• Show Date: 16/09/2012
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 27/03/2020

Camborne Redruth Canine Society



A.V.GUNDOG VETERAN (12) 1. Pearn’s Brelade Miss Terious Sh CM, Cocker. 8 ½ yrs blue roan. Beautifully compact type, classic head, low set ears, big ribs, strong loin, moved very well.

2. Bissell’s Canaurum Golden Reign for Bisskids, Golden Retriever 3. Main’s Gwyngala Grenadier, Golden Retriever

BORDER TERRIERS. (2) 1. Warman’s Stockleigh Benny at Torleigh. Typical otter head, keen expression, good length of neck, ribs carried well back, thick skin and excellent coat. BOB. Preferred movement over 2. Kelland’s Kyscafter Lasting Legacy

A.V.N.S.C. TERRIER OPEN ( 4) 1. Long’s Eifricia New Adventure, Scottish Terrier. Good sized powerful dog displaying a balanced outline and carrying a superb topline. Long head, muscular neck, shoulders well laid back, lovely big bum, moved freely to take Best AVNSC and Grp 3. 2. Clark’s Honismart Ginger Snaps, Norwich Terrier 3. Long’s Eifricia Black Number, Scottish Terrier

A.V TERRIER PUPPY (1) 1. Madge’s Skorriers White Lilly Rose, Parson Russell. A real sweetie and a proper little show off. Puppy Grp 1.

TERRIER GROUP 1. L. Gone Racin, Bull Terrier. What a striking dog this is, covered the ground on a long, easy stride with typical jauntiness. 2. M Tiger Lad, Staffie 3. E. New Adventure

TERRIER PUPPY GROUP 1. S. White Lilly Rose 2. U. Rhapsody for W, Bull Terrier 3. M. Serendipity, Manchester Terrier

N.S.D.T.RETRIEVER Open (2) 1. Waugh’s Dinaskarrek Red Prancer of Genkara. This boy has the loveliest head and expression with that wonderful foxy look. Straight in front, deep through brisket, well ribbed up. Strong quarters with good second thigh development, typical springy gait BOB

2. Waugh’s Dinaskarrek Tephra of Genkara


Junior (4) 1. Meaker’s Meakwood Love ‘N Devotion. Balanced head, bright expression, strong neck, clean over shoulders, strong body, super spring of rib, stands on well padded feet BPIB and Grp 2. 2. Palmer’s Lochranza Destinys Child 3. Webb’s Caenriver Who’s A Cracker

Graduate (5) 1. Green & Brain’s Rothmia Queen Sophia at Melonerad. Presents a square outline, has good bone and very well padded feet. True in front, excellent spring of rib, strong loin, sound, merry mover. Preferred movement and back skull to 2. Meaker’s Charbonnel Thelma ‘N Louise 3. Webb’s Lucui All You Need Is Love at Caenriver

Open Dog (2) 1. Pearn’s Totenkopf Rocknrobin with Gwbert Sh CM, Grp 1 & RBIS. Apparently one I have done well for in the past. Superb presentation, square and compact, strong level topline with correct croup. Masculine head with good chiselling and such a kind eye. Square finish to muzzle, strong neck into clean shoulders and beautiful flare over his hips. Typical cocker movement showing a clean pair of heels. Showed his head off to be BOB, Grp 1 and RBIS. Well done. 2. Webb’s Clashann Guy Falkes by Caenriver

Open Bitch (3) 1. B Miss Terious. Has better forward reach than 2. Caenriver Topsy Turvy


Graduate (3) 1. Sullivan’s Roqfolly Star Sensation for Flourienn. Balanced outline displaying the raciness of the ESS. Well chiselled head, strong neck with lovely arch to it, well sprung ribs and muscular loin. Her free flowing movement won her the class over 2. McLean’s Carnmarth Conquest 3. Sullivan’s Carmarth Candlelight

Open (3) 1. Sullivan’s Flourenn’s Star Attraction Sh CM. Strong and compact appearance, head of good proportions, deep brisket with well sprung ribs, slightly arched loin, tail well set on, broad, well muscled quarters. Moved with the typical gait of this breed. BOB. 2. McLean’s Carnmarth Classic Destiny Sh CM 3. McLean’s Carbon Copy


Graduate (3) 1. Dimond & Dyer’s Braiths Christmas Love. Pleasing puppy, decent forequarters, ample spring of rib, level topline. Ever wagging tail, moved OK. 2. Boumonte’s Roxdale Lewys 3. Attwood’s Moorash Lady Ygraine of Kylowen

Open Dog (3) 1. Baguley & Crowther’s Tannamoor Hallmark at Lligwy Sh CM. Handsome lad of good type, balanced throughout, deep chest, strong quarters, level topline held firmly on the move. Covered plenty of ground with his smooth movement. BOB and Grp 3. Of better breed type than 2. Dyer’s Whitestone Joyful Ziggy of Roxdale 3. Baguley & Attwood’s Kylowen Gerrans Sh CM

Open Bitch (5) 1. Attwood’s Kylowen Gyllyngvase. Another of good breed type. Pleasing head with kind eye, decent spring of rib, strong, arched loin, good flare over hips. Moved well. Held a better topline than 2. Boumonte’s Navashambell Mountain Mist of Roxdale 3. Boumonte & Dimond’s Bushwacker Missy Elloitt


Open Dog (1) 1. Smith’s Kevardhu Adhewans Sh CM. All male, square body, rooflike head, short, arched neck. Well ribbed up, fabulous return of upper arm, strong quarters. A typical, quality Spin with coarse, dense coat. BOB

Open Bitch (4) 2 nice bitches but preferred the femininity of 1. Maxwell’s Cobourg Corinna. Presents a square outline, good pro-sternum, deep head, and lovely dark eye. Strong quarters, moved very well. 2. Longstaff’s Kevardhu Ebryl Fyllys


Open (3) 1. Shepherd’s Almondsbury Flamboyant at Shadowview, Am. Cocker. Would like to see more slope to topline but nevertheless a well presented and sturdy type. Good return of upper arm and strong bone. Moved well. 2. Maxwell’s Maursett Morven of Cobourg, Clumber 3. Shepherd’s Shadowview Poetry in Motion, Am Cocker

A.V.GUNDOG PUPPY (2) 1. . Shepherd’s Shadowview Guilty Pleasure, Am Cocker. Lively and well balanced baby, ample ribs, typical head but could be better in muzzle. Well angulated behind, moved OK.

GUNDOG GROUP 1. Cocker 2. Golden Retriever 3. WSS

GUNDOG PUPPY GROUP 1. Golden Retriever 2. Cocker 3. Pointer

Christine Morgan