• Show Date: 26/06/2014
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Kristine Malinowski Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Belgian Shepherd Dog (Tervueren)


Many thanks to the Committee for an enjoyable day and to the exhibitors for their entries and good sportsmanship. I was looking for balance, harmony, and style – along with obvious breed type, attitude, elegance, and strength – not much to ask for! One thing is becoming frequently rarer and one that is crucial to the typical, beautiful outline – that of a well defined wither. Respectfully I ask breeders to pay this point some attention. 


1ST PAVEY'S NIAVANA COGNAC 9yrs male of classic type. Elegant head, unmistakable male with no coarseness. Chiselled with good parallels. Beautiful dark eye, typical expression. Very neat well set ears. Ok neck, good square body shape with good bone. Excellent depth of chest. Moderate balanced angles front and rear. Still moves with style and showing well. 


1ST BIRD & CADEN'S DOMBURG BROWN SUGAR (IMP) And what a sweetie he is. 6Mths and very raw but showing great promise. Good overall length head, flat skull, elegant stop. Well set and defined mask, chiselled. Most beautiful dark well placed eye with melting expression and just the required touch of mischievousness. Ear of good shape, little tall, well set. Good neck. Good body shape with excellent leg length. Flowing underline for age, still narrow in forechest. Rich red colour with overlay still to come. Bit bouncy on the move but sound. Outgoing naughty character (which is what he should be at this age). Pleased to award him BP . 

2ND OATEN & BEALE'S CORSINI CARTIER Another quality baby, more developed all through than 1. Well balanced head all through. Flat skull, chiselled, attractive well set mask. Warm red in colour. Dark eye, well shaped and placed, sweet expression. Well shaped ear, little tall and set ok. Good neck, body just off square, good forechest and enough depth for age. Balanced angles front and rear. Collected on the move, calm presentation. 



2ND FOWLER & MANCEY'S SEZANNE FROZEN MOON. Excellent grey colour. Just balanced head for length, skull not quite flat and muzzle is pinched. Lovely eye shape and dark but could be closer in set. Mask is broken. Super neat ears which could be slightly higher set. Lack of neck spoils his outline. Excellent square body shape with moderate angles front and rear. Good forechest and depth. Moderate bone. Could be a little more free in side gait. 



1ST BRASON'S HUTCH DU BOIS DU TOT. Very elegant male of no extremes. Lovely type and unlucky to meet my eventual winner. Long head with flat skull and good chiselling. Beautiful dark eye correctly shaped and placed, soft enquiring expression. Well shaped ear, ok set and used. Well defined mask, set a shade high. Good reach of neck, arched into square body with good forechest and depth. Very typical outline. Croup falls a little. Excellent length of leg with good bone. Front angles a little straighter than rear. Moves very well, so light on his feet. Pleased to award him the RDCC. 



Eyecatching impressive male of lovely type. Good overall length of head, flat skull, chiselled, parallels not quite. Good stop, muzzle slightly hooked. Medium brown eye, well placed, a little open in shape, his character shine through to give a lively expression. Super neat ears, well set. Well set and defined mask. Good neck, well arched into square body. Front angles slightly straighter than rear. Excellent bone, forechest and depth. Very typical in outline. Brisk balanced side gait. Excellent attitude. 

2ND STRANGES SEZANNED DANCED WITH WOLVES. Sadly not in his best coat. Tall elegant male with no coarseness. Long dry typical head, flat skull, good stop and parallels, muzzle slightly hooked. Medium brown eye of good shape and well placed, kind expression. Would prefer a little more neck. Well shaped ear, shade wide at base, well set. Good overall body shape with excellent length of leg. Well enough developed in depth of chest, stands a little open in front. Very moderate front and rear angles which reflects in his movement. Open friendly character. Lovely rich red in colour, just not in best condition. 


1ST OATEN & BEALES CH CORSINI HUNTER. On the lower end of the height scale but so beautifully in proportion and packaged. Balanced dry head, flat skull, elegant stop, perfect parallels, well chiselled. Well set and defined mask, a little high. Blackest of eyes, obliquely set, perfectly shaped with that melting inquisitive expression that is simply textbook. Excellent pigmentation on tight lips. Very well shaped ear of good size, shape, and set and used to advantage. Arched neck onto square body with good forechest and depth. Excellent bone. Slightly straighter front angles than rear. Moved lightly and with purpose once into his stride. Mahogany red colour. Open friendly character. A male of balance, harmony, and elegance with more than a pinch of style. My DCC at a mere 11yrs young. 

2ND KELLY & MACANDIES NIAVANA ENTREPRENEUR. Quality male of good type. Tall dog of no extremes. Good overall length head, flat skull, good stop, and chiselled. Parallels not quite. Well shaped and placed medium brown eye with pleasing expression. Super ear shape, size and well set. Excellent length and arch of neck. Body just off square with excellent bone and leg length. Balanced angles front and rear. Good forechest and depth. Moved soundly with drive. 


1ST PHILLIPS CORSINI TOUCH OF LOVE AT TANJE. 6Mth old babe with much promise. So pretty and lovely type. Good overall length head, balanced, flat skull, good parallels and elegant stop. Good chiselling. Dark eye of good shape and set, so sweet in expression, very feminine. High set ears of good shape. Well set and defined mask. Lovely reach and arch of neck. Very shapely body with good bone, just standing a tad bum high at the moment. Forechest still to develop a little, underline good for age. Good balanced angles and once she settled into her stride showed a light, flowing side gait. Attractive, rich red colour. A lovely harmonious baby overall. My RBCC 



1ST BROWN'S SEZANNE VALENTINA. Just 18mths and at the rangy stage. Sadly out in her summer clothes. Very feminine, elegant girl of lovely type. Super head, flat skull, excellent parallels, elegant stop, well chiselled. Lovely dark well shaped and placed eye, feminine and inquisitive in expression. Well set and defined mask. High set ear of good shape. Lovely reach of neck onto good body shape with excellent leg length. Good bone. Balanced angles front and rear. Forechest can still develop a little, good depth. Light and graceful on her feet. Quality bitch. 

2ND HATCHER'S CORSINI ETERNITY. Balanced head for length. Flat skull, good stop, ok chiselling, parallels not quite. Medium brown eye of good shape. Well defined mask. Medium tall ears, shade wide in set. Good neck onto super square body. Excellent bone. Front angles slightly straighter than rear. Good croup. Good forechest with flowing underline. Beautiful rich red colour. Moved with purpose and drive. 



1ST ADAM'S KESHALYI TASSIMO. Feminine. Good overall length head, flat skull, muzzle a little pinched. Good stop, parallels not quite. Dark eye with gentle expression. Well set and defined mask. Tall ear, and would prefer a little higher set. Good neck with just off square body shape. Balanced angles front and rear. Ok forechest with good depth. Elegant bone. Light on her feet and balanced side gait. 


A trio of quality bitches 

1ST MCLAREN & VANDENBEMDEN'S CH CORSINI CHANEL. This girl just blew me away. I had previously awarded her a RBCC in her youth but today she made sure the top spot was going to be hers. Excellent type, beautiful head, flat skull, elegant stop, well chiselled. Darkest of eyes, well shaped and set, so feminine in expression with just the required touch of mischief. Tidiest of ears set high and used to full advantage. Perfect reach and arch of neck onto super square body, just everything in correct proportion, topped off with the elusive qualities of balance and harmony. Balanced angles front and rear. Good bone, forechest and beautifully developed underline. Moved with gusto using every bit of herself. Rich red in colour. Style and quality just oozes from her and she knows it. At 9yrs young I could not deny her the BCC & BOB. 

2ND BROWN & GODFREYS CH CORSINI PRADA AT SEZANNE. Another girl I have always loved. Excellent type, lovely long clean head, flat skull, good parallels, well chiselled, muzzle slightly hooked. Good stop. Beautiful dark eye well shaped and set with the most feminine and gentle expression. Ears a little tall and set just ok. Very well set and defined mask. Lovely reach and arch of neck, body just a tad off square. Good bone, forechest and lovely depth. Excellent leg length. Front angles more moderate than rear. Rich red in colour. Nicely balanced in side gait. Very stylish elegant bitch.