• Show Date: 06/06/2012
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 27/03/2020

Staffordshire & Birmingham Agricultural Society



Cocker Spaniel Bitches

Puppy B 1. Pretty’s Joaldi Circle of Life. Blue Roan. Quality exhibit of excellent type. Square muzzle with depth and width, good stop, low set ears and such a kind, gentle expression. Well laid shoulders and good length and return of upper arm. Square outline, short back, good depth of brisket and well sprung ribs. Correct tail set, merry action showing a clean pair of heels and carried a strong topline. BPIB, BB & Res BOB. 2. Davies Kerriglow Timeless 3. Pickford’s Swanmarch Happy Feet

Junior B 1. Turner’s Jalankiu Science Fiction. Black, decent type, pretty head with square muzzle, pronounced pro-sternum, ample spring of rib, moved well. 2. Edward’s Shanaudvarn Lady Winnie

PG B 1. Stowell’s Jalankiu Black Lace. 2 nice bitches. Preferred the head of 2 but 1 was shorter coupled and shorter in back. Good length of upper arm and depth of brisket, thickly padded feet, moved OK and tidier in front than 2. Good tail carriage. 2. Goodwin’s Joaldy Talk Talk to Sarbar 3. Edwards’ Pontisbright Sweeps Dream at Shanaudvarn

Open B 1. Turner’s Charbonnel Baronette for Jalankiu Black, presented a square outline and better off for bone and turn of stifle than 2. Clean in back skull, nicely arched neck, carried a good topline and moved steadily.2. Shinkfield’s Quettadene Carefree at Notrella JW Sh CM 3. Fajardo’s Glwohill Bella Marie at San Matayo


Junior 1. Brown & Filby’s Desjiem Wilma Wagtail. 7 mths bitch of good type, feminine head, good ear set, straight front, excellent forehand, plenty of depth and strong quarters. Moved well but carried her tail too high for my liking. Nevertheless I liked her very much BPIB.

PG 1. Elder’s Gunalt Gorjuss. Feminine and elegant, classic head, good front and feet, well ribbed up and strong loin. Excellent 2nd thigh development, moved well even though a bit giddy in front. BOB.

Open 1. Brown & Filby’s Enryb Pyjama Party at Desjiem. Another quality exhibit. A bit strong in head for me but had a super front, good depth, plenty of heart room and had fantastic muscle tone. Correct tail set and covered the ground well. . Would have preferred him to carry a bit more weight.

Clumber Spaniels

Open 1. Howarth’s Arkview The Thinker. Presented a balanced outline with strength throughout and excellent bone. Deep chest, well ribbed back, muscular loin and powerful quarters. Moved well with typical gait. BOB.

Irish Red & White Setter

Junior 1. Ward’s Ballakinnish Mischief Making Copperwhite. Fabulous type, athletic not racy, broad chest, good oval bone, short, strong hocks, wide and powerful quarters, moved very well. 2. Barcroft’s Ballakinish Muse 3. Hart’s Gilligrae Cineal Niamh BPIB

PG 1. Lamb’s Casafelice Montadale JW. Tough decision between these 2 but I preferred the head of 1. Square muzzle, good stop, ears set on well. Good colour and tail set, moved well. 2. B Mischief M C

Open 1. Lamb’s Casafelice Askanian. Both exhibits were of excellent type. Presented a balanced outline displaying strength and power. Super length and return of upper arm, with plenty of lung and heart room. Well muscled loin and quarters, neat feet, moved very well BOB. 2. Ward’s Caispern Theodemir Cum Copperwhite

Christine Morgan