• Show Date: 27/12/2012
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Sara Lamont Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Yorkshire Bulldog Club

Firstly I must congratulate the officers and committee of the club for hosting such a great show, with a super atmosphere and outstanding hospitality! Thank you to my ring stewards and finally to the exhibitors that accepted all my placing’s with good sportsmanship. I had an entry of 102 from 97 dogs of which 51 dogs were present on the day. Overall I found the movement to be of a very high standard with no lame dogs nor any showing respiratory distress. Noses’ could still be improved, many were tight or pinched. I was most surprised at the lack of width and straightness of jaws, something I feel is fundamental in obtaining the ‘sour’ expression our breed is meant to have. That said I was very pleased with the quality of the breed represented today.

MPD (9,4abs)

1. Britishrose He Who Dares, BPD, White 7mth old. Correct square front framed by well boned legs leading to super tight paws, moving his width on the return. Broad flat skull with good clear eye, good size nose with open nostrils. Solid nose rope but not impeding on nose or layback. For his age showing the correct maturity and has the required framework for him to grow well. Good topline and rear angulation, moved well with the correct roll. Was very little in it for the BPIS challenge.

2. Shadow in my Coat, R/W who was finer in head then my winner. Well wrinkled with good pigment. Sufficient straight bone. I particularly liked his body shape and depth due to well barrelled ribs and drop of brisket. Short bodied with ok topline. Sound movement.

3. Andlare Thunder and Lighting

PD (3,1abs)

1. Melafella the Gentleman, 11mth Dark R/W. Strong front with compact paws and super short nails. Finely wrinkled with well set eyes and neat rose ears. Nice body shape with good topline. Moved well.

2. Milasha Boris at Erimusbulls, R/W pied. Classic broad flat skull with good eye and cushion of muzzle. Sufficient bone on a cobby body. Good topline, moved ok.

JD (6,2abs)

1. Carasmel’s Johnson, 16mth R/W who is a typical example of this kennels stamp. Such clean lines with no coarseness of coat making a very tidy dog in appearance. This dog excelled in movement which was unrestricted and sound with good rear angulation. Short bodied, good topline and set of tail. Pushed his kennel mate hard in the line-up but preferred a straighter forearm.

2. Asharlo Could it be Magic, R/W heavier in wrinkle and ear then my winner but still lots to like about him. Lovely body shape and length resulting in a good topline. Moved well and to this width on the return due to this super straight bone.

3. Jacabella Rapscallion

GD (6,4abs)

1. Carasmel’s Hamilton at Soultime, brother to JD and of the same stamp with many of the same qualities. Good head with correct set and shape of eyes and ears and a true jaw. Short and shapely body. Could do with some more weight to balance him but moved well.

2. Rospaw Soldier Boy, R/W heavier then my winner. Stocky but shapely body of good size. Correct brick shaped skull with good width throughout but sluggish on the move.

PGD (6, 4abs)

1. Broxup Cattle Drover at Shiloh, Br/W with good head properties. I particularly liked this width and fit of jaw. Good size nose with open nostrils. Strong front that was well boned. Longer cast but moved ok.

2. Fusion Forever at Tinkabull, smaller standard sized R/W. Slightly heavy in head and wrinkle and I would have preferred a tighter eye. Broad flat skull with neat rose ears. Sufficient bone to okay feet.

LD (7, 5abs)

1. Gailbulls Ringo He’s a Star, 5yr old and son of Veteran winner. Large Br who was well filled for his age but still carrying the correct pear shape. Won the class on quality of head. Classic and well propertied with no coarseness. Dark eyes, big nose with good nostrils and no heavy wrinkle, well rounded cheeks with good cushion of muzzle and width of foreface throughout. Good bone on still tight paws, moved well.

2. Rhydycroeau Stargazer, 19mth R/W male who excels on size profile. A lovely outline with a well-developed short body with good tail set and length. Sufficient boned front. I would have preferred more muzzle pigment and width throughout his foreface.

OD (7, 3abs)

1. Carasmel’s Solo, BD, RBIS & BOS same stamp as JD & GD. This 3 yr old R/W could show himself! He started moving before his handler had suggested it! Another smart and tidy dog from this kennel. Well up to size, but shapely. Good head and jaw with correct tight round eyes and rose ears. Strong front that’s well boned on strong pasterns and compact feet. Well-deserved win.

2. Dempsey Billy the Kidd, RBD, a little coarse for me, but still a very honest R/W dog. Strong head with broken wrinkle, well defined skull that was broad and flat. Good ear and eye set. I particularly liked this padding of foreface giving him width throughout with good width of jaw. Strong front of good bone, sufficient neck leading in to a good sturdy body.

3. Jaqles Raffa for Shipshape

VD/B (4,2abs)

1. Gailbulls Borders Rose, BVIS, upstanding 8 yrs old and a real credit to her owner. Br/W bitch even at her age still carry so many virtues that are sought for today. Shapely with good head. Good eyes with good nose with open nostrils. Sufficient bone providing a pleasing front. She moved well.

2. Tandstun Isabella of Tyneamite, 7yr old R/W bitch. Different type to my winner much smaller in stature but moved well with let-down hocks. Strong front well filled body and ok topline. Seemed to be enjoying her day!

MPB (15, 4abs)

Biggest class of the day.

1. Tailor Maid of Tailored, BPB & BPIS. Beautiful well pigmented 7mth old R/W bitch. Very feminine features. Well-developed chest, strong bone to neat feet with short nails. Correct rose ears and dark eye, wouldn’t want her any heavier in wrinkle, hopefully maturity will aid this. Lovely body shape with correct arch of neck and a strong backend, good tail set and ok tail. Moved sound and to her width on the return. Well-deserved win.

2. Eviennes Lake of Rhydycroesau, R/W smaller and more compact then my winner. Sufficient bone to her front. Cobby body and a well-proportioned head with good ear set. Well filled cheeks and good nose and nostrils, would have liked more pigment to complete and add depth to her muzzle.

3. Neptunebull Olympic Dream

PB (7, 4abs)

1. Shiloh Blossom Dearie, large 19mth R/W, Slightly out of coat and lacking toning in her body. Strong well boned straight front, walking her width on the return. Good width of skull supported by her good width of jaw with good clear dark eye.

2. Myeisha Three Times a Lady, compact R/W bitch. Feminine girl with classic skull. Well set dark eyes and neat rose ears. Handler needs more experience to get the best of her.

3. Shipshape Majorie

JB (9, 3abs)

This was such a strong class which meant good dogs went further down the line then I would have liked! My first two placings excelled in femininity and were awarded as such.

1. De Ca’n Benet Starmenta Linmist, BB & BIS. 16 mth old R/W a truly standard girl that had the best side profile of the day. Her natural curves means she has the correct depth of chest and brisket so that her underline and tuck up equally reflect her topline, finished with a near perfect tail. Finer head qualities helped her maintain her femininity and also won her BIS. Flat skull, neat rose ears and correctly set dark eyes. She’s a compact bitch, but not stuffy with a lovely reach of neck. Moving soundly and to her width, with the correct required short stepped stride. Happy to award her BIS.

2. Mystyle Eclipse Asharlo, some similar qualities to 1. Slightly heavier in head but still maintaining feminine qualities. Good skull, well rounded cheeks and width of foreface that is well pigmented. Another that walked with width well and soundly.

3. Bullpei Emerlda Dooley

GB (8, 5abs)

1. Newrock Guilty Pleasure at Davasil, 2yr old Pale Fawn Pied. Classic bitch in size, body shape and skull. Broad flat skull, dark round eye and good nose size. Moved okay and again another bitch that excelled in profile and natural curves. She pushed hard for top honours but required a better tail to go further.

2. Ricatori Missy Mayhem Baby by Mollrue, R/W that excels in head qualities on a well-made neck. Sufficient bone but more weight would help balance her out. Okay tail set and moved ok.

3. Melafella Red Perry at Rospaw

PGB (8,4abs)

1. Andlare’s Late Fall, 3yr old smart R/W. Lot to like about her as not overly done and finely wrinkled, good nose and nostrils with a true jaw. Well-developed chest and well tacked on shoulders and good straight bone, good barrel of rib and ok top line and tail.

2. Rospaw Heaven Sent, 2yr old R/W bitch. Stout bitch with strong well boned front and compact paws. Short body and good topline. Tail set alittle high and moved ok.

3. Princess Star Light

LB (6, 3abs)

1. Myboz Pretty Special Bokabull, RBB a very pretty red bodied and white headed bitch. Classic flat skull with round dark appealing eyes, good nose and nostrils, good width of foreface and matching under jaw. At 6.5yrs old she had a super body shape and moved enthusiasm. Won the class on her quality of layback, but needed a better tail to go all the way.

2. Onthebul Enchanted Pearl, Dark R/W bitch of full pigmentation. Lots to like and was a very close call with 1st place. Heavier in wrinkle then my winner but didn’t impede on the nose. Strong front with well-developed chest, good bone to tight feet. Shapely body and correct topline finished with a good tail and set. Moved well.

3. Sealaville She’s Tizzy with Joethebull

OB (3, 2abs)

1. Maxibulz Willow the Wisp, 21 mth large Br/W who had the best fit and width of jaw of the day. Upstanding and tidy girl with good head, clear eye, big nose. Good bone to ok feet. Longer cast but sufficient topline finished with a good tail. Moved ok.

Judge Sara Lamont