• Show Date: 15/11/2014
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Andrea Keepence-Keyte Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Walsall & District Kennel Association

Firstly thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge beagles and handling, I had a lovely day and a small but quality entry. Secondly congratulations to the committee for a well run show, which at times must have been difficult due to the reduction in parking at the venue through no fault of your own. Thank you to all that gave me an entry, I really enjoyed going over your hounds and putting the juniors through their paces.


Junior (1,1)

1. Websters Moonjoon Lily of the Valleys for Houndscoast, sweet nearly 15 months T&W bitch. Very feminine head with kind expression, good topline and tail set, longer in the body for her height but moved out well and true fore and aft with good footfall. In good condition, well-muscled throughout. Obviously adores her owner. RBOB

Post Graduate (2,2)

1. Edge’s Wonder Di Villa Soleil at Jalhal – T&W bitch in good condition with good muscle tone throughout, soft head with appealing expression, good front and rear angulation. Strong topline which when she was moving well she held with correct tail carriage. Good spring of rib, good tone across loin, strong pasterns and well let down hocks. Nice tight feet. Moved out well with reach and drive.

2. Websters Dialynne Numero Uno ShCM – Blanket tri male – strong masculine head with nice pigmentation, good front and rear angulation into good feet and pasterns, hocks let down and parallel. Good spring of rib, good length of couplings, tail carried a little forward on the move. Moved out well with reach and drive, true fore and aft but lacking the sparkle I have seen him move with in the past.

Open (2,2)

1. Caples Morsefield Mr Blue Sky JW – blanket tri male who defies his 7.5 years. Beautifully presented and in wonderful condition. Clean masculine head with good pigmentation correct bite and correct set ears. Nice length of neck into well laid back shoulders, good length of upper arm into good strong pasterns and nice tight feet. Good angulation front and rear and well muscled throughout. Moved with reach and drive and covered the ground effortlessly. Well deserving of BOB today.

2. Websters Moonjoon Sweet Nothings – Blanket tri bitch, nice head with a nice keen expression, good front angulation although a little short in upper arm. Good topline, well sprung ribs, good coupling and well balanced in structure. Carrying a little more weight than I have seen in the past. Very merry hound who was very excited about the day. Moved well but bounced around a bit, again obviously adores her handler.


6-11 years (5,5)

1. Katy Devon Morris-Acie (11) – Well-presented handler who was sympathetic to her dog at all times, answered all of my questions and showed teeth clearly. Good straight lines but must ensure that she ignores the mats (if there are any) in the ring when doing her pattern work. A very confident handler, who if she was nervous it did not come across. A good effort today, well done.

2. Paige Hughes (6) – An excellent effort for one so young. Handling a young husky, she was in complete control at all times and not at any point looked ‘over dogged’. Well-presented quiet handler who I thought was a little nervous but she maintained her composure. Needs to practice her pattern work a little and showing teeth. A well-mannered handler who I feel will be one to watch for the future, well done.

12-16 years (3,2)

1. Paige-May Brotherton (14) – what a stunning handler! Well presented, confident and competent handler. So understated that it was difficult to concentrate on her as she melted into the background. Her pattern work was perfect and she answered all of my questions correctly. An extremely strong performance, I don’t think she realises how good she is, a definite star in the making.

2. Ben Bradbury (13) – Another well turned out handler handling an uncooperative 11month WHWT. His calm and cool composure meant that he got the best out of a difficult dog. Although his dog was not cooperative at all times he did not become flustered and this is a credit to him. Unfortunately he did a normal triangle when I asked for a reverse triangle but his lines were good and his communication with his dog meant that he did do nice pattern work. A bit more practice and I am certain he will feature high in handling classes in the future.