• Show Date: 06/10/2013
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Ann Beckett-Bradshaw Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

South Yorkshire Whippet Club

Breed: Whippet

South Yorkshire Whippet Club Championship Show



My thanks to the officers and committee of SYWC for inviting me to judge the bitch entry at their 2013 Championship show, and to the lovely entry that awaited me there. The atmosphere at the show was delightful and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

It has been a while since I last judged whippet bitches and I was really looking forward to seeing how much (if at all) the quality of the entry had changed.

Jackie and Pam, my able stewards kept things running smoothly and efficiently and for that, I thank them!

I was shocked at how many of the entry were really dirty – losing clouds of hair as I went over them on the table, and at least 3 were in season – hardly fair on the whippet males in the room! There were also at least 4 bad mouths, more than I have seen in a while! On the good side, there were some really gorgeous girls and I had to make some really tough decisions. I would have liked a few more red cards for sure! Those who won their classes are all destined for greater things I am sure! Thank you all once again.

Veteran Bitch (6 – 2 Abs)

1 Mycrofts Ch. Supeta’s Bootilicious Babe Sh CM

Very attractive, feminine pale fawn. Well balanced all through. Curvy underline. Good rear quarters. Moved with good extension in front and so sound coming and going. Preferred her topline, which just gave her the edge.

2 Stock & Gilmours Ch. Sporting Field Winged Dove over Dumbriton (Imp)

White parti that I have always admired. Elegant and graceful, she is like a piece of porcelain. Long neck and good shoulders, which showed on her lovely front movement, good depth of chest and tuck up. In wonderful condition for her age. Both girls were a credit to their owners.

3 Colcloughs Silver Sorceress at Wilver

Minor Puppy Bitch (15 – 1 Abs)

1 & BPB Gillespies Penbriar Duchess

I fell in love with this gorgeous baby and could have taken her home with me. Beautifully balanced with flowing lines throughout, she was pure quality. Well angulated front and rear, feminine and a lovely size. Super topline and underline. She used herself perfectly and was totally sound coming and going, she had good reach in front and drove well from the rear. Amazingly settled for one so young! I will be watching her with interest.

2 Wheelers Ranvelli Swede Heart

This pretty feminine girl has a great deal to like about her. Beautiful head and expression.Long neck let into correct shoulder placement. Excellent upper arm and good spring to her pastern. Lovely feet. A trifle longer than my 1st but super quality all through. Moved very sound coming and going and with good front extension. Must also have a very bright future.

3 Gillespies Penbriar She’s A Lady

Puppy Bitch (14 – 1 Abs)

1 Bray & Sillitos Cyangrange Giocomo Delphino

Red bitch with white trim. This girl took my eye as soon as she came into the ring. Beautifully balanced, lovely head and ears and super feminine expression. Good neck with excellent shoulders and upper arm. Good spring of pastern. Good topline, and excellent depth of chest for one so young. Lovely size and type. Moved well once her ‘enthusiasm’ was checked a little - with more control, she was a joy to watch.

2 Robinsons Tarward Willow JW

Fawn and white girl with everything in the right place. A little shorter coupled than my class winner, but with many of her good points too. Good front and rear angulation. Lovely topline. Sound moving with positive drive from the rear. Good depth to her brisket, correct slope of pastern and lovely feet. Well let down hocks. Will do well.

3 Hunts Sakota Super Sensational

Junior Bitch (14 – 6 Abs)

1 Bray & Sillitos Cyangrange Giocomo Delphino

2 Shorts Collooney Whoopee Do Dora

I really liked this feminine and petite brindle girl who was unlucky to meet the winner today. Quality head and sweetest expression. Very whippety. Good neck and the best of shoulders. Good fill in to her front. Correct bone. Lovely underline. Excellent movement, she has a sound, reachy style. Good feet and pasterns. Top quality and beautifully presented.

3 Proctors Jodana Avoca

Yearling Bitch (14 – 1 Abs)

1 CC & BIS Yacoby-Wrights Tylko Cobyco Paranoia (Imp Poland)

The first 3 girls in this class were pure quality, but this stunning brindle girl was my ‘Find of the Day’! She ticked all the boxes and was everything I was looking for in a whippet girl. Correct size, feminine, no exaggerations. For me she fitted the breed standard to a ‘T’! She had the grace and elegance I was looking for, correct balance and angulation, and putting everything together, she moved with drive and a lovely low reaching front action that looked like she could move all day long. She was sound coming and going and didn’t put a foot out of place. A pleasure to watch and a joy for me to be able to give her the CC and with my co-judge’s agreement BIS too!

2 Quirks Almakaela Wispers on Wings

Brindle and white trim who was in no way disgraced to come 2nd in this class. Pretty head and expression with good ears, she was feminine and of a nice size. Well balanced, with excellent front and rear angulation. Good topline although a trifle shorter coupled than my winner. Good pasterns, legs and feet. Sound mover with good reach and drive. Excellent muscle, coat and skin. A really nice type of whippet. Her day will come I’m sure.

3 Mycrofts Supeta’s Eclipse JW Sh CM

Graduate Bitch (13 – 1 Abs)

1 Davies’ Pasharif Play it Again

Fawn and white with a lovely head and expression. Balanced. Good sound front assembly, with good rear angulation. Good depth and spring of rib. Lovely topline (although her colouring could mislead the eye) with plenty of length and a lovely curvy underline. Good feet and nails. Excellent spring of pastern. Good bone and in lovely condition. Movement very positive and sound with good reach in front.

2 Robinsons Tarward Willow JW

3 Heads Demerlay Poetry in Motion

Post-Graduate Bitch (14 – 1 Abs)

1 Kings Demerlay Brown Sugar at Daleko

I have admired this white trimmed red girl from the ringside and she didn’t disappoint me on closer inspection. She has a lot to like. She was feminine with the prettiest head and correct eye shape. Well balanced with a lovely curvey outline. Good neck with well placed shoulders. Good depth of chest and spring of rib. Moved soundly with excellent drive from her rear quarters and low front action. To be super critical, I would like to see her moved a shade faster to show her lovely movement to best advantage.

2 Wilkinsons Benzfreya Swing Time

Brindle and white trim. This girl was feminine, beautifully balanced, with elegance and grace. She has a lovely outline. The longest of necks let into well laid shoulders. Excellent depth and good length through the loin. Good broad thighs. Stood over her ground. Lovely front action and drive from behind. Sound mover who was unlucky to meet my winner today.

3 Ellams Demerlay Black Coffee

Mid Limit Bitch (14 – 3 Abs)

WOW! I could have done with some more red cards in this class. It was FULL of really good quality whippet bitches who must ensure that the breed is safe for some generations to come. I only had 5 places and some that went home cardless will be winners on another day. Superb class!

1 Coulters Collooney Eye Candy

Elegant red and white bitch full of quality and substance. Pretty head and expression. Good underjaw, well set ears. Good neck set into well laid shoulders and correct upper arm. Good forechest and straight front. Lovely depth with good underline and tuck up. Correct loin. Broad well angulated rear quarters. She moved with correct low front action and used her rear quarters well underneath her body for propulsion. Sound as a bell. Well presented and handled.

2 Rees & Jones’ Kierpark Don’t Stop Me Now

Top quality brindle girl, slightly finer throughout than my winner. Well balanced. Good head and feminine expression. Nice ears. Good neck let into well laid shoulders. Good spring of rib and excellent depth of chest. Lovely underline. Broad rear quarters. Well let down hocks. Nice bone. Moved very well coming and going and with excellent extension in her profile movement. Fine coat and skin. Just preferred the topline on 1st.

3 Morris, Waddell & Greens Crosscop Count on Me JW

Limit Bitch (21 – 6 Abs)

1 Ormond & Julls Linalkin Meadow Lark JW Sh CM

Fawn brindle girl and she is a REAL girl!! Feminine and elegant. Pretty head with fine ears. Long neck let into beautifully laid back shoulders. Straight front. Good depth of chest and spring to her rib. The best of toplines and a lovely curvy underline. Good strong thighs, well muscled. Good fine coat. She has grace of outline and symmetry, puts it all together and uses it all on the move! This was what won her the class today. Super!

2 Mixides’ Yialousa Scarlett Ribbon

Another lovely feminine girl. Red brindle and white with many of the winner’s attributes– I had to ‘nit pick’ to decide between 1st and 2nd. They could easily change places on another day. Feminine and well balanced with a good outline. Good head shape, with correct underjaw and well shaped eye. Good length of neck with well placed shoulders. Good depth of chest and spring of rib. Moved soundly with excellent drive from her rear quarters.

3 Wilton-Clarkes Shalfleet Sugar Frosting JW

Open Bitch (16 – 2 Abs)

1 & Res. CC Morris, Waddell & Donaldsons Collooney Slack Alice at Crosscop

An unobtrusive and sympathetic handler and a top quality bitch who was absolutely on fire! What a combination! This gorgeous red whippet girl pushed my CC winner hard! She has a lovely head and expression. Fine ears. Straight front with a long neck let into beautifully laid back shoulders. Excellent depth of chest and spring of rib. Super topline and curvy underline. Good length and arch over her loin. Strong thighs, well muscled. Beautiful fine coat and skin. Her conformation is exactly what you need to be able to move the way she did today. Perfectly presented! She just didn’t put a foot wrong. Couldn’t be denied!


2 Howgate and Hulls Ch. Palmik Magical Whispers JW

A worthy champion that I have long admired from the ringside and was sincerely delighted to have the opportunity to go over her. Much has been said about her quality and soundness already and I expect that there is little I could add. She is truly top drawer and looked comfortable and relaxed today but was unlucky to meet my winner in such good form. Beautifully handled!

3 Heads Ch. Demerlay Regency Romance JW

Judge Ann Beckett-Bradshaw (Hutaka)