• Show Date: 03/10/2012
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: christine morgan Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 27/03/2020

Windsor Gundog Society



Welsh Springer Spaniels

Junior (4) 1. Davidson & Wells’ Amanshe Golden Lotus with Benchmark. Compact and workmanlike, big ribs, wide quarters with well developed second thighs. Moved OK. BPIB. Tail set a little low for my liking but preferred front and finish of foreface to 2. Buckwell’s Killena Dance with Moonlight 3. Watson’s Wellingerhill Garden Tiger of Hillpark

Post Grad (1) 1. Primmer’s Julita Revalation of Amanshe. Decent type with lovely head and eye. Ears set moderately low and of good shape. Good width of chest and not too narrow in front, ribs well sprung, muscular, arched loin to well muscled quarters. Moved well but proud of her tail.

Open (4) 1. Abbot’s Norlington Nectar JW. Headed a good class. Lovely type, compact, well balanced and beautifully presented. Very pretty head with good square finish to foreface. Lots of lovely curves from her big ribs through arched loin to wide, powerful quarters. Best tail set of the day. Powerful, quick and active mover showing a clean pair of heels. Preferred her overall shape to that of 2. Sutherland’s Julita Rezanella of Jacranella RBOB. 3. Evans’ Coedybrain Ryan ar Nantlle

Field Spaniels

Junior (4) 1.Bennett’s Fecimus Hobnob with Jesham. What a cracker! Well off for bone and substance, noble head, clean back skull, strong & well muscled neck flowing into well laid shoulders. Excellent depth of brisket with pronounced pro-sternum, well ribbed up with muscular quarters. Moved on a long, easy stride and without doubt displays the breed characteristic of being built for activity and endurance. BPIB & BOB. 2. Ford’s Sonnetend In Touch with Coverwell 3. Osborn’s Elgert R’Anna

Post Grad (3) 1. F Hobnob with J 2. Reedmace Sweetbriar Floss for Elgert (Imp Nld)

Open (1) 1. Ford’s Elgert Enigma for Coverwell. Has such a lovely eye with that beautiful, grave expression that is so typical of this breed. True in front with long, sloping shoulders and good return of upper arm. Level back and strong loin with low tail set. Lovely, tight, round feet, moved well. RBOB.

Christine Morgan