• Show Date: 18/05/2014
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Teri Burke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 01/12/2021

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Belgian Shepherd Dog (Tervueren)

PGD (2)

Two nice dogs of very different type and a significant age gap making for a difficult decision.

1st Murtaugh’s BERGEAU ROCK STAR, pleasing 4 yrs, masculine without being coarse, nice type, good length of head, proportionately a touch broad and deep in back skull, nicely moulded foreface with good chiselling under lovely dark eyes of correct shape and set, shaded mask, good strength to muzzle and under jaw, wide split lips, slightly loose flews. Enough neck, withers could be higher set, level topline sufficient forechest, balanced angles front and rear, pronounced masculine ruff, nice length of leg, good stance although pasterns slightly weak, OK movement all ways when into his stride, very good character

2nd Brason’s Hutch du Bois du Tot (Imp Fr) just 18 months and very eye-catching male, for me a touch over-done for one so young. Medium length one piece head a touch deep through, flat skull, very slight Roman nose, good strength of under jaw lovely eye and remarkable expression but overall head needs more chiselling and definition throughout. Enough neck hidden under massive coat which could have been better presented. Very short coupled, good topline, croup too long/sloping, good underlines. Needs more leg for elegance. Moved and showed well, steady character.

LD (2)

1st Stone & Theobald’s DOMBURG ALL ABOUT ME. My notes said “stunning nose to tail” and on closer inspection he didn’t disappoint. This boy has it all, any minor flaws easily offset by a host of virtues. Beautiful breed type, lean, dry, well chiselled headpiece, small high set ears, darkest of almond eyes set obliquely giving an expression to die for. Excellent arched neck, distinct withers flowing on to a super topline, slightly sloping croup and well-set tail. His body shape and entire silhouette are equally as correct and impressive as his head profuse coat of good colour and texture, perfectly presented, good temperament and showmanship. This dog represents the refined, athletic and elegant BSD I’ve admired since I discovered the breed around 25 yrs ago, my pleasure to award him CC & BOB

2nd Wraight & Smith’s DOMBURG GAME ON LEBEAU, lovely head of good length, wonderful expression from small dark almond shaped eyes, high set shaded mask, tallish ears set high and used constantly. Excellent chiselling wide split of black lips tightly drawn back. Not in his best coat but what he had was of correct weatherproof texture. Tended to drop his head a little when standing which gave the impression of him being rather long and flat but when he’s on his toes his body is beautifully square, would like more definition of withers. Slightly more open shoulder/upper arm angle than rear. Very good side gait, pulling off a little on the up and down however youth and exuberance are not a fault. A youngster with lovely breed type, well-deserved RCC

OD (O)

VD (1)

1st Bird & Caden’s CH DOMBURG J’AI UNE REVE ShCM, 10 years young male, head is mid length, a touch strong through skull and deep in stop. Small high set ears used continually, nicely chiselled under well shaped and set eyes giving lovely enquiring expression. Abundant coat over pronounced withers and square body more open in front assembly than in rear, moved OK in front action, a touch close behind, pleasing side gait. Have judged this lad in the past, his attitude and condition belie his age. Lovely temperament

JB (1)

1st Brown & Godfrey’s SEZANNE VALENTINA, very pretty and feminine youngster with rich red coat presenting a typical outline. Would like touch more length to head, parallels developing well, super expression from nicely set and shaped dark brown eyes, beautifully set black mask, chiselling developing nicely, high set ears used continually lovely arch of neck flowing onto correct topline, croup and tail set. Sufficient chest for age, good tuck-up moderate and balanced angulations, moved with light and brisk stride with enough ground cover, tended to flick her left rear foot out. In dry, wiry condition and immaculately presented, excellent character, RCC

PGB (2, 1)

1st Brason’s BONVIVANT FIREBIRD AT FLAMBARDS, very feminine youngster, head could be a shade longer in proportions, very good parallels, eye shape, colour and set all contributing to pretty expression creased ears, almost tipping over on top, rather wide at base and could be set higher, shaded mask body still not fully developed, sufficiently angled in front, a touch more at rear, very good stance on straight limbs, moved very well in all directions, lovely temperament, nicely handled, coat presentation could be improved

LB (1)

1st Stephenson & Mellor’s DOMBURG SO IN LOVE 5 yrs pretty grey bitch, medium long head, beautiful expression from dark well shaped eyes, high set mask, lovely chiselling, pigment and wide split of lips small high set ears used to advantage. Nicely arched neck which could be a tad longer, good topline, sloping croup, good chest and underline, correct proportion of substance to bone, lovely side gait with brisk light covering action, moved a shade wide coming. Super temperament, pushed hard for the RCC, liked her a lot

OB (2, 1)

1st Smith’s DOMBURG LOVE ME LEBEAU beautiful ultra-feminine bitch of excellent breed type. Lovely length of head, high set ears, wonderful expression from the darkest of perfectly shaped and set eyes, dry and well chiselled muzzle, black lips well drawn back showing maximum split. Long neck, nicely arched, good flow onto pleasing shapely body chest still to fully drop and develop, nice tuck-up moderately angled fore and aft with a flowing side gait, light brisk and positive. Good parallel stance on straight limbs with correct oval bone, super character. Not in full coat but what she had was in good condition with correct texture and groomed to perfection, CC