• Show Date: 16/08/2013
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Helen Cousins Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: Old English Sheepdog

Old English Sheepdogs – Welsh kennel Club – August 17th 2013

My thanks to the Officers & Committee for the invitation to judge and the hospitality. I was really pleased with my ticket winners, the dog so upstanding and masculine and the bitch so feminine, a picture stood together. I found the puppies an exciting prospect for the future and the the BPD &BPB were a lovely pair. I was pleased to see eye colour has improved since I last judged and it was lovely to see some dark eyes that give the typical bobtail expression. The rising topline was more in evidence and muscle has improved which was reflected in the movement. I was dismayed however to find a few incorrect bites, I am not a fault judge but sometimes you have to take this into consideration when deciding close placing’s. Overall I was more than pleased with the quality, thank you for your entries

MPD - 1 1. Steele – Irresistible Boy Of Reality With Arthrug Super 7mth old who lives up to his name and is quite irresistible. He excels in head with lovely dark eyes. Nicely arched neck, straight front with correctly laid back angulated shoulder. Cobby with a nice rise. Strong quarters with a lovely turn of stifle. Moved well when he settled and got into his stride. I’m sure he has a bright future ahead of him.

PD - 1 1 - Terry – Shaggylands Ticket To Ride Loved this upstanding11mth old young man, he is so sound and well balanced, and has the most attractive markings. Has a large skull, strong muzzle & foreface, lovely dark eyes. Well laid back shoulders, compact dog with plenty of substance. Good spring of ribs, rising topline, strong angulated back end with low set hocks. Coat changing well, lovely blue colour and harsh texture coming through. Moved freely around the ring with drive. Impressive side profile on the move. Pleased to award him BP pushed hard for RCC a top quality youngster with a bright future ahead.

LD - 4 (1ab) 1 Laybourne – Mellowdee The Magician In Dominoedsale A lovely short compact boy well put together. Large head, defined stop with typical dark eyes. Good reach of neck leading into well angulated shoulder. Well off for bone. Good spring of rib, cobby with good width over the loins. Correct rear angulation, nice bend of stifle. Moved well

2 Powell – Pouchymo I’m No Pushover Masculine dog who is lovely to go over with attractive markings, an honest working dog with a masculine head, good stop & muzzle. Correctly angulated shoulders, good shape & topline. Neat quarters, moved well. He has an abundance of coat but it needs to finish clearing to complete the picture.

3 Hodgson & Brager - Rankin Jeddep Hairy Biker

OD – 4 1 Georgion - Ch Jeddep Male Model This dog has matured into everything I hoped he would after the last time I judged him and gave him a RCC. Impressive masculine dog standing four square, fills the eye with his super shape. Large capricious skull, well defined stop and has the darkest of eyes giving him that typical bobtail expression. Straight front, good depth of chest, clean shoulders, gently arched neck, good spring of rib, cobby with a lovely rise, broad in the loin. Well muscled angulated quarters with low set hocks which he really used on the move, typical driving movement around the ring. So well balanced throughout. Beautifully presented looked a picture stood, had no hesitation in award him CC & BOB. Well done a credit to his owner.

2 Crane-Duplocks Mirene - Austrian Affair Another lovely dog with a lot to like. Excellent head properties, strong foreface. Enough neck, defined withers, well off for bone. Plenty of coat of a good colour & texture. Well angulated quarters, good muscle. Moved out well around the ring just preferred the shape of 1.

3 Laybourne – Mellowdee The Magician In Dominoedsale

MPB - 2 1 Jones – Lafite Aus Dem Elbe-Urstromtal With Wenallt (Imp) Nicely put together younger looking a little leggy at the moment as she has grown up quickly. Excels in head, strong foreface. Good reach of neck leading into well laid back shoulders. Plenty of bone, all in proportion. Well angulated quarters, nicely let down hocks which she used on the move. Covered the ring with ease with flowing driving movement.

2 Membridge – Hibray Top Spot Lovely youngster she was full of the joys of spring a real character. Attractively marked with an expression full of mischief. Good head and neck, nicely angulated fore & aft. Short backed, nice rise. Very animated on the move and when she did start to settle did not seem to find her stride but time is with her.

PB – 2 Very difficult class with 2 super bitches of different types, I really had to split hairs

1 Joice – Brinkley Emma Rose What a sweet 10mth old feminine girl who is very striking to look at. Lovely head with a broad skull the sweetest of expressions and a twinkle in her clear blue wall eye and dark brown one. Well defined withers, straight front, plenty of bone. Has everything in the right place. Lovely short back with a good rising topline. Well muscled quarters for her age with correct angulation. This youngster must surely have a bright future. Moved well with drive. Was pleased to award her BPB

2 Crane – Duplock – Aryakas Ophelia at Mirene Nice youngster with a pleasing shape and a lot to like. Well put together with a lovely front. Well defined withers, deep in brisket for her age. Lovely square shape, well angulated quarters. Moved well. In the middle of changing coat, she has a lovely clear blue coat coming through. I’m sure these 2 will change places many times, I really had to split hairs. J

B – 2 (1ab) 1 Georgian – Millwinkie Moment In Time Feminine young girl with everything in the right place. Nicely shaped skull, neat ears, good stop and muzzle. She has the sweetest of expressions. Correct neck, pleasing forehand. Compact with plenty of substance, deep brisket for one so young.. Good width over the loin, strong quarters with a lovely bend of stifle. Well let down hocks, move with drive. She has such a pleasing outline and I’m watch her progress with interest

YB – 1 1 Jones – Take A Chance On Me At Quemmerford Larger than I normally like but no denying how well put together this girl is. She is so strong in her head & foreface but remains feminine. Lovely straight front plenty of substance. Good depth of chest & brisket. Loved her shape so well balanced and in proportion. Correctly angulated quarters fore & aft, well muscled nice to feel good thigh muscle. Moved with drive. Well off for coat which is of a good colour & texture, just need to finish changing. Presented to perfection, pushed hard for RCC.

PGB – 4 (1ab) 1 Smith – Jeddep Romance Returns To Rischale Loved this one as a youngster and she has come on really well. She has the most feminine of head & expressions with all the correct proportions, well defined stop nice square muzzle. Nicely arched neck, straight front, correctly angulated well laid back shoulders. Well off for bone. Clear blue coat of a good texture. Strong well muscled rear, low set hocks, good all round construction moved with drive.

2 Hodgson – Jeddep Katwalk Kikki at Ragglebarn Litter sister to above and has many of the same qualities. Strong head properties, lovely neck & front. Cobby bitch well balanced throughout, has a lovely harsh dark grey coat with a good break. Strong quarters with hard muscle. Moved with drive, very little between these two.

 Castle – Molyneux It’s A Kind Of Magic LB – 4 (1ab) 1.Winsons – Meisan Roly Poly Angelique Loved this young lady so very feminine yet plenty of her. Lovely broad head, defined stop, 1 dark eye & 1 clear blue pigmented wall eye, nice square muzzle. Good reach of neck leading into well angulated shoulders. Deep brisket, short back, nice rising topline. Well muscled quarters with well let down hocks. Loved her cobby shape, carrying a harsh clear blue coat with a good break. Moved freely around the ring with drive. I was pleased to award this promising lady a well deserved RCC

2. Wakefield - Forestbelle Dreamboat Feminine young lady with attractive marking, she has everything in the right place. Nicely shaped skull, neat ears, good stop & muzzle. Correct neck, pleasing forehand. Well balanced throughout with plenty of substance. Good depth of brisket, short in coupling, well angulated quarters, moved well. Has an abundance of coat of a pigeon blue colour as we used to know it, lovely break in the coat, beautifully presented. On times the amount of coat didn’t show her beautiful shape off to its best advantage. A very hard decision and had to split hairs between them, 2 top quality bitches

 Terry Shaggylands Rumour Has It

OB – 4 1. Wilkinsons – Ch Kalaju Klassic Dream This bitch has maturing into a first class bitch since I last judged her. Such a feminine bitch who fills the eye with her beautiful shape. She has a strong head and foreface, dark eyes. Good reach of neck leading into clean correctly angulated shoulders, nice straight fromnt and plenty of bone. Good spring of rib, short bac and plenty of width over the loin. Excels in a well muscled angulated hindquarters, moved freely around the ring with drive. She is carrying a crisp clear blue harsh coat, looked a picture when stood, beautifully presented as always from this kennel. I had no hesitation in awarding her the CC. A credit to her owner

2 Millward – Wilbamil Worlds Apart Another larger girl totally balanced and in proportion and needs handling to be appreciated. Pleasing head, good front, well off for bone, neat clean shoulders. Lovely square bitch carrying a good quality jacket. Well angulated quarters, moved well around the ring

3 Powell – Pouchymo Pins & Needles

Helen Cousins Judge