• Show Date: 30/05/2014
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Penny Roberts Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 11/04/2019

Southern Counties Canine Association

Breed: German Spitz (Klein)

German Spitz Klein:

I always enjoy the Kleins and today was no exception. However, while flat and roomy, the ring was not ideal for smaller breeds with the length of the grass bringing out the mischief in some nice dogs who didn’t want to co-operate on the move.

Puppy Dog – no entries

Junior Dog (1). 1. Hamer – Clarmers Diamond Mischief. 13 month old black with lovely head and expression and nice square outline. Good for bone; topline needs to settle. In good coat, well presented. Moved briskly.

Post Graduate Dog – no entries

Limit Dog (2). 1. Trendle – Lusam Neat N’Tidy. 5 year old blue, up to size but good square outline and proportions; sufficient bone. Attractive head and expression and lovely coat well presented. Appeared not to notice the ground and moved soundly. BD. 2. Highmoor – Printzagems Zak Icelett. Really attractive cream in profuse coat which was very well presented. Unfortunately carrying a little excess baggage and this affected his movement, especially moving very wide in front.

Open Dog (1). 1. Highmoor – Ch Printzagems Verve. 4 year old black. I loved him. Handsome boy, in full coat and presented beautifully. Body well muscled, balanced outline and good bone. Frustratingly, he was also full of himself and ‘frolicked’ so that movement was hard to assess. RBD.

Veteran Dog or Bitch. (2). Veteran classes have added interest when judging GS and today was no exception. Mother and daughter duo – with mother coming out on top. 1. Trendle – Lusam Super Spats. 13 year old who could show some of the youngsters what ‘brisk’ movement means. 2. Trendle – Ch Lusam Parti Popper ShCM. I bitch I have liked for ever and turned out in good order. Today she was not as tidy in movement as her dam.

Good Citizen Dog or Bitch (2) 1. Lusam Super Spats. 2. Ch Lusam Parti Popper ShCM.

Puppy Bitch – no entries

Junior Bitch (2). 1. Trendle – Lusam Twinkling Star. Fell for this 17 mo blue bitch. Pretty and feminine, square in outline, in good coat and well presented. Lovely to go over, very fit and with good angles; lovely bone for size. Lovely side gait and true coming and going. BB and BOB. 2. Hamer – Clarmers Diamond Bear. 13 mo brown. Smaller bitch, with good shape and a lot to like. Between coats. Not as steady on the move as 1.

Post Graduate Bitch (1). Hamer – Clarmers Gems’a Diamond. 13 mo black. Slightly larger girl, carrying profuse coat which was well presented. Feminine head with nice ears, eyes could be a little more oval and darker. Really liked her body and bone. Moved well when settled.

Limit Bitch (1). Hamer – Clarmers Caramel Surprise. 3yo cream with lovely dark pigment. Good head with flat skull and correct ears; eye a little round. In good coat and presented beautifully. Good body and bone. Steady on the move.

Open Bitch (3,1). Chambers – Ch Printzagems Viva La Diva. 4 yo black. Lovely head and expression. Correct square outline and good coat presented so well. Fit in body and with good bone. Moved well. When it came to the challenge I found this the tough decision, but for me the Junior bitch edged it on the day. RBB. 2. Garwood – Printzagems Tantalize. 6 yo, slight larger bitch. Longer cast of coat, well presented. Good bone. A little ‘silly’ on the move.