• Show Date: 06/03/2014
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Helen Cousins Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019


Breed: Polish Lowland Sheepdog


My thanks to the KC for the honour of inviting me to judge PLS at Crufts.  Many thanks to exhibitors at home and abroad for my lovely entry of 41 dogs making 44 entries.  I have been involved with PLS for many years having my 1st one in partnership with my mother in 1986 so I have watched the breed grow over the years.  I was so pleased at the depth of quality I found and my line ups were of uniformly typical pons.  My open dog was a joy to judge with 7 dogs 6 of who were champions a class of exceptional quality. My BOB, DCC & BP all complimented each other for type and epitomised for me the breed standard. I only have 2 criticisms of the pons present a few were carrying too much weight, and a few were really short of coat, other than that the exhibits were all in good order. I thoroughly enjoyed my day and would like to thank the people who did not enter under me but were at ringside supporting me. Thank you everyone.   

BOB, BCC - AM GR CH Sasquehanna Malwa  DCC - Fiakier Prolog Poland  FCI JUN CH  RDCC - Ch Dobrany Dorianblue Izastar JW  RBCC - Dobrany Dorianblue Lidia for Artela  BP - Pondato Xymek (Imp Pol)   

Veteran D - 3 (2a)  1 Burns & Stamp’s INT/AKC/BG/CZ/D/DK/HR/LUX/MD/MK/MM/PL/SK CH Sasquehanna Malinnik Pondato  Almost 10 yrs old and in fantastic condition a real credit to the breed. Medium sized g/w dog with a lovely head & neck, Good front with slightly sloping pasterns Well angulated shoulders, correct body proportions, well balanced throughout. Good breath over the loin, strong rear quarters with well let down hocks.  Quality harsh coat beautifully presented, looked a picture stood with his lovely shape. Moved around the ring purposely with drive.  A top quality dog, pushed hard for the RCC.   

Puppy D 3 (0a)  A trio of promising puppies.  1 Biscoe’s Pondato Xymek (Imp Pol)  Quality 10 mth old young lad full of character and the joys of spring. Has the best of heads and a mischievous twinkle in his eye. Well off for bone and has one of the best angulated laid back shoulders I have felt.  Fills the eye with his cobby shape, good breadth over the loin, short croup. Strong well angulated quarters, neat well let down hocks.  Exuberant on the move but when he settled moved with strong driving movement & extension, good side profile. Must surely have a bright future an exciting prospect for the breed. Pleased to award him BP  

2 Allen’s Derochas Lowlander for Navsposh  Lovely 11 mth old black dog with a lot going for him. Good head with a lovely expression.  Nice length of neck straight front, good bone and has a pleasing shape. Nicely angulated fore & aft. Moved out freely around the ring, Expertly handled, another quality youngster just preferred the shoulders & movement of 1. 

3 Archer’s Norvajac Mister Denny  An 11 mth old fawn with a grand head & foreface has the most delightful expressive eyes.  Well off for bone, pleasing cobby shape and all in proportion. Moved ok just needs to tighten up which will come.   

Junior D 3 (0a)  Close decision between 1 & 2  1 Naylor, Cudworth & Wilson’s Luksus Moscic at Skyjack  Impressive dark g/w youngster whom didn’t put a foot wrong. Lovely head & foreface. Good neck and nicely angulated shoulders, lovely size. Plenty of bone on this lad. Level topline, strong angulated quarters, good bend of stifle, low set hocks which he used well. Moved well around the ring but at times he tended to roll a little just needs to tighten up a bit which is part of the growing process, he looks so much more mature than his 13 mths.  Handled & presented to perfection, definitely a bright future ahead for this lad 

2 Everest’s Henio De Kaillhanes avec Paddipaws (Imp Fr)  I really liked this chocolate dog who was so full of character quite the cheeky chappie. Exceptional head, good furrow, defined stop. Correct pigment for his colour, lovely expressive eyes. Good neck & front well balanced throughout, Lovely cobby shape very pleasing to the eye, good quality coat.  Well angulated shoulders & quarters, strong backend.  When he settled he moved really well, I’m sure he will have a bright future.  

  3 Archer’s Norvajac Mister Denny   

Post Grad D 1 (0a)  1 Newton’s Dobrany Dorianblue Nizinny  What an exciting prospect this young g/w dog is he is quite breathtaking and will be a force to be reckoned with when he matures. Slightly domed skull with a good furrow and defined stop, he has such a pleasing expression. Good length of neck, defined withers, good depth of chest. He is an ideal size and has a beautiful shape, so cobby. He has a good quality harsh jacket. Well angulated fore and aft, plenty of muscle, level topline held on the move. Low set hocks, neat feet. Moved effortlessly with drive around the ring, a top quality dog.  .  

Limit D 3 (0a)  1 Sibley’s Dobrany Dorianblue Malin  Impressive young dog who fills the eye with his cobby shape. Loved his head one of the best I have felt, broad with a strong foreface and muzzle but in proportion for his body. Plenty of bone on this lad, level topline and good depth of chest and brisket.  Short croup, correctly proportioned. Well angulated fore & aft and balanced throughout.  Carrying a shaggy dense grey & white coat of a harsh texture. Moved well covering the ground with ease.  

2 Bransby’s Dobrany Dorianblue Dominik  Lovely head on this fawn boy well put together throughout. Correctly angulated shoulders, level topline, nicely balanced throughout. Strong rear end, moved well around the ring.  Was rather out of coat at the moment compared to the last time I saw him but nethertheless a lovely dog. 

3 Quinn’s Arek Vom Huntediek Z Nizberg  Sweet grey with a nice head & cheeky expression. Nicely put together moved well.  He was on the small side for me, lovely colour & textured coat just needs more of it.     

Open D 9 (2a)  There was so much depth of quality in this class, it was a joy to judge and the 5 placed could change places anytime there was so little between them and I really had to split hairs  1 Klawinska’s Fiakier Prolog Poland  FCI JUN CH  Caught my eye as soon as he came into the ring a quite outstanding masculine dog who really fills the eye. He has the best of heads, good foreface and square muzzle. He has that typical polish expression. He has a lovely reach of neck under all that coat and is a dog you need to get your hands on to appreciate. Well defined withers and correctly angulated well laid back shoulders. Level topline and correct height to length proportions, he is so well balanced throughout. Strong well angulated rear quarters with a lovely turn of stifle, so well muscled and in a beautiful hard condition. Low set hocks which he used on the move to power around the ring. He moved in a free effortless way with drive fore and aft. Plenty of g/w coat of a harsh texture, looked a picture.  He was presented and handled to perfection. I was thrilled to award him the DCC, an outstanding dog congratulations 

2 Donnay’s Ch Dobrany Dorianblue Izastar JW  Another outstanding male who has everything in the right place, he has the most stylish profile with his lovely cobby shape.  So well balanced throughout.  Good slightly domed head & required furrow, loved his expression and full muzzle. Lovely neck leading into well defined withers, correct angulation fore and aft. Straight front with a slight slope to his pasterns.  Deep brisket, level topline, short croup. Strong well muscled rear quarters, good bend of stifle. Carry a full b/w jacket of good texture. Moved with drive fore & aft. Pleased to award him the RCC, a worthy Ch. 

3 Burns & Stamp’s CRO/SWIS/EUR CH Pondato Oberek  Another outstanding dog with so many of the same qualities as the dogs above. Well balanced dog with a good head, correct angulation fore and aft and has a lovely cobby shape.  Level topline & strong broard quarters, moved freely around the ring with drive, lovely extension and good side profile.  Harsh textured g/w coat, just needs a little more length to finish him but he is not yet 3 and had to give way to the maturity of the older dogs in this exceptional class.   

Good Citizen 1 (0a)  1 Smith’s Derochas D’Aurigny  Very nice black with a lot of good qualities, good head, neck, plenty of bone, level topline, good angulation fore & aft. Plenty of quality coat.  Move with purpose around the ring. A lovely dog just a little longer than I like. Presented and handled to perfection.   

Veteran B 3(1a)  2 top quality ladies 

1 Maciagiewicz’s AM GR CH Sasquehanna Malwa  This bitch took my breath away as soon as she walked into the ring she just oozed quality. She was everything I was looking for and fits the standard perfectly.  A very feminine bitch of a correct size who was a joy to go over. Beautifully shaped head with expressive eyes, lovely length of neck, well defined withers. She has a straight front and the best of angulated shoulders. Level topline which she held on the move, short slightly sloping croup. Strong angulated quarters, lovely bend of stifle, plenty of muscle on this lady and low set hocks which she really used on the move.  Carrying a dense shaggy g/w jacket of a harsh texture.  She is so perfectly balanced throughout. Her movement was a joy to behold, covered the ring with effortless driving movement fore and aft, extended so well. She has such ring presence and owned the ring. Handled and presented to perfection, she was at one with her owner.  Thrilled to award her the CC & BOB and her performance was outstanding in the group she did me & the breed proud, congratulations. 

2 Smith’s Ch Derochas Panda  A quality bitch so deserving of her Ch status, so very feminine and well balanced throughout and in tip top condition. Lovely head with a typical pon expression. Super length of  neck, Clean well angulated shoulders, good front. Level topline which she held on the move. Good breath over the loin, correct rear angulation neat low set hocks. Carry a lovely dark g/w jacket of good quality.  Moved freely around the ring, lovely side profile. Presented and handled to perfection as always by this kennel.   

Puppy B 1 (0a)  1 Rowell’s Loobyloo Pondnacer  Sweet 9 mth old black with some good qualities.  Lovely head & expression. Nice length of neck, adequate front angulation, nice level topline, good angulated quarters. Carrying a nice black jacket. Covered the ring well just a little loose behind but will tighten with age. Very attentive and at one with her owner, nicely handled well done.    

Post Grad B 8 (1a)  1 Scwarz’s Dobranny Dorianblue Malenka Del Spontan  This lovely lady stood out in this class, plenty of her yet still feminine. Super head with such expressive eyes, Good neck & front, nicely angulated shoulders. Level topline, she has such a pleasing cobby shape. Short in the croup and so sound in the rear, well let down hocks. Striking b/w with plenty of good quality coat. Moved  out effortlessly around the ring, extended well. Beautifully handled & presented, a credit to her owner.   

2 Sweet’s Chrevle Zophire  Such a sweet feminine bitch nicely put together and all in proportion. Nice head with such a sweet expression, clean well angulated shoulders. Lovely shape and neat rear quarters. Carrying a lovely harsh g/w jacket.  Moved well fore & aft  

3 Naylors Skaijack Tabatha At Lynmar  Another nice bitch with a lot to like about her, good head, lovely front. Good quality coat, moved well just a little longer than I like.   

Limit B 4 (0a)  1 Franks Dobrany Dorianblue Lidia for Artela  Loved this bitch she is so well put together and balanced throughout and a lovely size.  Very feminine girl with a super slightly domed head, good furrow, strong foreface & muzzle. Loved her cheeky expression, she had that twinkle in her eye. Lovely reach of neck leading into well defined withers, good front, correct shoulder angulation.  Lovely depth of brisket for her age and well off for bone. Good breadth over the loin nice short croup. Level topline which she held on the move. Correctly angulated rear end, low set hocks. Quality b/w jacket immaculately presented & expertly handled. Lovely to see her free effortless driving movement around the ring.  She didn’t stop showing and was pleased to award her the RCC 

2 Sibley Kizwiz Soulmate  Very nice fawn bitch with the best of heads, strong foreface and muzzle, she has the most delightful expression.  Plenty of bone, good reach of neck and correctly angulation shoulders, lovely cobby shape, well balanced throughout. Broad in the loin with a short croup. Good rear angulation. Carry a lovely coat of good texture. Moved well fore & aft. 

3 Burdett-Coutts Dewisa   I loved this bitch she has everything in the right place, so very feminine. She is a delight to go over, her movement is outstanding so effortless & true. Lacking coat due to recent maternal duties but once this comes she will be a force to be reckoned with.  

  Open B 4 (1a)  3 top quality bitches  1 Maciagiewicz’s AM GR CH Sasquehanna Malwa   

2 Brisco’s CH Pondato Jezyna (imp pol)  Delightful g/w bitch so very feminine and a worthy ch, she has the most wonderful cobby shape and is so well put together.  Lovely shaped head and a delightful expression.  Enough neck, clean well angulated shoulders, well boned. Good depth of brisket, level topline. Correctly angulated rear end with a good bend of stifle, neat well let down hocks which she used on the move.  Carrying a good jacket of a really harsh texture.  She has such sound movement and covered the ring with ease. Handled & presented to perfection.  

3 Hajlzer-Goldberg CH Duszka De Kaillhanes  A b/w bitch again of top quality, loved her head and shoulders so well angulated fore & aft, plenty of bone yet very feminine. She has a lovely reach of neck under all that coat. So cobby and is carry a full jacket of good quality coat. Moved with drive around the ring, a worthy Ch   

Good Citizen 1 (0a)  1 Smith’s Derochas D’Issey  Very pleasing grey bitch with everything in the right place. Lovely head & foreface, delightful expression, good clean shoulders, good neck & front. Well angulated quarters and carrying plenty of quality coat. Would prefer her slightly shorter. Covered the ring with ease, effortless movement. Presentation first class as always     

Helen Cousins - Judge