• Show Date: 06/03/2014
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Adrian Marett Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019


Breed: Cesky Terrier

A great honour to be invited to judge the breed at this prestigious show. I thank the exhibitors for their entry which was higher than a number of CC breeds in the group, some of whom had travelled great distances to give us the highest overseas entry I can remember for a number of years. Work commitments mean I rarely get an opportunity to see any judging nowadays so the majority of the dogs were new to me. Both Open classes were strong, most certainly Open Bitch with many good dogs leaving cardless. Movement on the whole was good, possibly because an inside ring lends itself better to showing off the breed’s action. Ceskys aren’t renowned for co-operating on uneven outdoor surfaces! As many will be aware my BOB winner has taken 3 top awards from me – BIS at the club limited show in 2008, BOB at Midland Counties 2011 and here at Crufts. While many may consider me to be a ‘one trick pony’ where she is concerned I feel she has been a great ambassador for the breed and my opinion was confirmed when she was representing the breed in the group ring. It was heartening to hear many positive comments on how well she went. Presentation was excellent on the whole which is as it should be at this level. I do like dogs to be well muscled and the majority were. My thanks also to my stewards who had been hard at it all day.

VD (3) 1 Kear’s Vandell Sweet Music, 7 years, strong head, well set ears, well muscled, large feet, moved out well; 2 Lewis’ Komidion Fanfare Dajaces, 11½ years and in excellent form for his age, good bite, just lost out on movement of younger dog in front; 3 Verwaerde’s Multi Ch Excalibur del Caviano, 8 years, ears set close, good topline, didn’t put all in on the move. PD (4) 1 Gay & Atter’s Grancek Otakar Malsville, 12 months, ears set close, good topline, good propulsive movement, lacked furnishings but had the maturity & enough other qualities to win the class; 2 England’s Ashleyheath Black Thunder, 9 months, ears well set, good neck, lost out on maturity; 3 England’s Ashleyheath Blackenrain, similar comments to 2 who is litter brother. JD (2) 1 Holmgren’s Erchkans Incredible Iolite, upstanding youngster, good sized head & eye, long & elegant neck, short coupled, good tuck-up, excellent presentation, has a tendency to fly his tail on the move which is why he had to settle for RBD but pushed hard for the top spot; 2 O’Hanlon & Montford’s Komidion Overture, heavier type to 1 & unlucky to meet him in such fine form, good eye, well muscled. PGD (2) 1 Atter & Bowerman’s Ridley Tomas, strong compact male, well set ears & good eye, once he got going really strode out; 2 Fraser’s Grancek Nezbedny Nornik, strong in head & neck, longer cast than 1, tends to lose his topline on the move. OD (9) Strong class. 1 Tobijanski’s Ceskasson Blue Moon, well proportioned boy, good head & eye, correct front assembly, strong neck, excellent topline, well ribbed, steady & consistent mover, excellent presentation, son of the BOB. Won BD on his movement which had correct tailset & retained topline; 2 Withers’ Fr/Lux/Swiss/Int Ch Captai Crochet du Champ D’Eole, my BD on my last appointment, now 6 years old, good size, good stop & reach of neck, ears well set, felt he didn’t pull all in today as I know he can but did enough to warrant this place; 3 Barcellini’s Ridley Unikat, heavier dog than above, well ribbed, good topline, completed a trio of good dogs. GCD (3) 1 Gay & Atter’s Dan Ch Oneva Eduard Malsville, good type & expression, short coupled, good spring of rib, when he got his nose off the floor he went well; 2 G Nezebedny Nornik; 3 Forbes’ Blackthorpe River Musk at Lastarean, went better in this class & held topline on the move better than in OD, a little long in body for me.

VB (4) 1 Tobijanski’s Janski Celtic Ceska, 8 years old now & gets better with age, a stunning bitch who ticks all the boxes & whose presentation is A1, her coat gleams, she is the ultimate show dog & puts all in on the move, I could watch her for hours. A well deserved BOB; 2 Burrage’s Talyot Camille de Sametova, 8 years, elegant short coupled bitch with feminine head & expression, well set ears, beautiful neck, good spring of rib; 3 Thomson’s Lastarean Bavinka at Karensbrae, well set ears, good front, well presented. PB (1) 1 Roberts & Smith’s Placido Beryl The Peryl at Rayol, raw baby who needs to finish, holds topline well on the move. JB (1) 1 Roberts & Smith’s Placido Algebra at Rayol, confident & outgoing youngster, feminine head & expression, coat needs to clear but did enough to take BP. PGB (5) 1 Withers’ Hello Dolly du Champ D’Eole, friendly expression, well set ears, good front, well proportioned bitch, strong neck, well ribbed, moved briskly; 2 Atter’s Kilbarchan’s Anika Ridley, pretty bitch of medium size, good size feet, holds topline well, propulsive mover; 3 Burrage’s Komidion Night Music at Sametova, larger than first 2, long skull, good earset, moved well. OB (10) Best class of the day. 1 Verwaerde’s Darling Du Champs D’Eole, very striking bitch, well set ears, strong neck, good depth of chest, elegant carriage, maintains topline on move, well presented. RBB; 2 Atter’s Ridley Ulrika, no disgrace to come 2nd in this class, honest bitch, good size, correct earset, good spring or rib, strong workmanlike movement; 3 Tobijanski’s Janski Ultra Violet, following in her illustrious mother’s footsteps however I didn’t feel she put all in on the go around, standing she looked a picture. GCB (3) 1 Atter’s Cz/Dan Ch Ridley Pamatka, very feminine, ears set close, good size, a real powerhouse on the move; 2 Forbes’ Oneva Erica at Karensbrae, long in skull & body, ears carried well; 3 Thomson’s Oneva Eliska with Karensbrae, litter sister to above & same comments apply.