• Show Date: 24/02/2013
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Camille Lambert Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

St Austell & District Canine Society

St Austell & District Canine Society

24th February 2013

Judge: Mrs Camille Pentland


ASD: GRAD (2,0) 1. Allen & Gladwell’s Patchwork Lost in Musk with Jotars. 9 mth Bitch. Lovely clear blue merle, good substance with nice outline and strong topline. Pleasing head with good ear set and nice expression. Moved with purpose although a little unsettled to start with. Feet could be tighter. BOB, BP & PG3 2. Gladwell’s Jotars Shimmering Star. OPEN (1,0). 1 Gladwell’s Jotars Shimmering Star. 8 months red merle bitch. Attractive head and expression, nice shape. Preferred substance and movement on my BOB winner.

Finnish Lapphund: OPEN (3,0) 1. Drake’s Marymead Moulin Rouge. Just 16 mth bitch. Loved her substance, type and movement. A little unsure but had so much to like. Fantastic coat in fabulous condition, lovely outline with super head. BOB 2. Cooper’s Elbereth Kippis to Pavoskas SHCM. 3. Coopers Elbereth Apina at Pavoskas SHCM.

Bearded Collie: GRADUATE (4,0) 1. Haskells Trystam Larch 2 yrs Brown Dog. Loved his shape which held a good topline despite being longer in loin. Excellent coat in good condition with correct texture. Pleasing head and expression with good bite. A little narrow in chest but moved well. 2. McCawley & Charlesworth Brimblebec Readymoney Cove. 3. O’Brien’s Gwencaro Got To Be There. OPEN: 1. Haskell’s Trystam Saint Geraint. 4 ½ yrs Brown Dog of nice size. Attractive head with dark eye. Super outline, level topline. Excellent coat of good texture, best mover in class with strength fore and aft. Lovely character. BOB & GRP 3. 2. McCawley & Burgoyne’s Beardievale Maid in Heaven for Brimblebec. 3. O’Brien’s Brimblebec Braemar Boy at Gwencaro.

BSD (Terv): OPEN D (2,1) 1. Wiffen & Mackie’s Hawksflight Rumour Has It. 10 mths Dog. This dog had lovely type, good outline pleasing head, so much to like. Unfortunately was extremely unsettled so movement was not able to be assessed. BP OPEN B (1,0) 1. Jacobs Hawksflight Made You Wish. 3 yrs, lovely feminine bitch with super outline and good substance. Nice head and expression with good ear set. Moved well. BOB

BORDER COLLIE: OPEN (2,0) 1. Collier’s Rosmarinus Rainmaiden of Pepperbox CDEX NOV EX. Almost 8 yrs bitch. Loved her type and solid temperament. Good feminine head with excellent ear carriage. A little longer than I would prefer but moved well. BOB. 2. Collier’s Perpperbox Cygnet.

PLS: OPEN (4,1) 1. Burdett-Coutts Chrevle Going For Gold. Just 6 mths, bitch. What a little stunner. Loved everything about her, super head, with good outline and topline. Moved so well for a baby. Good coat which was excellently presented. Was very pleased to award her BOB, BP and PG1. 2. Sweet’s Chrevle Zophire. 3. Burdett-Coutts Chrevle Hot Totty.

SAMOYED: GRAD (5,0) 1. Gooday’s DUckslake Sakari Spirit. 10 month bitch full of quality. Easy winner of this class, with powerful flowing movement, super feminine head with correct ear placement and sweetest smiling expression and good bite. Excellent tail set carried correctly. Lovely out line with firm topline but a shade longer cast than I would prefer. BP & PG2 (pushed PG winner very hard) 2. Smith’s Appassionate Phantom Storm at Kliazma. 3. Spong’s Icemount Ky Krysta Bleu. OPEN (3,0) 1. Gooday’s Duckslake Kotori Spirit JW SHCM. What a handsome young man. At almost 2 yrs had everything to like. Superb masculine head of good proportions, lovely dark eye with correct ears and expression. Good size, strong bone and firm body with good topline. Lovely angulation giving super movement which was straight fore and aft. Excellent coat beautifully presented. BOB and GRP 1, was thrilled to see him take BIS later in the day. 2. Spong’s Kokanski Kheltic Khefina at Icemount. 3. Prout’s Duckslake High Spirit at Furzeland SHCM.

GSD: OPEN (3,0) 1. Southcott’s Bilnetts Diamond Doll. 3.5 yrs feminine bitch of super type. Lovely outline with pretty head & expression and nice ears. Good angulation and firm topline – which was straight from whithers to croup. Pleasing outline showing no weakness. Moved well front and rear. BOB. 2. McLean’s Jadema Gemma at Carnmarth. 3. Hackney’s Bilnetts Ace of Clubs.

COLLIE (ROUGH): JUNIOR (3,0) 1. Avery’s Caronlea Celtic Lover. 17.5 mths tri colour male. Nice outline with good substance. Attractive head with strong underjaw. Good angulation, moved well. 2. Avery’s Lynviews Jubilee Spice 8 mths bitch, a bit nervy but a lot to like, BP & PG4. 3. Eccleston’s Jotars Luv’s A Tipple. GRAD (3,0) 1. Gladwell’s Jotars Midnight Moon. 20 month Tri male. Nice head with good ear set and tipped correctly. Super outline with good angulation allowing nice movement. 2. Avery’s Caronlea Celtic Lover. 3. Morey’s Brooklynson Ornico at Brookynut. OPEN (4,1) 1. Gladwell’s Jotars Enchanted Moon. Litter sister to Grad winner. 20 mths blue merle bitch. Very feminine, with good proportions throughout. Strong topline with correct rise over loin. Nice head with lovely sweet expression. Moved with purpose. BOB. 2. Avery’s Caronlea Celtic Lover. 3. Morey’s Nutslade Dizzy Storm at Brookynut SHCM.

BRIARD: OPEN (2,0). 1. Sweet’s Tesawin Saphire Keisha SHCM Nearly 11 yr old black bitch in superb condition and moving very well. Lovely head and expression, super outline with strong topline. Correct double dew claws with good feet. Not showing her age at all. BOB. 2. Haddock’s Gilcoru D’Issey d’Brie TAF. Just 6 months black, a super baby with a lot to offer. BP.

SHETLAND SHEEPDOG: JUNIOR (3,1) 1. Eldred’s Dippersmoor Star Struck at Belthorne. 16 mth sable male. Lovely head and expression with good ear set nicely tipped. Nice outline with strong topline and super substance. Moved very well. 2. Wood’s Jolex Moon Kessed. BP. GRAD (6,2) 1. Moore’s Santiara Moon River. 20 mth Tri male. Loved his outline, with masculine head and super ear carriage. Good tail set coming off correct topline. Super angulation showing off strong movement which was straight coming & going. Easy winner of class and was pleased to award him BOB and GRP2. 2. Marsh’s Mohnesee Black Again. 3. Hirst’s Sundark Sunkist. LIMIT (7,1) 1. Moore’s Amethrickeh Ice Aqua at Santiara. Blue Merle. Best mover in class, nice substance with attractive head and expression. Ears carried well. A little longer cast that I would prefer. 2. Mitchell & Fiddock’s Belthorne Echo of Grace at Lowenek. 3. Hirsts’ Sundark Surprise Mission. OPEN D (3,0) 1. Marsh’s Mohnesee Mackeson. Attractive tri male with nice head & expression. Pleasing outline with good tailset. Moved well. 2. Prout’s Penvean Golden Hind at Furzeland SHCM. 3. Hirsts’s Sundark Starlight SHCM. OPEN B (8,2) 1. Wood’s Petara Sheer Destiny. Feminine sable bitch of almost 6 yrs. Lovely head with sweet expression. Nicely placed shoulders showing ample angulation and good overall outline. Moved well. 2. Moore’s Santiara Winter Breeze. 3. Mitchell & Fiddock’s Evaldos by Starlight at Lowenek.

AV PAST PUP (3,0) 1. Eccleston’s Jotar’s Luv’s a Tipple. 9 mth blue merle Rough Collie. Nice clear colour but with some black patches. Good head and expression, ears used well. Has more to offer in time. More settled in here than in breed class which showed in his movement. 2. Avery’s Sun Soul Demy Blue for Monsolana (Imp RUS).

AVNSC PAST: GRAD (3,1) 1. Rennie’s Gheluvelt Apache Warrior. (BSD Malinois). 15 mth Male with nice masculine head and good expression. Ears carried well. Good outline with firm topline. Strong body with good substance. Slight angulation showing correct movement. Was pleased to award him BAVNSC & GRP 4. 2. Benfield’s Macopa Georgie Girl (OES). OPEN (2,0) 1. King’s Ch. Trelowen Heligan SHCM. 3.5 yrs male. Nice head proportions of correct wedge shape, nice ears correctly carried. Good outline showing short loin and correct length of body. Good tail set with nice curl. Moves very well. A little strong in substance for my taste, lacking the required elegance. Coat could be in better condition. 2. Benfield’s Macopa Georgie Girl (OES).

PASTORAL GROUP: 1st Gooday’s Duckslake Kotori Spirit JW SHCM (Samoyed), 2nd Moore’s Santiara Moon River (Sheltie), 3rd Haskell’s Trystam Saint Geraint (Bearded Collie), 4th Rennie’s Gheluvelt Apache Warrior (BSD Malinois).

PASTORAL PUPPY GROUP: 1st Burdett-Coutts Chrevle Going For Gold (PLS), 2nd Gooday’s Duckslake Sakari Spirit (Samoyed), 3rd Allen & Gladwell’s Patchwork Lost in Musk with Jotars (ASD), 4th Avery’s Lynview’s Jubilee Spice (R Collie).


SHIH TZU: GRAD (1,0) 1. Puleston’s Rafaels Christmas Allgold at Shanuleas SHCM. 4 yr old male in good coat. Pleasing head and aloof expression, good topline with nice tail set. Likes his overall outline and moved very nicely. BOB. OPEN (1,0) 1. Puleston’s Shanuleas Alfie Bow SHCM. Nearly 6 yr old male, father of BOB winner and of similar type. Not quite as good on the move as his son, but much to like.

DALMATIAN: OPEN (3,2) 1. Wilson’s Wilsilva Caradoc. Just 3 yr old male. Super outline showing a firm topline. Good ear set on a well proportioned head. Moderately angulated giving very nice movement. BOB.

TIBETAN TERRIER: GRAD (4,0) 1. Jones’ Boshanti Lilibelle. 14 mths. Lovely feminine bitch of correct size. Super head and expression. Double coat of good texture. Decent substance and good spring of rib. Tail held well over back, good overall outline of good height to length ratio. Moved well. 2. Fenton’s Khados Sunshine Girl for Layoli. 3. Charlesworth’s Tiamastae Designer Dressed BP. OPEN (3,0) 1. Charlesworth’s Tiamastae Teasy Tartlet, 2yr old bitch. Another bitch showing her femininity. Loved her shape, size and overall type. Super coat in great condition and correct texture. Moved soundly with good reach and drive. Was please to award her BOB & GRP 2. 2. Fenton’s Tetsimi Willing to Win of Layoli. 3. Jones’ Tsering Utse Nima.

TIBETAN SPANIEL: GRAD (4,1) 1. Quest’s Chenrezi Summer Breeze. Almost 8 mth bitch. What a super baby. Very attractive with feminine head and super expression. Lovely outline with level topline ending in correctly plumed tail carried well. Moved well. BP. 2. Hirstwood’s Yllastel Suki Takes it Off for Quintrelle. 3. Quest’s Chenrezi Keep the Faith. OPEN (4,1). 1. Quest’s Chenrezi Solitaire JW SHCM. Really liked this bitch, very pleasing to the eye. Excellent outline and topline, good tail set with profuse plume. Loved her head and expression. Smooth mover with good front and rear. BOB & GRP 4. 2. Quest’s Rosanley Thyme Tu Party at Chenrezi.

FRENCH BULLDOG: OPEN (4,1) 1. Small’s Vangence Comanche. 10 mths male. Gorgeous head with correct bat ears. Lovely outline and correct topline. A little erratic on the move, but went well when settled. BOB & BP & PG2. 2. Martin & Vanstone’s Jajca’s I’m Dixie. 3. Pullen’s Honey Moon Song.

KEESHOND: GRAD (2,1) 1. Passmore’s Torrikees Victoria’s Secret. Just 7 months, loved this baby girl. Super head and expression with super dark eye. Correct wedge head of good proportions. Excellent ear set and showing the typical spectacles. Loved her outline with good topline and super tail set with good curl to tail. Super coat of correct texture in great condition. Moved soundly coming and going. Would just prefer a slightly clearer colour. BP & PG1. OPEN (5,2) 1. Passmore’s Torrikees American Affair (AI), 3 yrs bitch, dam of Grad winner. Very much the same as her daughter, same comments apply. In BOB maturity won the day, but I’m sure they will swap places often. BOB & G1. 2. Hill’s Plymkees Cool Dude SHCM. 3. Hill’s Plymkees Limited Edition SHCM.

JAP SHIBA INU: OPEN (4,1) 1. Worth & Hougham’s Rynard Red Baron. Stylish red dog of 2 yrs. Beautiful masculine head with good padding and correct ears. Lovely body with good substance and straight fore and aft with good reach and drive. Lovely outline. BOB & GRP 3. 2. Worth & Hougham’s Rynard Willow the Wisp. 3. Worth & Hougham’s Tapena Akuko.

POODLE (MIN): OPEN (2,1). 1. Hosking’s Tarquas Sugar ‘N’ Spice SHCM. 19 mths bitch. Pleasing head with nice chiselling. Well sprung ribs, good topline, nice overall outline. Would prefer better angulation but moved well. BOB.

AV UTY: PUPPY (2,0) 1. Martin & Vanstone’s Jajca’s I’m Dixie. Pretty 7 mth bitch. Very much a baby, but moved well and had pleasing qualities. Attractive head with good bat ears, nice outline but a fraction longer than I would prefer. Moved well. 2. McDonald’s Torrikees Macy’s.

AVNSC UTY: GRAD (2,0) 1. Bissett’s Boscally Ling Ling. 18 mths bitch. Good head and expression, outline super markings. Moved well. BAVNSC. 2. Bissett’s Boscally Talula Baby. OPEN (1,0) 1. Bissett’s Talkacatur Boise Among Boscally. Nearly 4 yr old male. Very masculine with nice head, correct outline and typical markings. Moved well. Hard decision for BAVNSC, but marginally preferred the head on the bitch.

UTILITY GROUP: 1st Passmore’s Torrikees American Affair (AI) (Keeshond), 2nd Charlesworth Tiamastae Teasy Tartlet (Tib. Terrier), 3rd Worth & Hougham’s Rynard Red Baron (Jap. Shiba Inu), 4th Quest’s Chenrezi Solitaire JW SHCM (Tib. Spaniel)

UTILITY PUPPY GROUP: 1st Passmore’s Torrikees Victoria’s Secret (Keeshond), 2nd Small’s Vangence Comanche (Fr. Bulldog), 3rd Charlesworth’s Tiamastae Designer Dressed (Tib. Terrier), 4th Quest’s Chenrezi Summer Breeze (Tib. Spaniel).