• Show Date: 15/06/2014
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Camille Lambert Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Newmarket & District Canine Society

Newmarket & District Canine Society

Open Show

15th June 2014


AVNSC Working

Open D/B (4/2)

1st Salter’s Shepherdsway Jack Frost (Canadian Eskimo Dog). 5 yr old male, strong upstanding dog with masculine head with well set ears and typical expression. Good length of neck & firm topline ending in correct tail set. Nice overall outline with an appearance of strength and power, also apparent in his purposeful gait. BAVNSC. 2nd Ruzuna Blazing Amazing JW (Dobermann).

Alaskan Malamute

Puppy D/B (2/1)

1st Cameron & Robb’s Icewolf I’ll Be Back. Stood alone in this class, but what a stunning baby. Just 8 mth male, super masculine head of correct proportions & typical expression. Strong neck leading to straight topline with beautifully plumed tail carried well over the back. Super body stood on well angulated legs with ample substance. Moved with plenty of drive which was straight coming and going, a pleasure to watch. Pleased to award him BP and RBOB.

Grad D/B (4/1)

1st Cooper’s Icewolf Sweet Legacy. 2 yr old bitch. Lovely girl with plenty of substance. Super head & expression, neck of good length and moderately arched. Straight topline and super tail with good set and plume. Good depth of chest and length of well muscled loin. Super angulation giving powerful movement. Very nice girl. 2nd Jacklin’s Ikiao Dreamer. 3rd Hughes Casiat Incantro.

Open D/B (4/1)

1st Robb’s INT. CH. Under Icewolf’s Star Inditarod (Imp CZE) JW ShCM EJW10. 4 yr old male. This boy was a joy to judge! Super head with broad and powerful proportions. Wide between the ears which were small in comparison to the head. Correct eye shape and colour, giving typical expression. Strong, moderately arched neck leading to straight topline with a slight slope to croup. Good length of loin which were well muscled. Fairly high set tail, carried correctly and well furred. Moderately angulated fore and hind quarters with super substance. Movement was smooth and effortless, but with powerful drive from the rear. Very happy to award him BOB. 2nd Henworth’s Wolfraven’s Galactic Halo. 3rd Ikiao Dreamer.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Puppy D/B (3/1)

1st Biggins’ Harvestbank Fantastic Day at Greybern. 9 mth bitch. Nice head sat on good neck with well angulated shoulders. High on the rear at the moment, but good body and nice depth of chest. Well off for size and with good substance. Moved well coming but needs to strengthen on the rear. BP.

Grad D/B (3/1)

1st Wells Labanc-Volgyi Happy Geet (Imp HUN). 22 mth old bitch. Lovely type bitch of good proportions. Good body of good length, nicely rounded rump. Tail of good length and set. Moved ok. RBOB.

Open D/B (4/2)

1st Slade’s Arri Verderci from Potterspride JW. 4 year old male. Super type male of good proportions. Super head and expression with good width and depth of chest. Straight topline on compact body with good length of loin. Well angulated and moved very well with another handler. Easily BOB. 2nd Connelly’s Carabaz New Blues.


Puppy D/B (2/1)

1st Niall & Rothery’s Davenheath Exciting Times. 8 mth old bitch. Good size and nice proportions. Typical head with well set ears. Good eye giving kind expression. Body of good length with deep chest and oval ribs. Moderately angulated would prefer a little more substance. Moved well although little unsettled.

Grad D/B (2/1)

1st Hay’s Wolfen Now or Never. 16 mth bitch, very much at the junior stage. Nice size, with pleasing outline. Typical head with well set ears. Chest needs to drop, but that will come with maturity. Well boned and moderately angulated with good movement. Needs time but I think will mature nicely.

Open D/B (4/1)

1st Niall & Rothery’s Debbollinby Warrior Dancer at Davenheath JW. 2.5 yr male. Masculine head of good width and moderate stop. Super substance throughout, moderately angulated with good width and depth of chest. Straight fore and aft, moving with purpose. BOB. 2nd Davenheath Dark Secret RBOB. 3rd Vippond & Webb’s Zeldas Easy Rider.

Siberian Husky

Puppy D/B (3/0)

1st Cameron,Pennings & McGrae’s Jacalous Harry Potter. 11 mth male of good size and substance, lovley head with good ears and correct eyes. Nice neck leading to adequately angulated shoulders with straight topline and sloping croup and well set tail carried correctly. Good length to height proportions, straight front and rear moving very soundly showing good reach and drive. Close decision but happy to award him BP and BOB. 2nd Simm’s Foxfire Little Jak Horner at Arcticskies (Imp SA). 3rd Simm’s Ishta of Settlers Bay at Arcticskies (Imp FRA).

Grad D/B (10/3)

1st Delieu & Piper’s Mytilene Polar Express to Zanjero. This 2 yr old bitch headed a strong class. Good type with adequate substance and pleasing head. Super proportions with straight topline and moderately angulated. Sound mover which helped win this class. 2nd Gallagher’s Mytilene Hugo Boss. 3rd Simm’s Zaltana Almost Illegal at Arcticskies (Imp POL).

Open D/B (6/2)

1st Simm’s Hernando of Settlers Bay at Arcticskies (Imp FRA) JW ShCM. Just 2 yr old male. Slightly heavier in type to the others. Lovely head and excellent angulation with super shoulders well laid back into straight topline. Would prefer a tad more length. Soundest mover here today. Worthy winner but just preferred the length to height ratio on the puppy for BOB. Happy to award this boy RBOB. 2nd Gillman’s Esquimaux Chase the Ace at Mytilene. 3rd Downey & Last’s Snoqualmie Jupiter Makanni.

AV Working

Puppy D/B (4/3)

1st Carroll’s Roychamp Flaming Rose (DDB), 7 mth bitch. Lovely feminine head with super expression. Good body and moved well on the front but rear needs to strengthen, hopefully that will come with time. Nice puppy!

Grad D/B (4/3)

1st Ames’ Boynhams Hot Pursuit to Thenamy (Boxer). 13 mth old male. Nice head and eye giving pleasing expression. Arched neck and good topline with slight slope to Croup, deep chest with good ribs, short loin. Adequate angulation moved well.

Open D/B (3/1)

1st Peck’s Enesha Curly Wurly (Boxer). 5 yr old male. Loved this boy’s head and expression. Well arched neck showing well laid back shoulder, super topline and short loin. Well muscled with good angulation. Super mover. 2nd Connelly’s Carabaz New Blues.

Veteran (7-9 yrs) D/B (5/1)

1st Bramwell & Brooks’ Ch Paloduro Lady Madonna ShCM (Rottweiler). 7 yr old bitch. What a super girl this is. Lovely outline, attractive head with keen expression and good proportions. Strong neck leading to well laid back shoulder and straight topline. Solid body of good length carried by well angulated front and rear. Moved with plenty of reach and drive, easy winner of this class and pleased to see her go Res Best Veteran in Show for Day 2. 2nd Todd’s Claudius Hamlets Slayer at Delarhia ShCM (Bullmastiff). 3rd Turner’s Tigalian Trickster ShCM (Boxer)

Working Group: 1st Robb’s INT. CH. Under Icewolf’s Star Inditarod (Imp CZE) JW ShCM EJW10 (A.Malamute), 2nd Bramwell & Brooks Paloduro Gold Digga JW (Rottweiler), 3rd Debbollinby Warrior Dancer at Davenheath JW (Leonberger), 4th Hutchinson’s Wuzibears Miami (Newfoundland).

Working Puppy Group: 1st Baldock’s New Angels Million Dollar Baby (Imp BEL) (Newfoundland), 2nd Cameron & Robb’s Icewolf I’ll Be Back (A. Malamute), 3rd Cameron, Pennings & McGrae’s Jacalous Harry Potter (Siberian Husky), 4th Bramwell & Brooks’ Quoja’s Vita (Rottweiler).


Australian Shepherd Dogs

Grad D/B (2/1)

1st Wilson & Case’s Silvarccea Reggae Fusion at Ozways. 17 mth bitch. Pretty blue merle of good substance. Nice head but would prefer more defined stop, correctly set ears used well. Nice length of neck due to good layback of shoulder. Excellent topline with moderately sloping croup. Super body with good height to length ratio, well sprung ribs and moderate tuck up. Moved effortlessly with good reach and drive.

Open D/B (2/0)

1st Swallow’s Lyveden Castill Chaska. 5 yr old male (Red Merle). Super outline on this nicely sized boy with masculine head of good proportions and well defined stop. Nicely set ears and correct, expressive, amber eyes. Moderate length of neck with well laid back shoulder and straight topline held on the move. Deep chest of moderate width and well sprung ribs. Moderately angulated front and rear. Smooth, easy movement with good stride and straight fore and aft. Pleased to award him BOB. 2nd Gillingham’s Silverdreams Aussies Time Will Tell at Parkgrove ShCM (Imp HUN) RBOB.

Bearded Collie

Puppy D/B (5/2)

1st Elmy’s Haylane Everlasting Dream. 11 mth slate bitch. Lovely head with typical expression, good length of neck and good layback of shoulder. Super topline with good length of rib and low set tail. Well angulated with good front and rear movement. Nicely balanced bitch. 2nd Housden’s Haylane Eastern Promise. 3rd Nobe’s Northlander Simply Sassy.

Grad D/B (5/3)

1st Osborne’s Malandex Xclusively Loved JW. Just 2 yrs old, Brown male. Loved this boy as soon as he walked in. Super masculine head of good proportions, correct eye colour with typical expression. Lovely length of neck with well laid back shoulders and firm topline being well ribbed back. Super easy movement covering the ground well. Excellent quality coat coving the well angulated body with well sprung ribs and deep chest. Was very pleased to award him BOB and later hear he won the Pastoral Group and BIS (for Day 2). 2nd Morrant’s Kilfinan Country Bracken.

Open D/B (5/4)

1st Morrant’s Elemark Briar. 7 yr old slate male. An old fashioned boy of good proportions, not the angulation of my BOB winner, but a very sound dog. Lovely head with good eye and expression. Firm topline held well on the move. RBOB.


Puppy D/B (3/1)

1st Glover’s Snowshe’s Summer General. 10 mth male of good size. Typical head and expression with good ears used well. Good length of neck and well arched. Medium length of back with strong loin, deep chest. Adequate angulation with straight front and rear. Moved well. BP.

Grad D/B (7/3)

1st Glover’s Whitespirit Gabrielle. 2 year old bitch. This bitch has a lot to offer, lovely head and expression, super outline with the best angulation of the day. Moved very soundly until BOB when she lost enthusiasm and started to pace. RBOB. 2nd Smurthwaite’s Samnouska Dancing Wind. 3rd Rolfe’s Samnouska King of The Ice.

Open D/B (4/2)

1st Smurthwaite’s Duckslake Spirit of The Wind at Samnouska JW. Very typey 5 year old male. Super outline with correct wedge head of good proportions. Excellent expression with typical smiling face. Good angulation and level topline with broad back of medium length. Strong loin and well sprung ribs. Moved well with strong drive. Quality, profuse coat which enhanced the overall picture. Happy to award him BOB.

Camille Pentland (Judge)