• Show Date: 13/10/2013
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 27/03/2020

East Anglian Gundog Society


13th October 2013


Open. (2, 1 abs)1. Tully’s Sh. Ch./Ir Sh. Ch. Eastonite Bracken. Better and more qualified judges than I have sung the praises of this incredible girl. She is the epitome of the breed and has that indefinable quality that only great dogs possess. Totally at one with her owner/handler, it was an honour and a privilege to judge her. No surprise that she went BIS.


Graduate (1) 1. Johnston’s Charmer v/d Tundershof. 10 mths dog of good type with super wire jacket. Balanced head, high set ears, strong neck of ample length set well into clean shoulders. Good width of chest and acceptable depth of brisket for age, well ribbed up but a bit slack over loin, again, probably an age thing. Well muscled quarters, moved OK. BP & RBOB.

Open (1) 1. Jackson’s Mikicin Midnight Mist over Rebamaric. I liked her for type being powerfully built but retaining femininity. She was in the most superb muscular condition, straight front, super pro-sternum, plenty of heart and lung room, well ribbed up, strong muscular loin and fabulous width behind. Smooth, ground covering movement, displayed a gentle and biddable temperament. BOB


Junior (4, 3 abs) 1. Woodward’s Connomar Chauki. Square and solid w/o 16 mths dog. Big, spongy nose, square finish to muzzle and low set ears. Has the desired width of chest and depth of brisket with typical topline and break. Strong over loin, long, broad thighs, broad hocks, move d OK. Thick skin and coarse, dense coat.

PG (4, 3 abs) C. Chauki

Open (6, 4 abs) 1. James & Graham’s Bannonbrig Bruce Almighty BOB. I liked both of these dogs for different reasons. Both very well muscled and moved well, have big ribs, plenty of depth and strong over loin. 1 is well up to size but had the better bend of stifle, width of quarters and tail carriage.

2. Welton’s Bannonbrig Orlando Bloom RBOB.


Open ( 3, 2 abs) 1. Water’s Tarkanya Lytas Llewellyn. Handsome head, kind eye, strong bone and well rounded feet. Short back, good spring of rib, strong quarters. Wonderful 2nd thigh development and excellent tail set. Moved OK but somewhat wide on front. BOB.


Junior (1) Henson’s Sanwann Kite. 11 mths bitch, foxy head, almond eye, high ears set well back. Compact and powerful body, shoulder could be better but good return of upper arm. Big ribs, short, level back, typical coat of rich red. Movement was difficult to assess as she was pulling on her lead. BP and RBOB.

PG (1) 1. Andrew’s Fallowfen Faithful Yoko of Jemmatee. Very pretty 19 mths bitch. Clean in back skull, ears held well at base., lively expression. Straight front, excellent pro-sternum and depth of brisket. Strong topline and loin, stands over plenty of ground. Tail well set on and carried high. Good white markings, in very good coat and condition. BOB.

Open (1) 1. Andrew’s Fallowfen Foxy Vixen of Jemmatee. 7 yrs bitch who clearly enjoys her dinners. Wedge shaped head, kind eye and forehand but losing her topline. Good sweep of stifle but moving close behind. Patiently and well handled.

Christine Morgan