• Show Date: 18/05/2014
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Teri Burke Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 01/12/2021

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Belgian Shepherd Dog (Malinois)

JD (2)

1st Brett’s MATS V D VAARDEKENSHOEVE AT GOLDMALI (Imp Bel) 13 months male, of lovely breed type, on smallish side but within Standard and time to grow on. Initially a little distracted by excessive noise in hall as were several exhibits but overcame this. Lovely lean dry head with good skull to muzzle ratio, flat skull and moderate stop, slightest of drop at nose though otherwise parallel planes. Well chiselled under darkest of almond eyes, obliquely set showing typical Belgian expression good strength of under jaw, dark pigment, head still to break and fully develop. Lovely arch of neck flowing onto good wither and topline, chest to drop with maturity, nice tuck-up, in muscled and dry condition, good parallel stance on straight limbs and proportionate bone. Needs to tighten in front, lovely side gait. In challenge showed like a pro, CC & BOB

2nd Brason’s I’CHAOS FLAMBARDS DU DOMAINE DE VAUROUX (Imp Fr), again 13 months of totally different stamp to first. Larger and stronger throughout, for me a little too mature for one so young but still unmistakably of good type. Head could be more refined, pronounced centre line and stop, would like more chiselling which has time to develop. Very good eye colour, set and shape, could be more obliquely set. Ears ok for size and set and used well enough, good top and underline for age, again needs to tighten a little in front, good stance on straight limbs, lovely character, RCC

OD (1)

1st Jellicoe & Brett’s SR CASYKA’S ITUHA (Imp Ndl) 5 yrs male totally disinterested in proceedings today. Medium length head, skull receding, well filled muzzle and strength of under jaw, could have more chiselling ears could not be assessed as reluctant to use, good eye colour could be more almond in shape enough neck and wither, good topline, croup and tailset. Moderately angled in front, slightly better in rear. Good bone proportions, straight limbs, lazy stance which disguised his outline entirely, moved ok behind, wide coming, enough extension in side gait.

PGB (2)

1st Neff’s BONVIVANT GIGI pretty bitch, feminine and compact. Would prefer slightly more length to head however balanced for skull/muzzle ratio skull receding slightly, minimum stop, straight muzzle, good under-jaw, mask and pigment. Medium dark eyes of good shape and obliquely set giving typical expression good neck, pronounced wither level topline harmonious flow on to good croup and tailset. Well laid shoulder, would like better return of upper arm, nice underline and rear assembly, good turn of stifle and well developed second thigh. Proportionate bone on parallel limbs, initially unsettled on move stepping out a little but much better when settled with new handler, quality girl, CC

2nd Brett’s CYMRY PENNY WISE GOLDMALI, more substantial bitch throughout, would like more feminine. Head of good length tall ears which could do with higher set, slightly round in eye. Skull a touch broad and muzzle would be improved by more chiselling. Seemed a little long and flat on the day, again possibly affected by acoustics in hall which were dreadful. Would like to be in harder condition over all, slightly light in bone for size, feet need attention to nails and tightening up in general.

LB (1/1)

OB (2)

1st Jellicoe’s GOLDMALI FLASHDANCE I awarded this bitch RCC & BPIB as a baby when I last judged this variety. Now 3 years down the line she still scores highly in head and type however was not on form today being over awed with surroundings. Long, lean, dry head, slightly pronounced centre line, good muzzle, chiselling, split of lips and strength of under jaw. Tall ears nicely set and used, good mask, mid-dark eye which could be a shade more almond, lovely feminine look and expression. Front angulation slightly more upright than rear, OK chest, good tuck-up, in hard dry condition which showed in her brisk and positive movement, good character, just lacking some oomph on the day nevertheless a quality girl RCC

2nd Lawless & Holmes’ IR CH JOLIE DE LA BELLE PITOU AT REVLOCH, medium sized bitch presenting pleasing body shape from all angles, head is not her fortune. Nice body, withers, croup and tailset, good forechest, flow of underline, excellent muscle condition throughout. Showed well on straight limbs with proportionate substance for size, neat feet, impressive side gait, good going away, front tended to weave a little. Steady character.