• Show Date: 27/08/2012
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 27/03/2020

West Country Dog Club


27TH AUGUST 2012

Clumber Spaniels Open (3) 1. Crocker & Evans Vanitonia After Hours. Just a year old and in gleaming condition with a sparkling white coat. So very well balanced throughout, classic head, strong body, excellent forehand and large, round feet. True rolling gait and yet so light on her feet. An outstanding example of the breed, sheer quality. BOB & Group 3. 2. Armitage’s Nakuru Out Of The Ashes. 3. Newsham’s Anbrook Skylark at Brazenhill JW

English Setters Open 1. Osman’s Bournehouse Royal Design. 11 mths blue dog. Displays a classic outline and has plenty of substance. Noble head, good length of neck and well laid shoulders. Good prosternum and plenty of heart room, strong in loin with strong and well muscled quarters, moved well. BOB, BP and Puppy Group 1. Had better arch to neck and width of quarters than 2. Stirk’s Ravensett Diamond Romance with Grakar ShCM

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers Sp yearling (3) 1. Burchell’s Tivalake Jungle Bell Rock. Standing a bit bum high and would have liked to see more white but nevertheless has a balanced outline with good angles fore and aft. Ribs well sprung and carried well back. Lovely expression to his masculine, wedge shaped head. Moved OK but would have liked to see more spring. More compact and powerful than 2. Woolerton’s Melanitta Chillicote at Culmgillie 3. O’Neil’s Tollerice Aubin BP

Post Grad (3, 1 abs) 1. Ward’s Melanitta Fireblade. A little apprehensive at first and didn’t get his tail up but has a true jaunty and springy gait. Masculine, wedge shaped head, deep brisket, wide quarters and straight coat with dense undercoat. Preferred return of upper arm to 2. Rice’s Tollerice Aivazoff

Open (3, 1 abs) 1. Ward’s Foxdown Cecilia of Melanitta. Not in her best coat but is compact and well muscled. Alert expression, ears set high, well let down in front, good turn of stifle. Preferred eye shape and had better width behind than 2. Ward’s Foxdown Chiquitita of Melanitta

GSPs Sp Yearling (6, 2 abs) 1. Fisher’s Sanjon Continental Rose of Ankherwood. 14 mths solid liver, short back, standing over plenty of ground. Deep brisket, well chiselled head, true in front with good spring of rib. A bit sloppy in front movement but covered plenty of ground. Preferred overall balance to 2. Field & Burgess’ Adhemar Carleen 3. Russell’s Americano Aristocrat at Fraulynzway

Post Grad ( 3, 2 abs) 1. A Aristocrat at Fraulynzway. Liver and white ticked. Strong dog, handsome head but would have liked less flew. Good bone and well ribbed up. Would like him to stand over more ground.

Open (7, 2 abs) 1. Smillie’s Oakberrow Wotzinaname ShCM. Noble appearance showing power and typifying the breed. Clean-cut head with lovely raised brows and super finish to foreface with wide nostrils. Long, well laid shoulders, deep brisket and well sprung ribs. Alert and energetic on the move with a long, easy stride. Best coat of the day being coarse to the touch. A fine example of the breed in fine fettle. BOB and Group 1. Preferred his overall type and masculinity to 2. Cook & Lamb’s Adhemar Break of Day ShCM 3. Fisher’s Will I Am of Ankherwood

Field Spaniels Open (4, 3 abs) 1. Harding’s Havelli’s The Dark Knight at Kingsmist. Sadly, alone and lacking coat but has good breed type. Well defined occiput, low ear set, well ribbed back. Moved OK BOB

Welsh Springer Spaniels Open (2, 1 abs) 1. Shears Glanffrwd Westward Boy at Glenkerry ShCM. Nice type and shortlisted in the group. So happy and exuberant he never stopped wagging his tail. On the big side but balanced with a lovely head and expression, straight front, reachy neck, strong loin, well muscled with wide quarters. BOB.

Flat Coated Retrievers Post Grad ( 3, 2 abs) 1. Eaton’s Clocktower Star Gazer Shows good balance with strong bone, deep brisket and good ribs. Typical expression, ears well set on. Powerful quarters put to good use with lashing tail on the move. BOB. .

Open (4, 3 abs) 1. C Star Gazer.

Labradors Post Grad (5, 3 abs) 1. Cary’s Aquadell Montgomery. Black of good type. Clean-cut head with broad skull, strong, powerful neck, great barrel ribs, short coupled, strong bone. Moved OK. BOB 2. Jeffery’s Westbarton Ponsford

Open (4, 2 abs) 1. A Montgomery 2. Mills’ Trendlewood Sing

AVNSC Gundog Sp Yearling (2) 1. Stirk’s Doonbeg Morgan Le Fay at Grakar IWS. Lovely head and expression, kind eye, good bone and barrel ribs. Coat a bit loose but was more positive behind than 2. Stirk’s Fynder Wandering Star Over Grakar, IWS.

Open (6, 2 abs) A lovely class to judge, liked all 4. 1. Shears’ Maycourt Midnight Rambler at Glenkerry ShCM. Black Curly Coated Retriever. Wedge shaped head set well onto strong neck, muscular forequarters and deep, well sprung ribs. Straight front and moved well. BOB and Group 2.2. Brewer’s Bareve Y’n Ban at Edhenky 3. Sh Ch Tazenbach Chevalier ShCM

AV Gundog Puppy 1. Wilchrame Xcel, Pointer 2. Rees’ Shellcoast Sovereign, Cocker 3. Firefrost Huntress, HWV

Open 1. R Queen Sophia at Meloneras, Cocker 2. M Wannabeposh for Lappakia, Pointer 3. O Knight Errant, Am Cocker

Gundog Group.1 GSP, 2 Curly Coated Retriever, 3 Clumber, 4 American Cocker

Gundog Puppy Group. 1 English Setter, 2 Golden Retriever, 3 Pointer, 4 Cocker

Christine Morgan