• Show Date: 30/12/2012
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ric Beall Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 01/12/2021

Luton Canine Association

Great Dane. P (7 2) 1 Pearson's Cismeralda Von Tir Na Nogh at Daneworth (Imp Deu). Tall harlequin girl of 9 months. Elegant, yet substantial, built on clean lines and the most balanced outline of the class. Fills her quarters well with good depth of body and spring of rib. Head is balanced, in proportion to body and carried well on good length of neck which is arched. Firm topline and adequate rear angulation for her age. Needs to develop and mature in musculature. Sound, easy mover with good length of stride and tracked true coming and going. Best Puppy. 2 Pocock's Tamzdane Whoopie Pie. Black girl of just 6 months. Quite immature as one would expect but scored highly in forehand, with shapely well laid shoulders, straight front of width and depth. A strong head with typical expression although eye needs to tighten. Very good spring of rib, firm loin and correct width of thigh. Needs to strengthen behind to improve movement which was rather close behind and generally erratic, but she has time. 3 Grierson's Jaydania Wyoming. PG (6 3) 1 Drew's Lindeefay Cover Girl. Attractive brindle girl of almost 19 months. Balanced quarters, good topline, length of leg and neck all lent themselves to a very good outline. Lovely, well proportioned head and pleasing expression. In excellent condition she was good to go over. Carries herself very well both standing and on the move where she demonstrated a lithe, free gait with particularly pleasing profile action. Pressed very hard in the challenge, but being slightly long cast for perfect balance she had to settle for Reserve Best of Breed today. 2 Rose's Renescent Haut La Couture. 3 year old blue boy. Earned his place over 3 due to his good condition and musculature which contributed to a stronger outline. His handler could have assisted more in presenting him to advantage, but he displayed, good size, substance, spring of rib, coupling and strength to topline. Pleasing width of body and standing on tight feet. Not the angulation or head of the winner. Once settled on the move, he did so with strength and purpose. 3 Kime's Rogzdane Out of Control. O (9 5) 1 Pocock's Tamzdane Jamaican Me Crazy. Showy, smart harlequin girl of 2 years. Being correctly short coupled with good angulation fore and aft she presents a square and balanced outline which is enhanced by her markings. A strong head, it could be cleaner in flews, but head planes are parallel and skull to muzzle ratio is correct. Pleasing set and use of ear and crested neck. Straight front with good depth and width throughout. Good condition with spring of rib and short firm loin. Very eye catching on the move; a free, even gait with excellent reach and drive. Never stopped showing to take Best of Breed. I was very pleased to see her take Group 1 and Best In Show. 2 Kime's Fendane The Ring Master Via Rogzdane. Harlequin boy of 3 years. Not the biggest, but in excellent condition with such a well filled, solid frame which was good to go over. His cleaner, flowing outline just gave him the edge over 3. Nothing over done, but all male. Head planes are good with strong underjaw but could be narrower in back skull. Straight front, well sprung ribs and excellent loin. Croup could be a touch stronger, but stifles correctly angulated. When settled into his stride he demonstrated a good driving action. 3 Grosvenor's Alvenor The Foresters Arms.

Leonberger. J (5) 1, 2 and 3 in this class were all very good exhibits but all were at very different stages of development. 1 Niall & Rothery's Debbollinby Fiendish Flame at Davenheath. Gorgeous puppy bitch of 11 months with the most appealing head and expression. Such a balanced harmonious outline with correct height to length ratio and depth of body throughout. Held her topline both standing and on the move and put down in good condition. Pleasing colour and profuse coat. Correctly angulated fore and aft. Typical puppy movement, but very sound and she is still young. Best Puppy and I was very pleased to see her take Puppy Group 4. 2 Smith's Mohinhis Nikolai of Northern Night over Vanroy. Striking, showy dog of 14 months who carried himself so well both standing and on the move. Scores highly in head, front and correctly angulated quarters fore and aft. Just the right length to body, excellent coat and a great presence in the ring. Effortless,flowing movement. Pressed the winner very hard, but I would like to see him develop a touch more length of foreleg as he matures on. So much to like about him, his time should come. 3 Niall & Rothery's Debbollinby Warrior Dancer at Davenheath. PG (. 3). 1 Smiths Mohinhis Nikolai of Northern Night over Vanroy. 2 Vippond's Kitarn Urban Style. Feminine bitch of 2 years. By no means finished and coming along steadily, she now needs to develop into her quarters and fill her frame. Has plenty of time. Not the head or as clean in throat as winner, but presents a decent shape in outline. Moderate length of neck and satisfactory angulation. Held her topline well and displayed clean reach and drive on the move. 3 Niall & Rothery's Davenheath Dainty Lady. O (7 4) 1 Vippond & Webb's Zeldas Easy Rider. 19 month old dog who displayed a good outline for a young dog. Well balanced with good lay of shoulder, pronounced wither, height to length ratio and moderate turn of stifle. In good condition with full coat. Has good dark mask and roman nose although I would prefer a stronger underjaw. Straight front and good depth of body although feet could be slightly better. Moved out very well both in profile and back and forth. Best of Breed. 2 Niall & Rothery's Davenheath Dark Secret. Quality bitch of 21 months who pressed the winner hard but was not as positive on the move today or giving her best. She pleased on outline which is well proportioned and not overly long. Feminine, but still strong and substantial. Pleasing head and dark eye enhanced by dark mask. Correct length of neck, good spring of rib and strong croup. Liked her angles fore and aft and she earned Reserve Best of Breed. 3 Niall & Rothery's Pagency Primera Augustino at Davenheath.

Ric Beall