• Show Date: 20/10/2012
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Alanna Johan Blaney Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

Grantham & District Canine Society

Grantham & District Canine Society – 20/10/2012

Alaskan Malamutes

My sincere thanks to both the Show Society and my exhibitors for making this appointment, my first, an enjoyable one. The depth of quality and beautiful presentation of my exhibits made my final decisions all the more difficult.

J (5, 0)

1 Forster’s Illusions On Thin Ice At Kachemak (IMP USA). 10mth g/white dog.  Made a pleasing shape in profile with strong topline for a youngster. Balanced in front and rear angulation, well boned and in good muscle tone. Harsh coat, and lovely dark, well shaped eyes creating a typey expression. A bit naughty with his tail carriage but this didn’t spoil the balanced and efficient movement he demonstrated from every angle which ultimately won him the class. BPIB.

2 Thompson’s Libertia In The Red at Shomont. 10mth r/white dog with a cheeky expression, enhanced by nicely placed, good sized ears. Another very balanced picture for one so young; good layback of shoulder creating a slight sloping topline leading to a well angulated rear and excellent tailset. Nice tight feet, moderate bone. Moved out well with enthusiastic reach and drive, and was splitting hairs when making final decision. Look forward to seeing what these two boy have to come.

3 Henworth’s Wolfraven Rumour’s Comet.

PG (3, 0)

1 Thompson’s Shomont Raisin The Bar. Eyecatching 2 yr b/white dog. Stunning in profile and didn’t disappoint on the move. Masculine through and through but without coarseness. Strong muzzle, broad head, small, well set ears and dark eye. An elegant arch to his neck leading into a super topline. Well sprung ribs, muscular shoulders, straight in front; well angulated rear with strong, compact hocks . Harsh textured coat and excellent bone. Powered round the ring with reach and drive, holding his shape and carrying his tail with the signature waving plume of this breed. BOB and very pleased to see him take WG2 later that afternoon.

2 Dolan’s Ishjimani Hey Joe. 17 mth g/white dog. Broad head, strong in features but with a lovely soft expression. Great bone and overall shape, standing over large, well knuckled feet. Good depth of chest, texture of coat and tailset. Needs a bit more time to tighten up in front something I have no doubt will come with age. Clean movement, but not quite the ground-covering reach of 1.

3 Syson’s Icewolf Cast A Spell.

O (4,1)

1 Thompson’s Shomont Raisin Cain. 2 yr g/white dog, littermate to my BOB with many of the same qualities. Broad, masculine head, dark eyes and small ears that he used to his advantage to create an appealing, typey expression. Fantastic bone and coat, perhaps a touch longer in loin than his brother but still striking in outline, balanced in angles front & rear, possessing a driving movement that gave him the class. Pushed PG winner hard in the challenge but didn’t have quite the same extension to his side gait in the final run round.

2 Forster’s Hawkam Leading Lady of Kachemak. 6 yr g/white bitch. As feminine as winner of this class was masculine. Such a pretty headpiece, strong compact muzzle, with dark oblique eyes and small, well furred ears. Gives an overall picture of balance, strong pasterns, well angled rear, topline slightly sloping and tail carried beautifully on the move. Plenty of bone and fantastic coat. Her movement echo’s her soundness on the stand, but lacked the enthusiasm of the class winner which cost her a higher place.

3 Henworth’s Wolfraven Rumour’s Nebula.

Judge: Alanna J Blaney (Fenrirkin)