• Show Date: 04/08/2012
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Maureen Mitchell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019

National Gundog Association

Breed: Irish Setter

NATIONAL GUNDOG ASSOCIATION CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW - 4TH AUGUST 2012 IRISH SETTER (DOGS) I thank you for bestowing upon me the honour of judging such a quality entry. It was emotionally overwhelming and I enjoyed every minute of it. A couple of observations I made is that movement needs keeping tabs on as some exhibits moved very close behind and lacked muscle tone and drive; also some were carrying too much weight. Irish Setters should be fit not fat. The standard calls for raciness and that was what I was looking for, together with that ‘look of Eagles’; balance, both statically and kinetically and free from coarseness and exaggeration. I was more than happy with my final line-up. My Veteran winner needs no introduction as he is a star in his own rite and was presented immaculately; he went on to win Best Veteran with the complete agreement of my co-judge. Irish setters are a slow maturing breed and the puppy classes were a mixed bag of raw babies which they should be at this age and it will be interesting to see how they progress. With some of the classes having so many quality dogs competing against each other I had to concentrate on the finer points in order to separate my class winners from those who had to leave the ring empty-handed as the cards didn’t stretch far enough. I was blessed with having some of the best quality dogs in the breed at this time in my opinion; the top honours going to 2 such dogs who I have previously admired from the ringside, one being half the age of the other and it left me with a real headache at having to choose between them with the elder dog having to give way to the young pretender on the day; I was honoured to have the pleasure of going over them. Thanks also must go to my co-judge Mrs Brenda Berry for being so sporting and in complete agreement in the final decisions and not having recourse to the referee. VETERAN (1) 1ST MILLIGAN-BOTT, BOTT & LAUWERS’ SH CH/MULTI /INT CH SUMARIC SHADOW OF MR JINGLES Belying his 8 years, this dog oozes quality, head balanced, long and lean with raised brows, dark eye, correct low ear placement, straight front, good feet, neck long, arched, fits cleanly into shoulders, deep chest, firm sloping topline to good tailset, enough rear angulation to give him that drive on the move off short hocks, in super coat and condition as always B Veteran. MINOR PUPPY (7) 1st GRATTON’S BARDONHILL MOONRIVER FLOWS INTO GLENLAINE Almost 9 months, appealing in outline; his head is long and lean, with pronounced occipital bone, lovely dark eye and raised brows giving that melting expression, he stands on good feet with correct front assembly and rear angulation, lovely body and tailset, he is raw and should be at this age and for a youngster he moved well 2nd ANTHONY & STUART’S CORDARRAGH UPPER CLASS Another nice boy with good head and eye, sweet expression, good in front and body, short coupled, I preferred the rear angulation of 1, moved ok when settled 3RD TATTERSALL’S TRAWRICKA LATIN LOVER AT ALANEA – naf, taf PUPPY (11) 1st TUITE’S RIVERWOOD KAZATCHOK WITH PORSCHET (IMP BEL) Trying hard not to co-operate with his handler, but when he did he showed, albeit still raw, what a great outline he possesses, with rich dark coat, lovely head, arched neck cleanly into shoulders with length to upper arm, sloping topline and correct tailset. He has the sweetest expression with dark eye and a cheeky glint, raised brows, defined occipital bone, strong body and well angulated hindquarters used on the move with lashing tail. BPIB 2nd GRATTON’S BARDONHILL MOONRIVER FLOWS INTO GLENLAINE 3RD ANTHONY & STUART’S CORDARRAGH UPPER CLASS JUNIOR (9) 1ST CUDDY’S AOIBHEANNES QUITE THE REBEL BY BALBRIGGAN My first 3 in this class are all quality exhibits and as each one matures will give a valued contribution to the breed, each one possessing the true Irish classic head; they have time on their side Loved this young boy; he is not overdone in any way with classic outline; he is balanced and racy with lean chiselled head and melting expression, lovely dark eye, low set ears, straight in foreleg with plenty of bone, neat feet, good crest of neck fitting into good sloping shoulders with super topline and tailset, deep chest, sweeping stifle, giving him drive on the move, as he matures he will trouble the best. 2nd MUGFORD’S LYNWOOD LARK IN THE DARK Another dog with the same racy lines with good head and soft expressive eyes, raised brow, clean neck and shoulders with correct upper arm angulation, firm flowing topline and tailset, moved off well angulated rear quarters. His win in the Novice class gave him his final points for his JW, well done! 3rd GISBY’S SUTERESETT MR COOL YEARLING (14) 1ST MILLIGAN-BOTT & BOTT’S THENDARA POT NOODLE JW This is a super young dog built on flowing lines with true Irish head, soft yet still masculine, planes of equal length, with oval skull, enough depth of muzzle, gorgeous dark almond eye and raised brows, ears low-set lying close to head, straight front with good feet, arched toes, he flows from his arched neck, through his sloping topline to his super tailset, good body with deep chest, drove off his well angulated hindquarters and short hocks 2nd POLLARD & COOK’S GRAYRIGGE BENEDICT JW This boy is also of good quality with good headplanes, expressive eyes, slightly longer in skull than 1, with defined occiput, good reach of neck, deep chest, ribs well back into strong loin, well angulated fore and aft and he moved well. 3rd RICHARDSON’S BRABROOK FLASH HARRY AT MONTGREENAN NOVICE (7) 1ST MUGFORD’S LYNWOOD LARK IN THE DARK 2ND VINCENT & SPENCER’S LYNWOOD WHAT A LARK AT CAERVISTA Litter brother to 1 and similar remarks apply, appealing head and eye, good in front with neat feet, enough length of neck set cleanly into shoulders and firm topline giving him a nice outline. 3rd EBB’S JONOLA SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE GRADUATE (14) 1ST BOTT’S BARDONHILL GAMBLIN WILLIE JW This breeder consistently breeds quality and this boy is no exception; he fills the eye and stands his ground on firm arched feet; he oozes quality from his beautifully chiselled head with dark appealing eyes and raised brow which gives him that wistful expression to die for, pronounced occipital bone with good crest to neck fitting cleanly into layback of shoulder and length of upper arm, deep chest with ribs well back and firm gently sloping topline to beautiful tailset, his hindquarters are strong and muscular, which quite a few lacked today, and he flowed around the ring; a dream boy, loved him. 2nd GREENAN’S ANLORY LIVING DAYLIGHTS OVER JULESET JW I have admired this dog from the side of the ring and was pleased that my assumptions of him were correct. He is slightly heavier set than 1, his head is masculine with good eye shape and brow which gives him his lovely expression, good head plane and deep muzzle, free from coarseness, he hasn’t quite the length of neck as 1, but it is strong and muscular and fits cleanly. He has good forequarters and deep chest with good spring of rib and muscular hindquarters used on the move 3rd ARMSTRONG-RODGERS & COOPER’S WICKENBERRY SIRIUS POST GRADUATE (23) 1ST CUDDY’S SUTERESETT ROYAL RIPPLE WITH BALBRIGGAN Litter brother to my DCC winner. He is a real cracker, built on the same lines as his brother, but not quite as mature yet. His beautiful headpiece, long and lean, possesses that Irish character, melting eyes, dark and appealing, chiselled foreface, lovely head planes and raised brow; defined occipital bone, arched neck fitting cleanly into shoulders, deep chest, ribs well back, strong loin, good tailset, used on the move off short hocks, with his sloping topline he was a picture in profile 2nd BOTT & ALLEN’S EMBERS RED HOT CHILLIPEPPER OF QUENSHA (IMP SWE) Presented in immaculate coat and condition as one would expect from this handler; he has great ring presence and balance giving a lovely outline; his masculine head with correct stop and chiselling under dark well-shaped eyes gives him his melting expression; he is not a big one, but well-proportioned with deep well-sprung ribs with good lay of shoulder and return of upper arm, good bone and feet, with sloping topline and good set on of tail, muscular hindquarters and he drove off short hocks, covering the ground well 3rd SHELDON’S BALINTYNE FOREIGN INTRIGUE AT DELSANTO MID LIMIT (13) 1ST NAYLOR & MORRISON’S ANLORY BONARDA JW Liked the movement on this dog. He is compact and sound with good bone and lovely outline, his head is of the correct shape with dark expressive eyes, raised brow and low-set ears, his neck is long and muscular, as is his body with deep ribs well back to strong loin slightly arched with good tailset, good quarters fore and aft and moves with drive 2nd LEWIS’ DEACONARA DANSE DE BLEU AVEC DOTCOMSETTER JW Up close to 1, he is a handsome dog in full coat and condition presents a lovely profile with good head and soft expression though still masculine, good eye-shape, strong neck fitting well and flows through his good topline and tailset, well ribbed and short coupled; moved well off strong rear quarters 3rd GRATTON’S BARDONHILL FLOATING MOON INTO GLENLAINE JW SHCM LIMIT (13) 1ST DANKS-KEMISH SAMETSUZ ON CUE ALOLFRAN SHCM This boy shouts at you when he enters the ring, he is quite an imposing figure; an upstanding dog in proportion and built on flowing lines; stands his ground beautifully on good bone and feet. His head has the quizzical expression which should be typical of this breed but sadly many are lacking, it is long and lean with dark eye and chiselling which makes you want to look again; very appealing. Good front beautiful strong neck into well placed shoulders, the best of toplines into good tailset and strong rear quarters which makes him flow round the ring. I heard later that she was considering not showing him again, maybe she should think again, lovely boy, and had to be to beat my 2nd in this lovely class 2nd BOTT’S BARDONHILL STORM MOON Built on classic lines as one would expect; he possesses a head full of quality and an expression that melts your heart, smaller than one but just as impressive from his lovely neck and front assembly through his sloping topline and tailset through to his super rear angulation and gorgeous feet, small and arched, again moving as one would expect when one has the correct construction fore and aft, a lovely specimen of the breed 3rd HARVEY’S JUBLIANA MURPHY MIDNIGHT STAR SHCM OPEN (11) 1ST GISBY & PIKE’S SHCH SUTERESETT MILKY WAY WITH SCARLETTI JW Thought I’d died and gone to Heaven when I saw this class stretched out before me! It was an honour to just have the chance to go over some lovely dogs today, culminating in this class of beauties. My winner pulled out all the stops today to win this class. He fills the eye with his many attributes; handsome from his head so balanced with the correct amount of stop, masculine yet melting with appealing dark eye; raised brows; quizzical; low earset of moderate length lying close to head. He is well-built but racy, athletic without coarseness; in rich dark coat, not quite in full furnishings but coat isn’t everything and this will come; strong neck of good length and crest, well laid shoulder placement with good return of upper arm, deep chest with plenty of heart room, ribs well back, the best of toplines, firm and sloping into good tail carriage which was used on the move off well bent stifles and short hocks; he has effortless action on the move, all this and there is plenty more to come from this young man. He reduced me to tears. He is a joy, a true worthy Champion and I wish he was mine! DCC and BOB in agreement with my co-judge. 2nd MCLARNON’S SH CH/IR SH CH NORTHAMBER JUST CAUSE FOR GLENAVNA JW Needs no introduction, so worthy of his title; turned out in full coat and condition as always, he screams quality and epitomizes the Irish Setter, as with 1, he possesses a beautiful appealing head with true Irish glint in his dark well shaped eye, plenty of work but not overdone in any way, preferred the ear placement of 1; long neck set on cleanly into shoulders, super firm sloping topline to well muscled loin, good over croup with lovely tailset and carriage, with his good front and rear angulation it allows him his free flowing movement around the ring with effortless style; a meritous Champion RDCC 3rd HOLEHAN’S SH CH ERINADE STARWARS JW GOOD CITIZEN (3, 2) 1ST WITHEY’S BRIDGELLA’S NORTHERN LIGHTS This boy has a good head with length of foreface and chiselling, good eye and raised brows, well bodied and short coupled with good angulation firm topline and good tail carriage, nice mover MAUREEN MITCHELL (Judge)