• Show Date: 19/02/2012
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 27/03/2020

Matlock & District Canine Society



Italian Spinone

Junior (10) 1. Holt’s Gioviale Roccomonfina. Very steady 8 mths dog. Rooflike head, short, strong neck with classic crest, deep chest with plenty of heart room. Excellent return of upper arm, unexaggerated topline, broad, slightly sloping croup with good tailset. Typical feet. Moved very well indeed. BP & Puppy Grp 4. 2. Cropper’s Darrowdale Noble Maiden 3. Cropper’s Darrowdale Fieldfare

Graduate (5) 1. Holt’s Gioviale Brentoni. This dog has the most fabulous head and expression. Excellent forehand backed up by big, strong, bum, well ribbed up with minimal tuck up. Presented and handled beautifully. 2. Partridge’s Amberellie Aldabella 3. Stanley’s Jayline Angelyna

Open (6) 1. Coldwell’s Sh Ch Wynsett Ruby Tuesday at Lucoru. Nothing flashy, nothing elegant, just a pure, honest to goodness Spinone. Classic Spin head on short, strong neck, expression to die for. Presents a square outline with strong bone, deep brisket, well sprung ribs, muscular hindquarters, well turned stifles and dense, harsh coat. She displays typical, pounding, Spinone movement. You could certainly hear her coming. BOB & Grp 2. 2. James Bannnonbrig Bruce Almighty, RBOB. 3. Houltram’s Caldecani Cesario JW

German Shorthaired Pointer

Junior (5) 1. Trow’s Winterwell Tootsie Roll. Glorious type with fabulous outline and standing over plenty of ground. Super finish to foreface, kind eye with raised brows and broad, well set ears. So well angulated both front and rear, short strong hocks. She excels on the move displaying the noble, steady, powerful type that she is. BP, BOB, Grp 3, Puppy Grp 1 and Res BPIS. 2. Hudson-Smith & Smith’s Andsal Hot Shot 3. Heath’s Barleyarch Oreo

Graduate (1) 1. W. Tootsie Roll

Open (3) 1. Collins’ Twice As Nice of Forestpoint. What a soulful expression on this solid liver dog. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders, not the length or return of upper arm of Tootsie Roll. Well muscled throughout but a little down in pastern. Moved well. RBOB.

German Wirehaired Pointer

Junior (1) 1. Jackson’s Mikicin Midnight Mist. Presents a balanced picture, strong bone, shoulders well laid back, deep through back rib, firm back and compact feet. Pretty head but with few facial furnishings and needs to grow a wire coat all over. BP & RBOB.

Graduate (1) Abs

Open (1) 1. Jackson’s Germanus Genesia at Layasway. Loved this dog for size and type. Powerful and strong but without any hint of coarseness. Balanced head, kind expression with the required bushy eyebrows and beard. Straight front, good spring of rib and moved on an easy, ground covering stride. BOB.

AVNSC Gundog

Puppy (5) 1. Evan’s Toffee Crisp at Canterwey HWV. The best behaved in the class. Robust with good depth and spring of rib, head needs to break. Has beard but lacks eyebrows and needs to grow a wire coat all over body. Moved very well. BP. 2. Smith & Lynn’s Gunalt Afterglow Lucinda, NAF, TAF, Weimeraner 3. Collin’s Corranroo Cloudchaser at Forespoint, Irish R & W Setter

Junior (3) Close decision between 1 & 2, liked both very much. 1. Miller’s Roqfolly Royal Ballet ESS. Presents a racy outline with beautiful head and crest to neck. Deep, well sprung ribs, well let down behind, true ESS movement. 2. Hughes’ Jubilwell Freya Sussex

Post Graduate (6) 1. Cocking & Barnaby’s Bushwacker Thriller. Very typey WSS in good coat who beat a lovely English Setter who had left her coat at home. Symmetrical and compact body, masculine head, clean neck and shoulders, deep brisket, classic slightly arched loin. Never stopped wagging his tail and moved with verve and drive. 2. Bates’ Valsett Starlite Ruby Blush at Tudorfield English Setter 3. Dean’s Milligan Daytripper to Mountdown Sussex

Open (5) Fabulous class with all 4 being wonderful representatives of their breed. 1. Caine’s Goldenmist Royal Prince, American Cocker. So very stylish and presented and handled to perfection. Typical head with good chiselling and of excellent proportions. Strong back with even slope to topline, big ribs and short, strong body, well developed second thigh. Moved with animation and drive showing a clean pair of heels. BOB and Grp 1. 2. Miller’s Roqfolly Aftershock ESS, RBOB. 3. Whiting’s Questor Jacob, GLP

Cocker Spaniels

Puppy (3) 1. Reader’s Asquanne Genial at Kaniboo. Black, very merry and strong. Square all through. Pretty expression, with excellent square finish to muzzle. Strong bone and good feet, excellent spring of rib with strong quarters. Moved very well. BP. 2. Allsop’s Pelugias Queen Beatrix

Junior (2) 1. Benfield & Sneddon’s Plaiglen Magic Jewel. One you need to get your hands on to appreciate. Square and balanced with excellent spring of rib, lovely eye and expression. Very merry on the move. RBOB 2. Wilson’s Quettadene Startime at Camceb

Post Graduate

1. Palmer’s Dreamist Chasing Rainbows. Liked this B & W very much, square and Cockery in appearance. Handsome head with soft expression, ample reach of neck and good return of upper arm. Wish he’d gone with more verve in the challenge.

Open (1) Reader’s Kaniboo Midnight Diamond . Black. Cockery, cobby and workmanlike. Nothing elegant or flashy. Very handsome head and melting expression. Moved with purpose. BOB.

Gundog Group. 1. American Cocker 2. Spinone 3. GSP 4. Kanix Calypso By Kiswahili, Pointer.

Gundog Puppy Group 1. GSP 2. The very exciting and promising Gordon Setter, Bryerdale Oor Cantona 3. Buckleyhill Starlight, FCR

Christine Morgan