• Show Date: 27/07/2013
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Robert Jones Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Leek & District Show Society

These are my critiqes for for Border Terriers and Staffordshire Bull terriers from Leek Agricultural Show - 27th July 2013



Puppy Dog or Bitch

1st and Best pup - Spittnock Ark At Him

R/W D Correct size and quite well muscled for his age. Strong head and good mouth with big teeth. Dark pigmentation around the eyes, mouth and nose. Decent length of muzzle and enough stop. Correct shoulders and nice straight front legs. Ribs should develop with age but not lacking at this stage. Level top line and reasonable rear angulation. At a day over six months will develop further and will benefit from a moderate exercise regime and ringcraft to get the best out of him as he matures.

2nd - Spitnock Ar Bostin Wench

R/W B Litter sister to the winner so mirrors many of the attributes of her brother however her topline is not quite as level. Again moderate exercise and ringcraft will benefit later.

3rd - Lamicheva Little Precious

Jnr Dog or Bitch

1st Fergiestaff Jublee

R/W B Nice strong feminine head with a correct mouth. Good neck, shoulders and straight front. Ribs filling out nicely. Level topline which she she held on the move. Decent rear angulation and moved well. Shows promise and could do well in the future.

Open Dog or bitch

1st and BOB Howfenstaff Paddy's Girl at Paljaz JW

B/B B On her own but would have held her own in good company. Bitch of correct size and proportion. Strong head with a well defined stop. Well muscled cheeks and an excellent bite with big clean teeth. Neat ears and good pigmentation all round. Plenty of bone on her front legs which were straight and well muscled. Well developed ribs and level topline. Again very strong at the rear with decent angulation. Moved with ease and well handled.

Border Terriers

Puppy dog or bitch

1st and best Pup. Lazy Daze

Coat coming on nicely on this promising young puppy. He has a keen expression with good pigmentation and well set on ears. Nice clean scissor bite. Straight front legs of a decent length. Good firm neck and enough rib for this early stage. Decent angulations and moved well. Good luck with him in the future.

Jnr Dog or bitch

1st Peakrunner Follow My Dreams

Bitch with a nice head shape with a good clean bite. In some dogs I found tarnished canine teeth but not in this one, which had big clean ones. Body of correct size and length with straight front legs without too much bone. Enough rib without being too deep. Coat was tidy and coarse and of good texture. Good overall profile when viewed from all angles. Moved effortlessly. Was in contention for BOB

2nd Bonosue Lady Blueberry

Overall this young bitch was of a nice size and had a good shape to her. Nice head and correct bite. Straight front legs and level topline. Good coat and pelt. Moved reasonably well for her age.

Open Dog

1st and BOB Peakrunner Arrows of Gold

Winning dog of a good open class of which 3 stood out to me. Many attributes as you would expect from his litter sister which won Jnr so I won't repeat. Again though movement was excellent.

2nd Grindelvald Over The Moon At Hemlockstone Sh.CM

Another strong contender for BOB Very striking bitch with a lovely coat and texture, Strong head and a good clean bite. Nice length of leg and strong shoulders. Good angulations when viewed from side. Held her topline well on the move and was handled well.

3rd Dymanti Roman Warrier