and aft. A super puppy which I will be interested to watch his career. BP. 2nd Sheldon’s Hollybeck Bracken for Sumila (Catalan Sheepdog). 3rd Croft’s Catsun Consuela at Kistelek (H. Puli).

Junior D/B (7/2)

1st Alder’s Bargemon Master of the House (Bearded Collie). Another strong class won by this 14 mth old slate male. Super head with good eye set and colour. Good neck leading to well laid back shoulders and strong topline. Good length to height ratio and well ribbed. Excellent substance giving a strong appearance. Well angulated which showed in his super movement, was happy to see this boy was not too close behind. A very well deserved Res Best AVNSC. 2nd Atkins & Charles Snikkles Sapphire (Bearded Collie), 3rd Hollis’ Pretty Bear Wild Flower Mit Adjucet (Imp Deu) (Bearded Collie).

Post Grad D/B (4/0)

1st Such’s Jazlyn De Pic Du Pioulou (Imp) (PSD LH). 4 yr old bitch. Really liked this bitch, super head of good proportions, good eye and attractive expression. Correct ears and used well. Lovely body on adequate angulation, moved with purpose. Easy winner of this class. 2nd Croft’s Catsun Concolorous at Kistelek (H. Puli). 3rd Yates & Llewellyn Norwulf Zyta at Akir (GSD)

Open D/B (6/3)

1st Haine’s Padawan Over Night Fame ShCM (GSD). A 3 yr old male, of superb strength and structure without being overdone in any way. Superb head with good width between ears which were well carried and used to show his alert and intelligent expression. Long neck which smoothly merged with the well laid back shoulder. Lovely to see the correct straight, slightly sloping topline reaching the gently sloping croup. Super angulation fore and aft, straight front with slightly sloping pasterns and the rear being well bent but showing no weakness and straight hocks. His movement from all angles was a joy to watch. Best AVNSC and easily Group 1, was thrilled to see him win Best In Show later in the day. 2nd Hollis’ Greenybabes Princess Evie Avec Adjucet ShCM (Bearded Collie). 3rd Such’s Norlyght Biassono (PSD LH)

Pastoral Group: 1st Haine’s Padawan Over Night Fame ShCM (GSD), 2nd Scott’s Aniesh Portrait in Blue ShCM (R. Collie), 3rd Dennis’ Anadune Diamond Delight (Border Collie), 4th Sorockyj’s Mohnesee Mission in Blue JW ShCM (Sheltie)

Pastoral Puppy Group: 1st Foster’s Fosterbrie Divine Edition (Briard), 2nd White’s Mejola Maid to Persuade (R. Collie)

Camille Pentland (Judge)