• Show Date: 10/11/2013
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Sarah Sevastopulo Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Leonberger Club Of Great Britain

Breed: Leonberger

Leonberger Club of GB CH Show. 10/11/13 – Judge Sarah Sevastopulo (Dogs) 

Best in Show and Dog CC – CH Skjaergaardens Iwazaru Speak No Evil

Res BIS & BOS & Bitch CC – CH Dacfolke Xalbadora

Res Dog CC – Vannroy Knitted by Nannas

Res Bitch CC – Rekileijonan Hunaja-Pupu among Cleon

Best Veteran – Ch Amathus Bobby Jo

Best Puppy - Skjaergaardens Dream a Dream at Xmas with Condalf

BOS Puppy - Saljay Mr Lover Man

Veteran Dog (6)

1st Ch Amathus Bobby Jo. Strongly made blonde male, excellent bone, size and substance. Strong male head with super dark mask and eyes. Correct body ratios and angulation. In full coat and looking gorgeous. Sound powerful movement won him the class and BVIS in full agreement with my co-judge.

2nd Saljay Poker Playing Picolo. Good sized male who is well made all through. Good shaped head but a little light in eye. Super mask. Good angulation and in full coat and moved soundly.

3rd Clunkamoor Fist Officer at Geshwind

4th Clunkamoor Free and Easy

5th Rosnick Highflyer

Minor Puppy Dog (6)

1st Saljay Mr Lover Man.Lovely size and type and fabulous temperament. Good shaped head with dark mask and eyes. Super for bone , size and body. Correct angulation. Slightly bum high at the moment. Fabulous coat and texture finished the picture, moved soundly to win class and take Best Dog Puppy.

2nd Jantonely Mr Jack Daniels. Raw pup who has it all there to grow into. Good for size and shape, lovely head and expression. Good coat and texture, lovely movement. Just needs to fill out.

3rd Midnight for Locksfield du Plateau Bavarois

4th Jantonely Northern Star over Beanpea

5th Shaleodust Dancing Brave of Ralymin

Puppy Dog (4)

1st Dacfolke Vagabond Good size and bone with correct shaped head and good mask. Correct angulation, a little bit square in shape at the moment. Red brown coat of good texture, sound mover.

2nd Wolfen New Kid on the Block. Good strength and bone and overall shape. Pleasing head with good mask and dark eyes. Moderate angulation. Super coat coming of correct length and texture. Moved close behind but sound.

3rd Kjalarnes Bradley Wiggins

4th Shaleodust Dancing Brave of Ralymin

Junior Dog (4)

1st Seaxa Nelson. Won here on his sound free movement and overall quality. Good shaped head with excellent mask and dark eyes. Good size and bone, a little square in shape, moderate angulation, and superb muscletone.

2nd Wolfen Moonlight Express. Excellent size and bone, with well made body but soft in topline. Lovely head and expression, extrovert temperament and good overall quality. Moved close behind but soundly, high tail carriage. Needs to become fitter to show off his qualities.

3rd Kjalarnes Bradley Wiggins

4th Felix vom Nonnenwald

Yearling Dog (2)

Two lovely young males with different type and qualities. Both have lovely head and expression, good for size, bone and shape. Winner is soft in pastern and dips in topline but has super rear movement, 2nd is more compact and when free stood makes a lovely picture, but he is close behind on the move. A very close decision.

1st Sandor vom Lowengarten for Benellieson.

2nd Vectiseleon Dream Spirit

Novice Dog (1)

1st Duke of Earl. Good size male with friendly extrovert temperament. Good shaped head, nice mask and light brown eyes. Medium bone and strength with good overall shape and angulation. Good length and texture to coat. Close behind but sound on the move.

Graduate Dog (3)

1st Shaleodust Could It Be Magic at Dacfolke. Medium sized dog with lovely bone and overall make and shape. Super head, mask and dark eyes. Correct body ratios, in lovely coat and condition, firm topline and excelled on the move which won him the class.

2nd Satchmo vom Lowengarten mit Leonbeck. Good sized male with pleasing head, dark mask and eyes. Good strength and bone and correct angulation. Weak in topline and pasterns. A bit long in body and overbuilt. Good length and texture to coat. Sound mover.

3rd Brynarian Takahara

Post Graduate Dog (8, 2ab)

1st Vannroy Knitted by Nannas. This young male just got better as the day went on. He is the most fabulous mover and has the correct size and shape to go with it. Extrovert temperament, good size and strength with lovely bone. Pleasing male head with dark mask and eyes. Correct for body ratios and angulation, super topline and in lovely coat and condition. Won this class on his movement and it got him the Res CC too. Look forward to seeing him fully mature.

2nd Sancholees Monte Carlo. Another lovely male, superb head and mask, dark eyes but a little round. Medium size but with super bone and construction. Excellent red brown coat. Very sound but carries his tail too high.

3rd Condalf Gob Stopper

4th Lionscourt Drake at Karysmhor

5th Engelben Indiana Jones

Limit Dog (14, 5ab)

1st Sancholees Rio. Gorgeous male for size, type and overall quality. Best Head of the day for me, wonderful shape, balance and with a super mask and dark eye. Good size, bone, balance and body ratios, firm topline and correct angulation. Super sound mover once he settled. In full coat, lovely dark red brown and correct texture.

2nd Vannroy Push the Button at Dacfolke. Another gorgeous boy, little to split him from the winner except his light eye. So well put together, fabulous coat and condition and another one who excelled on the move.

3rd Nahkolam Legend

4th Icon of Kinglords z Leonkovho Raja for Jocolda JW

5th Amandalone C’est la Vie

Open Dog (7, 1ab)

1st CH Skjaergaardens Iwazaru Speak No Evil. Simply stunning, stood and on the move. Massive male but fitting the standard with the bone, construction, coat and balance missing in so many. Fabulous coat and condition, Love his head and expression, extrovert playful temperament, breed type and superb sound movement. Pleased to give him the Dog CC and BIS in full agreement with my co-Judge.

2nd CH/Nor CH Condalf Baldur. Strong male with excellent head and expression, so well made, fits the standard to perfection. Just not moving at his best today without his usual handler. Sound but without verve.

3rd JSY CH Nahkolam Blue Water

4th Vannroy Double Bluff at Dacfolke

5th CH Lionscourt Coeur de Lion of Brynarian