• Show Date: 16/02/2013
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Andrea Keepence-Keyte Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Maidenhead & District Canine Society



1 - Kinglands Kelseva Truly Scrumptious: I really fell for this beautiful T&W bitch, 6 months. Beautiful head and expression with correct set leathers and kind eyes. Good length of neck into well set shoulders. Nice tight feet with good front and hind angulation which shone through when on the move. Moved with good reach and drive. (BPIB)

2 - Ambridges Bondlea Legion: Nice tri boy with good angulation and upper arm in front and good behind. Moved out well and covered ground nicely. Nice head although a little fine for me, kind expression and correct set leathers. Good neck into to good shoulders, nice topline which was maintained whilst on the move. 

Post Graduate

1 - Ambridges Bondlea Legion: As before, felt he out moved 2 with better confirmation backing this. 

2 - Ambridges Winter Pansy: Nice bitch with nice kind expression, a little short in neck but had good front and hind angulation with good turn of stifle. Went very well on the move and went away and back straight and true, maintaining her topline as she went.


1 - Hunts & Norris's Shercroft Duchess JW: Nice bitch with a pretty head and kind expression, good length of neck into well laid back shoulders, good coupling, spring of rib and hind angulation, good turn of stifle. Moved true and straight throughout. Also maintained her topline as she moved with a correct tail set. (BOB)

2 - Hill's Troopersway Halo at Donay: Nice blanket tri bitch, lovely front and hind angulation which was reflected in her movement. Nice tight feet, moved with good reach and drive, maintained her topline on the move with correct tail carriage. Gorgeous head with beautiful expression, correct set and length of leathers. Only just out moved by 1 (RBOB)  


I have to say that the turn out and the standard of the junior and adult handlers was spectacular. The standard that is being set is getting higher and higher all the time. During the challenge for best junior handler I was put through my paces as a judge and it was my pleasure to test and judge such professional handlers. It was a joy to judge all of the handlers at this show today and it was a very accomplished demonstration of the standard that is being set by all of the handlers of all ages at the moment.

6-11 Years 

1: Nicole Owles: A quietly confident handler, correctly turned out and oozed quality as she moved her dog. Executed her pattern work precisely and correctly. Took her time and was constantly communicating with her dog. Aware of other handlers, her dog and the judge at all times. Corrected all adjustments I made to her dog and answered all questions correctly. Very deserved and brave win in this class. In the challenge was correct in everything apart from one pattern, very polished performance and it was very difficult to split the final two. Her tenacity and bravery won her Best Junior Handler

2: Leatitia Avery: Again very well turned out. quiet and aware of her dog at all times. Needs to utilise the ring a little more, use all the space in spite of handling a smaller breed. Good turns and correct pattern work, also corrected all adjustments I made and answered all questions correctly. 
12-16 years 

1: Robyn Arnall: Smart handler with excellent pattern work and handling of her dog. Used all of the ring and moved with sharp and tight cornering. Corrected all adjustments and answered all questions correctly. Aware of her dog, other handlers and the judge at all times. Very polished and professional performance with no fault in her class, also made the same pattern mistake in the challenge but fought it out until the end. The decision was very hard but a well deserved Reserve Best Handler.

2: Chloe Roberts: Nicely turned out handler, correct pattern work, corrected all adjustments and answered all questions. Very patient and aware of other handlers, good shadow work and very precise throughout. Only just out moved by 1. 

17 - 40 Years

1: Sami Bull: Nicely turned out handler, sympathetic to her dog communicating all the time. Correct pattern work although could utilise the ring space a little more, Good tight corners with straight and true lines. Her shadow work won her the class. 

2: Fran McWade: Again nicely turned out, nice relationship with her dog. Very good use of space in the ring, cornering could be a little tighter however all pattern work, adjustments and questions correct. Needs to be aware of other handlers in her shadow work but a very close class.

40+ Years 

1: Pat Grimshaw: Nice quite handler, good relationship with her dog. Nicely turned out and polite at all times. Good pattern work, steady and true. Good cornering and straight lines. Corrected all adjustments, answered all questions. Good shadow work and final present of her dog.

2: E Ward: Good handling of a very young borzoi. Good lines and corners, again corrected all movements and answered all questions correctly. Nice communication with her hound and concious of my position at all times. Good use of ring and good shadow work.