• Show Date: 27/01/2013
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 27/03/2020

City Of Cambridge & County Canine Society

City of Cambridge & CCS

27th January 2013

Gundog Group

Group 1 and BIS: Eyeington’s Meadowdale Chaos JW, ESS. A fine example of the breed and typifying the standard this 2 yr old dog headed a very good group. He totally filled my eye when posed with his flowing lines and strong, compact body displaying the slight raciness that sets the ESS apart from the rest of the Spaniel family. His balance is apparent as he stands most comfortably to show off his many attributes. His head is very handsome with a beautiful almond shaped eye giving him such a gentle expression and reflecting his obvious friendly and biddable nature. His strong neck flows into well laid shoulders and his depth and spring of rib give him plenty of heart and lung room. His well muscled loins add to his strength of body and his hindquarters are moderate and broad. His movement is totally reflective of his construction with an easy stride and precise footfall and again displays his obvious type by swinging his forelegs straight forward from the shoulder; going away he shows a very clean pair of heels. Turned out to absolute perfection and totally at one with his handler I could not fault his performance. In the Best in Show ring he stormed his way to the top.

Group 2 was Monaghan’s impressive and powerful Clumber Spaniel Sh Ch Tweedsmuir Dambuster JW. He oozes quality, style and personality and is a great ambassador of the breed. From his square muzzle and well developed flews through his long, deep body to his beautifully carried tail he simply flows and shows no exaggeration whatsoever. Anyone doubting the activeness of the Clumber should watch this boy power round the ring; he is more than capable of doing a day’s work. Group 3 Bates’ glamorous o/b English Setter Valsett Starlite Ruby Blush at Tudorfield. She carries her head so well on the move and is very clean over neck and shoulders. She has a lovely expression, excellent forehand and good balance throughout. Her movement is fluid and positive with a lively tail action. Group 4 William’s beautiful and very well named Labrador Millerdan Vision of Love JW ShCM. Lovely type, strongly built and broad in appearance but maintains her femininity. Clean cut head with strong foreface and jaw leaving me in no doubt of her ability to carry game. Her neck is strong and leads into well placed shoulders and she stands on well boned legs with fabulous second thigh development and beautifully round and compact feet. Her coat is clearly fit for that of a water loving dog and her typical Otter tail must be of great advantage. Moves true with open side gait and keeps her topline level.

Puppy Group

Group 1 Monahan’s Clumber Spaniel Tweedsmuir Krushed Ice. I was totally captivated by this little darling; she exudes character, charm and personality. Her body is strong and balanced with big ribs and strong, powerful quarters but it was her beautiful head and exquisite expression that I found so enchanting. She has that wonderful, thoughtful air about her that is typical of Clumber Spaniels and is surely destined for the top. Group 2 Reed’s Cocker Spaniel Reemif Ice Ice Baby. Lovely type being square and compact with substance and depth. Has a very pretty head with clean back skull, muscular neck, well angulated forequarters and stands on strongly boned legs with firm, thickly padded feet. Moved well with good tail carriage. Group 3 Ayers’ very attractive Golden Retriever Lochtaymore Candy Floss. Displays great balance throughout, deep brisket and short, strong loin. Well muscled behind and moved well carrying a strong level topline. Group 4 Eyeington’s ESS Jamieson Jinx of Meadowdale. Has it all going for him with his excellent breed type, substance, strong neck, deep brisket and true ESS action. His feet are excellent and his movement is smooth and ground covering.

Labrador Retrievers

Puppy (1) 1. Watkins’ Amberwatch Tempest. Yellow with good pigmentation. Has a nice expression but would like more strength in foreface . Good depth, lay back of shoulder and return of upper arm. Carries a harsh coat with good undercoat, moved OK. BPIB. Junior (5) 1. Edwards’ Kimbajack Bella Gigola. I liked this excellent yellow very much indeed for her exceptional balance both standing and moving. Clean cut head with good ear set, kind eye, strong bone and substance, ample spring of rib, good length of upper arm, super second thigh development and correct tail set. Moved well. Res BOB. Preferred head and coat to that of 2. Carter’s Carromer’s Codebreaker for Blondene 3. Edwards’ Buckholt Laddingford. Graduate (5) 1. K. Bella Giola 2. Davies’ Driffwold Midsomer 3. Ganney’s Mardas Ruby Valentine to Darrabol. Post Graduate (2) 1. M. Vision of Love BOB, Group 4. Open (6) 1. Williams’ Lambas Name of the Game at Millderdan ShCM. Shown and handled to perfection to win this very good class. Loved her head and clean shoulders, deep brisket, kindest eye and ever wagging tail. Feet could be better but movement was positive and powerful. Put on a better performance than 2. Ganney’s Allenies Gabriella for Darrabol JW 3. Edwards’ Carpenny Mikki at Kimberjack.

Cocker Spaniels

Puppy (9) 1. R Ice Ice Baby BPIB, Puppy Group 3. Preferred her eye to that of 2. Amatt’s Martiso Majito 3. Fuccillo’s Bandol Risky Business. Junior (2) 1. Marler’s Jayzander Ain’t A Saint. Fabulous head and neck but would like a better lay back of shoulder however carries a level topline, ample ribs, short strong loin and good tailset. Moved OK. 2. Poultney’s Melgrove Night Train. Graduate (8) 1. Wildman’s Mistical Millow Square finish to muzzle, beautiful head and eye with the softest expression. Level topline, good ribs, short coupled, feet well padded. Merry and active on the move. RBOB. 2. M. Night Train 3. J. Ain’t A Saint. Post Graduate (4) 1. Clarke’s Harbethol Look Ms April Sun. Fabulous head, good length of neck with nicely arched crest, correct return of upper arm, decent second thigh, moved OK. Has more substance than 2. Grays’ Graysaxon Treasured Gift. Open (8) 1. Gain’s Molkara Magician JW. Needed to get my hands on this b&t to appreciate his qualities and there’s some dog under this coat. He has substance and ample bone together with well sprung ribs, short, strong loin, great flare over his hips and wonderful cat like feet. His muscle tone was outstanding. Purposeful and workmanlike he moved effortlessly round the ring. BOB. Felt he had lost some of his sparkle in the group. 2. Reed’s Reemif Blue Reflection JW ShCM 3. Amatt’s Molkara B’Daring

English Springer Spaniels

Junior (5) 1. J Jinx of M was a clear winner of this class 2. No Name Given 3. Wilson’s Mosi Mahbub for Zawspring. Post Graduate (3) 1. Jessups’ Trying Times and 2. Last’s Chelmeress Inger Stevens. A close call between these 2. Both moved in typical ESS style and covered the ground well. Just preferred the eye of 1 who was also in better coat but 2 was of good type. Open (3) 1. M Chaos JW. BOB, Group 1 and BIS. 2. No Name Given 3. Wilsons’ Chelmeress Solar Wind


Junior (7) T Kruhed Ice. BPIB, Puppy Group 1 2. Whybrow’s Oorbellen Lewis at Unosta (Fin Imp) Kooikerhondje 3. Andrews’ Fallowfen Faithful Yoko, NSDTR. Post Graduate (6) 1. Arnold’s Trevallisse Mr Nice Guy, Sussex Spaniel. Put on a good performance with his ever wagging tail. Strong bone, great forechest, deep brisket, level topline and well muscled throughout. Moved well. 2. Whybrow’s Millhanger Susie at Unosta. Open. Best class of the day for depth of quality. 1. Sh Ch T. Dambuster JW BOB, Group 2. Summers Sh Ch Hillrobin Hamblet, super WSS. RBOB 3. Cocking and Barnaby’s Bushwacker Thriller WSS.

AV Gundogs

Puppy (5) Cocking and Barnaby’s Bushwacker Captain Courageous. Quality pup who knew his job once settled. Pleasing head, strong neck, well laid shoulders, super turn of stifle, neat feet. Moved well with lashing tail. Junior (4) Chapman’s Decoymans The Dreamworker, NSDTR. Stands on good legs, foxyhead with typical expression, tight feet, dense coat, strong quarters, moved well. 2. Tregaskis’ Moenfair Choirboy, Pointer. Post Graduate (8) 1. M. Millow 2. Webb’s Fletlanders Pumpkin, Golden Retriever. Open (9) 1. Walker’s Kensalroag Angus MacLeod to Falkeshall ShCM, Golden Retriever.Good type in good coat, best mover in the class. 2 . Blowers’ Bonnygate Karriage Queen of Deadaway (AI), Pointer. 3.Ram’s Gempoint Boot N Toot, Pointer. Veteran. 1. Clarke’s Harbethol Look What Umissed JW ShCM. Cocker Spaniel. Super boy with a wonderful head, square outline, level topline, big ribs and good tailset. Moved very well. BV. 2. Ganney’s Allenies Watersprite for Darrabol JW. Golden Retriever3. Ward’s Caispern Nicolaus Silver Cum Copperwhite JW ShCM, Irish R&W Setter.

Christine Morgan