• Show Date: 16/05/2014
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Maureen Mitchell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Irish Setter

SCOTTISH KENNEL CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW 18TH MAY 2014 IRISH SETTERS I had the pleasure of going over some lovely dogs and found what I was looking for in many of the classes and was more than pleased with my final line-up in both sexes. However, just a few points to ponder; the Standard requires the general appearance to be racy, balanced, handsome and refined in looks. I found some round eyes and incorrect shaped heads. Some exhibits were overweight and lacked muscle-tone, moving so very close behind and lacked drive; some with not enough layback of shoulder and short in upper arm and so lacked reach in front The late Judy Russell coined a phrase “The Look of Eagles” and never has there been a better description of the true characteristics of the Irish Setter MINOR PUPPY DOG - 6(3) 1st WILKINS’ MARGRETWOODS GOBSTOPPER Baby of 6½ months with lovely head shape, kind eye and good ear placement, good length of foreface with enough chiselling; arched neck into well placed shoulders with good slope and length of upper arm, deep chest for one so young clean sloping topline with good tailset which he used on the move off good rear angulation 2nd COOPER’S ROWDENHILL JACK DANIELS Very much a baby but with all the right credentials, well coated and well off for bone; lovely expression with dark eye and ears of good length, set on correctly; arched neck set cleanly into shoulders, when viewed in front he is straight with good bone and neat feet, nice slope to topline; well angled fore and aft; moved well 3rd GARDNER’S HUBBLE BUBBLE DANWISH PUPPY DOG - 7(2) 1ST COHEN’S AOIBHEANNE’S ROUGH DIAMOND WITH SHUSHANA Upstanding dog of almost 12 months in lovely coat and condition; head is long and lean with good occipital bone, dark eye of correct shape, ears set on low, close to head; lovely crest of neck flowing cleanly into shoulder of decent length to compliment the length of upper arm, good front and feet with lovely flowing topline into good set-on of tail and well angulated hindquarters; when it came to the challenge for best puppy he had decided enough was enough. 2nd WILKINS’ MARGARETWOODS GOBSTOPPER 3RD GARDNER’S JONOLA HUBBLE BUBBLE DANWISH JUNIOR DOG - 8(1) 1ST CROCKER’S WAR OF ROSES (IMP SWE) He stood out from the crowd with his well balanced racy outline. He has a good head and dark kind eye with raised brows good chiselling under eyes and well defined occiput; good reach of neck with slight arch, set on cleanly into well placed shoulders, deep chest, spring of rib; flowing topline and nice bend of stifle; correct tailset used on the move. Presented and handled to advantage. 2nd AMBERWAVE FANTABULOUS Presented a lovely picture in profile; good head planes of equal length, defined stop, good eye and correct ear carriage, set on low; defined occipital bone, good length to neck set cleanly without break into flowing topline; well angled fore and rear quarters; tail set just below level of the back, moved out well 3RD HOGARTH’S REDCLYST FLASH YEARLING DOG - 5 1ST STURROCK’S FORFARIAN I’M SEXY AN I KNOW IT JW Liked him for his overall balance and appearance. Lovely headpiece, long and lean, good stop and kind dark eye; lovely crest of neck into firm sloping topline with deep sloping shoulder, depth to chest and ribs well back to slightly arched loin, good bend of stifle and strong hocks used to advantage on the move with good tail carriage 2nd HOGARTH’S REDCLYST FLASH Third in Jnr; appealing head with the correct amount of stop and raised brow and dark eye of good shape; arched neck, clean over withers with good slope to shoulder; depth to chest; shorter coupled than one with firm topline and good tailset 3RD VALLANCE’S LYNWOOD HIS GRACE OF CORCENCONE NOVICE DOG - 4(1) 1ST POWIS AMBERWAVE FANTABULOUS 2ND HOGARTH’S REDCLYST FLASH 3RD MCINTYRE’S STARATLANTA HUGGIE BEAR GRADUATE DOG - 3 1ST CUDDY’S AOIBHEANNE’S QUITE THE REBEL BY BALBRIGGAN JW One I have done well before and still like him lots. He is balanced and in proportion and flows from head to tail; he possesses a handsome lean head with lovely eye, dark and full of expression, good reach of neck well arched which flows into his firm topline, gently falling away to his tail of moderate length which he carries well, he has a good slope to shoulder and good sweep of stifle with short hocks; moved out well 2ND WHEELDON’S GLENLAINE BUGATTI INTO COLEMIST He too is balanced and in proportion to his size, he has a handsome head with oval skull, dark eye, and good length of foreface, clean neck and shoulders with good angles all through. A little unsettled on the move and may benefit from being moved a little slower 3RD BURKE’S LANSTARA SOUL SEDUCTION POST GRADUATE DOG - 4 1st WILLIAMSON’S KELJARU LOVELY JUBBLY One I have not seen before but presents a lovely outline; built on flowing lines with rich dark coat presented in good condition; well proportioned head, long and lean with appealing expression; raised brow, dark eye of nice shape; correct ear placement; strong arched neck into well placed shoulder with gently sloping firm topline and good tailset; with good sweep to stifle he moved well off short hocks; very nice boy 2nd CHRISTIE’S DRUMWHAUR IRISH GOLD Nice dog who presented an appealing picture in good coat and condition; shorter coupled than 1; he has an appealing head and expression with raised brow and nice eye, clean neck, straight forelegs, neat feet, firm sloping topline and good tailset. 3RD COLE’S GWENDARIFF PELLEGRINO LIMIT DOG – 12 1ST GRATTON’S BARDONHILL FLOATING MOON INTO GLENLAINE JW SHCM Headed a class of quality dogs; He is balanced and sound and full of quality in full coat and condition; He possesses a beautiful appealing head, masculine yet refined with a true Irish expression; oval skull, dark kind eye with raised brows; head planes of equal length with good depth to muzzle and good occipital bone; arched neck into firm flowing topline; good front angles, forelegs straight with plenty of bone; deep chest; strong and muscular hindquarters and good tail carriage; when he moves, he moves, off clean short hocks. It was his day today and I was delighted to award him the CC with BOB. 2ND BOTT & ALLEN’S EMBER RED HOT CHILLIPEPPER OF QUENSHA (IMP SWE) Another favourite of mine for whom I have done well before; he is not a big one but he is racy and balanced and in proportion; he has a lovely head and expression with dark almond eye, good length of foreface and depth to muzzle; ear set low, correct occipital bone; good crest and length of neck into deep sloping shoulders and length to upper arm; topline gently slopes to his good tailset, he has a deep chest, and powerful hindquarters which gives him his lovely driving rear action off short hocks, presented and handled to perfection. Delighted to award him the RCC 3RD DANKS-KEMISH SAMETSUZ ON CUE ALOLFRAN SHCM OPEN DOG – 3 1ST McLARNON’S GLENAVNA JOURNEY SOUTH JW In lovely coat and condition, he has that true Irish expression; handsome with raised brow, dark eye, good stop and length of foreface, muscular neck of good length , good front, neat arched feet, depth to chest with ribs well back; sloping topline down to lovely tail set on below the level of the back; well muscled hindquarters with good angles enabled him to move with plenty of drive 2ND HOGARTH’S SH CH AVACET SHOWDRIFT Different type to 1; he is shorter in body length with good head and eye; low set ears; good reach of neck; deep chest and good angulaton, moved well 3rd TILLETT’S DANAWAY TRAWLERMAN VETERAN DOG – 1 1ST COHEN’S CAISPERN VILLETTE WITH SHUSHANA JW SHCM Hard to believe he is in his 9th year. A lovely boy with good head and eye, raised brow; good head planes; strong arched neck, well placed shoulder with good layback; straight front neat feet, deep in chest, with lovely sloping topline and good sweep of stifle; he moves well and enjoys every minute of it IRISH SETTER - BITCHES MINOR PUPPY BITCH - 8 1st ANTHONY & STUART’S STARATLANTA’S FIRE QUEEN Some very raw babies in this class, which is the way it should be at this stage. Baby of 7½ months, feminine head with the sweetest expression; lovely eye shape and good low set ears of moderate length; good front neat feet, lovely reach of neck with good arch set cleanly into shoulders; sloping topline with good tailset , presents a lovely picture 2nd BOWMAN’S KETTLEHILLS SNOWDROP AT BONAHAIRD Another sweetie built on flowing lines with a pretty head and expression; lovely skull shape and occipital bone with good crest of neck of good length set neatly into shoulders, good depth to chest with spring of rib and arched loin; correct angles all through 3RD WILKIN’S MARGRETWOODS DOLLY MIXTURE PUPPY BITCH - 5 1ST DRIVER’S CASKEY’S MYSTIQUE AT STEARNWOOD Lovely bitch with the sweetest of heads, good eye with raised brow showing stop, ears set on well, lovely arched neck into shoulders with good layback; firm topline gently sloping down from withers to croup with good tailset; she moved well off short hocks and good rear angulation; really enjoying her day. When it came to the challenge she was the better behaved of the two to take Best Puppy 2ND CAMERON’S BALNAGOWN LUCREZIA Feminine, with lovely expression and raised brows, she has a dark eye, arched neck, clean over the withers with good layback of shoulder, correct topline and tailset, slightly straighter in stifle than 1. 3RD ANTHONY & STUART’S STARATLANTA’S FIRE QUEEN JUNIOR BITCH – 4(2) 1ST GARDNER’S PERFECTLY WICKED FOR DANWISH Liked the overall conformation and balance, feminine head and wistful expression, dark eye, raised brow and length of foreface, ears well back and of moderate length, good shape to back skull, arched neck well set on into sloping topline, good front and feet, deep chest, good rear angulation enabling her to move freely 2ND POWIS’ AMBERWAVE FEATHER A feminine version of her litter brother with lovely head and eye, just preferred the neck and shoulder of 1; but she had overall balance and shape with lovely rear quarters and good tailset used on the move YEARLING BITCH - 7(1) 1ST PIKE’S SUTERESETT BELLA NOTTE WITH SCARLETTI She is a cracker, she is racy without loss of substance and possesses a beautiful feminine head, long and lean with raised brows, dark eye and gentle expression; she has a lovely length of neck, deep sloping shoulder and is clean from withers to croup to correct tailset, and with good angles fore and aft she moved with elegance 2ND GARDNER’S PERFECTLY WICKED FOR DANWISH 3RD STURROCK’S FORFARIAN HEY SEXY LADY JW NOVICE BITCH - 3(1) 1ST BARTON’S BARDONHILL WAIT UNTIL DARK OVER BENCORRAGH Nice bitch with no exaggerations, short coupled, feminine head with good eye and ear placement; slightly shorter in neck, good topline and tailset and good rear angulation 2ND HARVEY’S WYNJILL WELL KEPT SECRET AT BARNTALLOCK Different type to 1, well off for body, nice head and expression, preferred the overall outline of 1 GRADUATE BITCH - 10(3) 1st WALTER’S DREAMERLIS REGAL JODIE FROM DENEIL Her sire is my BOB; She is a lovely young lady built on flowing lines and elegant in profile; good head planes and soft feminine expression, dark eye with raised brows, ears set on low of good length, clean arched neck with good reach, set cleanly into shoulders, with sloping topline, deep in chest, ribs set well back to good couplings, good rear angulation allowed her to move well. 2ND WILKIN’S BARDONHILL HETTY BAYLISS AMONG MARGRETWOODS JW Bitch of quality and balance shown in super condition with the sweetest headpiece, dark eye, length of foreface, raised brow with the right amount of stop, clean neck and shoulders into a firm sloping topline and good tail carriage; good hindquarters, moved well 3RD WALLACE’S GWENDARIFF PUTTING ON A SHOW POST GRADUATE BITCH - 8(1) 1ST PARSON’S SUTERESETT MISS SPLENDID AT BRANSETT Three quality bitches; another lovely bitch from this long established kennel, with the head and expression you want to see in an Irish, soft and feminine with dark almond shaped eye and raised brow, lovely shape to back skull with occipital bone, ears set on low close to head, clean arched neck long and lean, lovely topline and tail set and with the correct angles fore and aft she moved well 2ND HUMPHREY’S SUTERESETT MISS CURIOUS ABOUT HENALEAS JW Another beauty, litter sister to 1, smaller but with the same qualities and attributes, with melting expression and kind dark eye, ears carried well back close to head, good reach of neck well arched and clean into shoulders, deep chest and good spring to rib, clean firm topline and tail set; moved well off good strong hindquarters 3RD BOTT, ALLEN & MORGAN’S BARDONHILL PLEASE DONT TEASE QUENSHA JW LIMIT BITCH - 10(2) 1ST HUMPHREY’S HENALEAS CARRY ON FLIRTING JW A quality bitch of elegant type who fills the eye and possesses a most beautiful head with a kind wistful expression, dark almond shaped eye, so correct for this breed, head long and lean with head planes equidistant; enough chiselling, good length of neck, cleanly into well placed shoulders, with good return of upper arm; deep chest and spring of rib carried well back to slightly arched loin, firm flowing topline to correct set on of tail, with lovely rear angulation giving her drive off short hocks. She moved well with her handler who pulled out all the stops to win this class and neither of them stopped showing. Today they could not put a foot wrong and I was delighted to award them the CC. 2ND WELLER’S SUTERESETT WISPA AT JULEDEAN JW SHCM Loved her head with chiselled features and soft expression, kind eye, raised brows; she presents a lovely profile with good length of neck into clean shoulders and topline, deep chest with good spring to rib and arched loin; good hindquarters, moved well 3rd STURROCK’S FORFARIAN CAUGHT YOU LOOKIN JW OPEN BITCH - 2(1) 1ST HUNTER & BROWN’S SHCH/INT CH FAIRHAVEN LOUISE MOUNTBATTEN AT BRAIDMOUNT (IMP SWE) She is a Champion in anyone’s eyes who today came up against a contender. Beautiful, elegant in super coat and condition befitting her status, feminine lean head and wistful expression, raised brow and correct eye shape and colour, low set ears, good length to neck flowing into good shoulder and flowing topline; her front and rear angles complement each other giving her a lovely free flowing movement off good strong hocks and I was delighted to award her the RCC. Maureen Mitchell - Judge