• Show Date: 06/06/2012
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ric Beall Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 01/12/2021

Guildford & District Canine Society

Bernese Mountain Dog J (3) 3 very nice youngsters. 1 Hellingsworth’s Carabaz Ice Nine. Fairly well balanced dog of almost 17 months and in good condition. Good depth of body throughout and standing on tight feet. Pleasing head with tight, dark eye and very good dentition. Straight, well filled front. Rounded rump and strode out well on the move. 2 Richman’s Tickburn Phil Again. 14 month old dog with good head and expression. He was close up to the winner with good front, firm topline and well muscled rear. I Just preferred the hind angulation, feet and front movement of the winner, but this may improve with maturity. 3 Flanagan’s Collansues Twinkles Dream. PG (4 2) 1.Flanagan’s Collansues Vienna Swirl. Very good balanced outline and basic construction on this attractive girl who has an excellent height to length ratio. Slow maturing sort, at just 2 years she has plenty of time to finish and fill her frame. Head is very good with strong straight muzzle. Moderate length of neck leads into a firm, level topline both of which are complemented by her correct angles fore and aft. Displayed excellent movement. 2 Wharton’s Harvestbank Daddy Cool. Powerful and masculine dog of 22 months with extrovert temperament. Couldn’t match the neck and overall balance of the winner, but well developed in body and quarters. Good coat and deep front. When he settled moved out purposefully and carried himself well. O (6 3) Rumble’s Glamrock Ballroom Blitz By Glenbrienz ShCM. Impressive, mature male of 4 years. Scores in outline which is easy on the eye and in excellent coat. Head is strong and masculine without being overdone. Lovely depth of front and tight feet. Well laid shoulders flow into a level topline and rounded croup. Strong angulated hindquarters enable good drive to his reachy even stride. Best of Breed and Working Group 4 . 2 Flanagan’s Collansues Snow Wonder. Attractive and feminine bitch of 2 years who was in very good condition and coat. Her overall make and shape is most pleasing, but not yet being fully mature she was a touch high over the rear as compared to the winner. Correct forehand and good depth of body throughout. Lovely temperament and very showy. Clean, easy mover she pressed the winner hard and took Res Best of Breed. 3 Goodyear’s Harvestbank Chantilly Lace JW.

Boxer P (2) 1 Millhouse’s Jaytopher Brightest Witch. Immature, yet very elegant brindle puppy bitch of 11 months built on clean lines. Typical head and expression, level, slightly sloping topline and graceful underline. I would prefer greater angulation at shoulder but future development of forechest and depth of body with maturity may improve the appearance of this. Nice tight feet and well boned. Somewhat unsettled on the move, but did eventually display an even gait. 2 Millhouse’s Jaytopher Black Pearl. Darker brindle litter sister to winner and little to separate them at this stage. I found her to be more immature than her sister with slightly less depth of body. Scored in head and eye and clean length of neck. Both girls would benefit from more schooling. J (3) 1 Weller’s Geenawell Prim and Proper. Smart red bitch of 13 months with the most attractive head and expression. Clean arched neck leads into well laid shoulders and a straight front. She still needs to develop in forechest, but depth of brisket reaches elbow and she is well covered in very good muscular condition. Reasonably well balanced with clean wither and strong level topline which is not too long. I’d like to see maturity provide her with just a touch more turn of stifle. Tracked true coming and going with particularly good hind action. Best of Breed. 2 Millhouse’s Jaytopher To Infiinity. 11 month brindle litter brother to both puppies. Boisterous and masculine with good length of leg. His strong, typical head appears a little out of balance while he waits to fill his large frame. Straight front and tight feet his overall shape did not depart too far from square when he settled. Powerful hindquarters drove him around the ring. A change of handler in the challenge brought about a better presentation of this boy enabling him to take Best Puppy. 3 Mitchell’s Isfield Pink Lady at Diceulon. PG (1) 1 Mitchell’s Diceulon Quickstepper. 14 month old brindle boy with well proportioned and balanced headpiece which is masculine without being overdone and mounted on a clean arched neck. Built on elegant lines, he was another who was immature and needing greater depth of body and covering throughout. Steady mover with good action in profile. O (3) 1 Spanswick’s Tudora Glad All Over. 6 year old mature red male. No doubt as to his masculinity or musculature. Strong, square outline and very showy carrying his pleasing head on a clean length of neck. Super front which is straight and well filled without being overdone. Firm, short back. Powerful well bent stifles, but appeared a little overangluated in the challenge and lacked a little enthusiasm on the move although he was very true coming and going. Reserve Best of Breed. 2 Mitchell’s Nyefields Trendy Miss with Diceulon. Pretty brindle bitch of 3 years who could have pressed harder if not slightly unsettled. Not quite as square in outline as the winner but well filled, angulated quarters combined with good length of leg to depth of body ratio made her reasonably well balanced. Attractive head and eye with lovely expression. She displayed positive action on the move. 3 Millhouse’s Jaytopher Walk This Way.

Bullmastiff J (3 1) 1 Crook & Gamble’s Achatesbay Miss Venus. Smart attractive fawn of 16 months with a pleasing outline. Lovely alert expression with her well set ears enhancing square shape of skull. Head is feminine, proportionate with dark mask. Strong, straight front. A shade long cast and coat was not at its best, but strong firm topline and correct angles fore and aft. Easy, sound mover. 2 Bruty’s Rosco’s Jack Daniels. 10 month fawn puppy of good size and bone. Masculine head with strong underjaw. Not the earset of the winner and I would prefer a fuller mask. Lovely depth of front which was straight. Scores in loin and flank with firm short back. I found him to be carrying too much weight but this did not impede his sound, strong movement. Best Puppy and Puppy Group 2. PG (2) 1 Blunden & Quantrill’s Achatesbay Stupid Cupid of Licassa. Strapping red litter sister to Miss Venus and although much stronger and substantial throughout, she is compact and carries herself very well. Great substance and condition she is impressive without being cumbersome as demonstrated through her powerful and easy movement. Head is square and although it could be a little cleaner is complemented by a good ear. Good front for width and depth standing on good tight feet. Pleasing shoulder, stifles and rounded croup. Reserve Best of Breed. 2 Cole’s Alwencourt Wild Rose. 18 months old fawn with feminine square headpiece and attractive expression. Nicely angulated fore and aft and generally well put together. She was, however, longer cast than the winner and not wearing her best coat. Sound, enthusiastic mover. O (4 3) 1 Cole’s Licassa Kublai Khan of Alwencourt. Rising 2 year old exuberant fawn boy. Masculine, strong and compact with well filled quarters which provide good balance. Square head, strong underjaw, dark mask and pleasing expression. Pasterns could be a touch stronger, but he has great substance and bone. Super free moving dog, tracking true to and fro with an impressive side gait. Best of Breed.

Ric Beall