• Show Date: 03/03/2013
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lynn Bailey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

West Mercia Beagle Club

Thank you to all exhibitors for a wonderful entry at my first club show appointment. I was shocked by the lack of width of chest in some exhibits and how filthy many dogs were. That said, I found temperaments to be superb and I was thrilled with my main winners.

Minor Puppy Dog (8, 2 abs)

1st Bartholomew’s Fullcry Poacher: Sturdy, mature, well boned tri boy. Only 6 months of age but showing great promise. Fabulous outline. Lovely gentle expression with dark pigment. Long leathers and great depth of chest. Topline held when stacked and on the move, which he did from his powerful quarters. Presented in beautiful condition and at one with his handler. Shall watch his progress with interest. Delighted to award him Best Puppy in Show in strong competition.

2nd May’s Janfrey Osborn: Another tri baby of 6 months who shows a great deal of promise. Smaller than 1, with good bone and dark pigment. Lovely length of neck, leading on to good shoulders and a straight topline. Carried tail well on the move. Well muscled hind quarters and a great bend of stifle. Nice tight feet. Another presented in excellent condition. Sympathetically handled to get the best from him. Just pipped on maturity. Another who I am sure will do well.

3rd Holt’s Kelseva Willy Wonka

Puppy Dog (3, 2 abs)

1st Carmichael’s Kernebridge Bombardier: Broken Tri boy of 9 months. Stood alone in class. Pleasing head with well defined stop and well flewed lips. Good pigment and nice leather length. Nice chest and great tight feet. Good round bone. A real happy showboy who was eager to please. Presented in gleaming condition.

Junior Dog (6, 1 abs)

1st Ambridge’s Bondlea Legion: Sturdy well built tri boy. A real workmanlike hound who could do a days work. Well let down chest with well sprung ribs. Well laid shoulders and short pasterns. Liked his size and outline. Well muscled and a beautiful bend of stifle. Moved out with reach and drive, holding his level topline on the move. Presented in smashing condition and handled to get the best from him. Delighted to hear his wins today gave him his Junior Warrant.

2nd Bradley & Burgess’ Dufosee Hyperion: Another sturdily built tri boy. Liked his size and shape. Very masculine without being over done. Pleasing head with slightly domed skull and well defined stop. Well muscled quarters. Tight, firm feet. Good round bone. Felt that he was carrying a little bit extra weight which would have completed the picture.

3rd Brown’s Raimex Gallant

Yearling Dog (4)

1st Ambridge’s Bondlea Legion – see Junior Dog.

2nd Phillips’ Lanesend Carroo: Smaller than 1 compact t/w boy with good bone. Well sprung ribs and let down chest. Level topline. Carried his tail nicely. Another with tight, firm feet. Loved his well muscled quarters which powered round the ring showing good reach and drive. A real pocket rocket.

3rd Brown’s Raimex Gallant

Graduate Dog (5)

1st Kingsland’s Recap Temperance: Loved the shape and size of this tri boy. Soft head with beautiful expression. Excellent leathers which framed an appealing face. Cracking pigment. Slightly arched neck which lead on to good shoulders and a nice depth of chest. Nice short dense coat. Shorter in body than 2. Thought he looked the full package, just a shame he acted up for his handler and did his very best to hide his wonderful attributes! Really powered round the ring when he did get his act together. Did enough to be awarded Reserve Best Dog.

2nd Ambridge’s Bondlea Legion – see Junior Dog.

3rd Brown’s Raimex Gallant

Post Graduate Dog (6, 1 abs)

1st Ambridge’s Bondlea Legion -– see Junior Dog.

2nd Holland & Peterson’s Troopersway Boy Wonder: 3 Year old t/w boy who I have previously judged. He has matured well into a good sized, masculine boy with the correct bone. Good chest and ribs with just the right amount of tuck up. A shorter dog than 1, but preferred the movement of first. Shown in gleaming condition. Took a while to settle in his class and I feel is one of those dogs that sets himself up well, but today gave his handler a difficult task.

3rd Nash’s Kelseva Greatest Day

Limit Dog (5)

1st Peterson & Bank’s Tatooine Zhar at Troopersway JW: Another T/W boy that I have previously judged. Felt that he was in the best condition I’ve seen him in today. He is a picture stacked with a fabulous neck and such a lovely outline. Nice dark pigment. Good chest and ribs with well laid shoulders. Excellent hind quarters which were well muscled and really pushed round the ring. Nice short hocks and another with pleasing tight feet. Presented to perfection. Would love to see him move with more enthusiasm to complete the package.

2ND Phillip’s Lanesend Nictoney Bushman: Real houndy broken tri boy. Powerful boy without being overdone in any way. Gave his handler a hard time of the stack but came into his own on the move. Well off for bone. Stands on nice tight feet with a short coupled body. Particularly liked his back end, which had an excellent bend of stifle and well muscled quarters. Moved out well and looked great in profile. Could do a days work.

3rd Smith & Starbrook’s Koorbrats Watchful

Open Dog (5, 2 abs)

1st May’s Janfrey Elliott: A dog which I have admired in the past and was delighted to go over. I felt he was a very classy hound with a lovely temperament. Gorgeous soft head which remained masculine with the darkest of pigment and a kind eye. Low set ears which hung gracefully and framed his appealing expression. Beautiful length of neck which lead on to the most level of toplines. Stood on tight, firm feet. Enjoyed himself in the ring, particularly on the move. Moved out beautifully and looked particularly stunning in profile. Completely at one with his handler which was a joy to watch. Presented in superb condition. Loved his short, gleaming coat. I’m sure this boy will go on to do great things and was delighted to award him Best Dog & Reserve Best in Show.

2nd Mitchell’s Dynamic Dougal: Tri boy of 5 years. Carried less weight than 1 and was a little too tucked up for me. Kind head and appealing expression. Dark pigment and pleasing low set ears. Liked his head. Longer in body than my class winner and another with an excellent topline. Good bend of stifle and well muscled back end. Nice tight feet. Moved out well.

3rd Walden’s Nedlaw Puffin

Veteran Dog (10, 3 abs)

Close decision between 1 and 2. Two very different dogs with so much to like about both. Felt that 1 moved out just that bit steadier which could have been due to the flooring, though both could teach the youngsters a thing or two about movement. Quite sure these two will swap places in future.

1st Chetcuti & Cartwright’s Barrvale Excalibur: Handsome t/w boy who is so incredibly sound. Great size and nice short body. Well let down chest and well sprung ribs. Appealing expression and nice low set ears, which framed a masculine yet soft head. Moved out with drive and had great reach. Loved watching him move which he could have done all day long. Excellent tail carriage. A pleasure to go over.

2nd Conway’s CH Bedeway Artful JW: Smaller boy than 1, yet still completely sound and balanced. Soft, pleasing head with beautiful dark pigment. Loved his great depth of chest and well sprung ribs. Felt that he wasn’t cooperating with his handler as well as I have seen him do previously. Not showing his 11 years and got himself together on the move, where he moved with enthusiasm that was an absolute joy to watch. Another who was a pleasure to go over.

3rd Hunt’s CH & IR CH Bondea Fable JW

Minor Puppy Bitch (10, 3 abs)

An interesting class with a wide range of sizes and types.

1st Walton’s Dufosee Louise with Vigor: Raw broken tri baby of just 6 months. Clean lines with a beautiful outline. Lovely soft clean head and dark eye. Low set ears which framed a feminine face with a well flewed muzzle. Loved her depth of chest and well sprung ribs. Well off for bone. Stood on nice tight feet. Moved out well with good drive. I’m sure this girl will have a bright future if she doesn’t grow on too much. So young, but definitely all Beagle which I loved. Presented in immaculate condition.

2nd Burrows’ Summerlily Raggy Doll: Another tri baby of just 6 months. Considerably smaller than 1. Lovely outline and shape. Nice and short in body. Preferred the head on 1. Liked her outline both stacked and on the move. This little lady really moved out well and had the most impressive drive, which powered her round the ring. A real pocket rocket. Cracking back end and well muscled quarters. Loved her happy disposition and ‘look at me’ attitude.

3rd Kingsland’s Kelseva Truly Scrumptious

Puppy Bitch (8, 2 abs)

1st Woodock’s Roddwood Melody: Sweet tri girl of 10 months. Still very much a baby. Feminine head and lovely dark pigment. Nice shape and size. Firm, level topline with correct tailset and carriage. Good bend of stifle and firm hocks. Gave her handler a hard time until she settled and showed her quality, but I did love her attitude! Moved out steadily with drive and looked a picture in profile. Very sweet little lady. Won the class with ease. Pleased to award her Best Puppy Bitch against a strong Minor Puppy Bitch winner.

2nd Wright & Mitchell’s Barrvale Ursa Minor at Huntshill: Tricolour of 9 months who was unplaced in minor puppy bitch. Similar size to 1 but longer in body. Sweet houndy head with dark eye. Good ear length. Loved her depth of chest and well sprung ribs. Moved a great deal better in this class than in previous which was a shame, but still just a youngster.

3rd Betts –Master’s Erichoise Frola

Junior Bitch (8)

1st Bradley & Burgess’ Dufosee Hayley: First time seeing this tricolour girl and what a delight she was. Quality from her beautiful dark nose, down to the tip of her well carried tail. She has such a sweet head and charming expression. Powerful but not overdone head with a well defined stop. So balanced in profile and the perfect size and shape for me. Still only a youngster of 17 months but showed herself off with maturity and style of one much older. Well off for bone and substance. Nice length of neck with lead on to a firm and level topline which she held on the move. Firm elbows and a good spring of rib. On going over her I hoped she moved as well as she looked stacked and was not disappointed. Moved out with drive from her well muscled back end and looked stunning in profile. Loved everything about her. I hope this girl wears her crown one day soon as she is such a quality bitch. Had no hesitation in awarding her Best Bitch and Best In Show.

2nd Davies’ Barrvale Tuppence: Liked the outline on this smart tri bitch, though she was longer in body than 1. She has an attractive classy head and a lovely dark eye. Beautiful elegant neck and excellent shoulders. Nice round bone and good tight feet. Firm back end with powerful quarters.Would have liked her to have been moved at a quicker pace as I felt that she was being held back which restricted her movement.

3rd Walden & Thornton’s Nedlaw Flaxon with Maplelayne

Yearling Bitch (8, 1 abs)

1st Keepence & Kayte’s Lansend Chicha for Alondobel: Compact tri bitch of 23 months. Correct bone for size. Soft head with dark eye and fabulous pigment. Good low earset which framed an attractive head. Liked her length of neck and firm topline. Beautiful bend of stifle and well muscled quarters. Moved out steadily with confidence and drive. Completely at one with her handler who really got the best out of her. A great team.

2nd Lennard’s Butterow Oriole: Finer t/w mottle bitch who was a totally different type to 1. She has the sweetest of expressions and a lovely low ear set. Loved her happy outgoing personality. Firm topline and good ribs. Nice tight, firm feet. Well muscled and in fabulous condition. Slightly longer in body than 1. A real merry little hound.

3rd – Walden’s Dufosee Devona by Nedlaw

Graduate Bitch (4)

1st Woodcock’s Roddwood Melody – See Puppy Bitch

2nd Hale’s Arpege Rumour Has It: Broken tri girl of 19 months. Sweet head and beautiful dark eye. A little frilly underneath at the moment. Powerful hindquarters which were well muscled. Good feet.Would prefer a little more leg for a more balanced outline.

3rd Walden’s Dufosee Devona by Nedlaw

Post Graduate Bitch (5, 1 abs)

1st Mitchell’s Newsworthy Love In A Mist: Super sweet headed t/w bitch. Good shape and size. Soft, gentle head and correct low earset. Moved out with enthusiasm. Lovely alert temperament. Stood on nice tight feet. Roached her topline when stacked which was shame.

2nd Hargrave’s Valsacre Echo JW: Thought she would be my class winner when she first entered the ring, but would not cooperate with her handler at all of the table. Beautiful classy bitch with a gorgeous head. Bigger than 1 and longer in body. Plenty of substance and in excellent condition. Another who did her best to roach her topline which spoilt her outline.

3rd Peterson’s Troopersway Tallulah

Limit Bitch (8)

An excellent class where I felt I was splitting hairs over placings.

1st Hargrave’s Valsacre Vista JW: This sweet t/w bitch was right up my street. The most gorgeous and appealing head with beautiful, long, low set ears. Good neck which lead onto a firm topline. Good front with well laid back shoulders. Shown at the perfect weight. Well muscled hindquarters and tight, firm feet. Was a little silly on the move in the challenge which was such a shame. Sympathetically handled.

2ND Conway’s Barterhound Begonia at Bedeway: Another sweet bitch who I have often admired. Beautiful dark eye which a true lemon should have. Incredibly pretty feminine head with good flews and broad nose. Wonderful ribs and chest. In splendid condition. Showed herself off with a great deal of enthusiasm. Hard to believe she is now 5 years of age, though would have liked her to settle a little more on the move. Really enjoyed her day out.

3rd Taylor’s Deaconfield Gaiety

Open Bitch (11, 2 abs)

1st Phillip’s Briarley Tu Tira for Lanesend (Imp Aus): T/W bitch of 3 and a half years. Perfect shape and size for me. Pleasing head with a good ear set. Loved her arched neck which lead on to the most firm of toplines. Felt that she excelled in chest and ribs. Carried the correct amount of weight for her frame. Stood on tight, firm feet. Good bone. Moved with wonderful drive and good reach. Loved her well muscled rear. Such an incredibly sound bitch who was an absolute joy to watch move, which I’m sure she could do all day long. Particularly loved her profile movement. Sturdy tail which she carried well. Presented in excellent condition. I see she is the dam of my Yearling winner. Pushed hard to be awarded Reserve Best Bitch.

2nd Carmichael’s Cliffmere Nimble at Kernebridge: Lightly marked l/w bitch of 4 years. Sweet, pretty head with an appealing expression. Lovely long leathers which were set on low. Fabulously well sprung ribs and well let down chest. Well muscled quarters which showed when she moved out with good reach and drive.Carrying the correct weight and presented in a lovely condition.

3rd Hunt’s Redcap Folktale of Bondlea

Veteran Bitch (1)

1st Mitchell’s Miss Magnolia: Hard to believe this little lady is 9 years old as she moved with the enthusiasm and drive of a youngster. She is a nice sized tri bitch who has a soft head and lovely dark eye. Nice tight feet and correct amount of bone. Lovely to see her enjoying her day out.

Special Beginners (6, 3 abs)

1st Hale’s Arpege Rumour Has It – See 2nd in Graduate bitch

2nd McBain & Steven’s Bondea Layman

Litter brother to my junior dog winner and another workman like hound. Powerful boy who is a nice size. He has a nice outline, though is slightly longer than he is tall. Well off for bone and I wouldn’t want any more muscle on him. Fabulous bend of stifle and a firm topline.

3rd – Rochalbury Duster

Special Colour (4)

1st Smith & Starbook’s Koorbrats Watchful: Stood 3rd in a strong Limit dog class. This t/w hound has lots to like about him. He is a lovely size and has a very nice outline. Liked his soft, yet handsome head and low earset set. He has well knuckled, tight feet and firm hocks. Showed himself off better in this class after giving his handler a difficult task in limit.

2nd Lennard’s Butterow Oriole – See 2nd Yearling bitch

3rd Holt’s Kelseva Willy Wonker

Judge: Lynn Bailey