• Show Date: 29/11/2014
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Kris Kingsley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 16/02/2020

Great Dane Club Of Wales

Breed: Special Awards

29th November 2014 


Great Dane Club of Wales 


Special Awards Classes 


Firstly, I would like to thank the Committee, the Stewards, and the exhibitors for entering under me and allowing me to Judge their dogs.  There were some really quality exhibits. 


Puppy Bitch (5, 1a) 

1st Richards Vanmore Annie Oakley, 6m fawn, black mask.  Lovely outline, appearance of balance throughout, finer in type.  Lovely head, well proportioned, plenty of wrinkle giving a quizzical expression, dark, tight eye, good ear placement.  Arched neck of correct length, flowed into well angulated shoulder, level topline, to nit-pick rib not yet down to elbow and a little long cast – but time is on her side, flat bone and catlike feet, well angulated hind quarters with plenty of width of thigh.  Best mover in the class, and went on to become Best Puppy In Show under the main Judges. 


2nd Reilly’s Alsphuzazz Few and Far by Phyvars, 6m Harlequin bitch.  Lovely type, lot to like about her.  Good head, with dark, tight eye and correct neck, well angulated shoulder, well off for bone, lovely cat like feet.  Good depth of brisket with rib cage extending to elbow, topline slightly off at the moment and little steep in croup currently – both of which may improve with age.  2nd best mover in the class. 


3rd Thurlby’s Justinian Tiger Lily, beautifully marked Brindle, with black mask.  Lovely puppy just going through a growth phase at the moment which has unbalanced her outline.  Good head in profile, dark eye, neck a little upright into well laid shoulder, but slightly short in upper arm currently.   


Post Graduate (4, 2a) 

1st Drew’s Lindeefay Heart of Glass, 12m fawn, black mask.  Balanced outline.  Good head planes, lovely arched neck of correct length, good shoulder angulation, well off for bone, topline little slack currently, excellent croup.  Good hindquarters, just need to strengthen, would like a fraction more bend of stifle but this youngster has plenty of time yet.   


2nd Brett’s Joopstar Cleopatra, 2yo Mantle bitch.  Pleasing outline.  Good head planes, but not enough stop, and eyes a bit loose at the moment.  A little short in neck, lovely shoulder angulation, good topline, croup a little steep.  Short coupled.   

Excellent bone, feet could be tighter. 


Open (2) 

Two quality bitches, a pleasure to go over and could change places another day. 

1st Humphries Jaydania Georgia of Bengrafton ShCM, fawn, black mask.  Balanced outline.  Head of good proportions, dark, tight eye, good expression.  Good layback of shoulder but slightly short in upper arm, good topline, deep brisket, good spring of rib, correct flat croup, won this class on her lovely hind angulation which was set off by a good width of thigh.   


2nd Bliss’ Stagbatch Pandora’s Box, beautifully marked Harlequin bitch.  Taller bitch, but good overall type.  Strong head of good proportions, good dark eye, long well arched neck.  Front assembly little upright, level topline, good depth to rib, well off for bone, catlike feet with well arched toes.  Hind angulation a little lacking at the moment – probably due to current growth spurt.  Well handled. 


Kris Kingsley