• Show Date: 08/03/2012
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Grace Brown Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/04/2019


Breed: Weimaraner

WEIMARANER - CRUFTS 9th March 2012 A very good entry of quality dogs, I really enjoyed going over some new ones and seeing some of my older favorites again. VD (8,1) 1Thorne's Mabanika Sandown JW ShCM, 8yrs old, upstanding with level topline and good outline, masculine head and skull, correct rear end and well let down hocks, a worthy RCC. 2 Adams’s Sh Ch Ansona Gamaster JW ShCM, 9yrs and carries himself very well, correct colour, well off for bone and good feet, liked his head and expression. 3 Danneau’s Sh Ch Ansona Gamekeeper at Aarranz JW ShCM litter brother to my second and very alike, good rear angulation and well muscled. SPD (7,1)1Thwaites & Woodward-Thwaites’s Gunalt Smooth Operator, good colour, nice length of foreface, good sweep of neck into shoulders and well let down ribs, good rear angles and tight feet. 2 Bannerman’s Minama Roamin' Down Under, excellent front and depth of chest, good expression and depth of flews, good feet and well let down hocks. 3 Sturrock’s Magregor Mohaka, younger dog of correct pale silver, everything in the right place just needs to fill out and muscle up, liked his head planes and skull with correct occipit, nice rear end. SJD (6,0)1Maskell & Rayner’s Gunalt Distinction For Brownbank, 14mth old with rangy frame but all in proportion and correct, good head and breadth of skull and good fold of ear, well developed chest and straight front into good hind quarters. Moved well with ground covering stride, at just the right pace with his handler. BP 2 Taylor’s Zakro Coolio nice compact dog of good colour and good topline on the move. Well angulated rear quarters, nice head and depth of muzzle. 3 Maddox’s Windlegrey Hush Hush JW good head and neck with good length of ear, good front and depth of chest and correct rear quarters, tight feet. YD (9,0)1 Matthews’s Silvermews Shiro upstanding dog wth excellent head and masculine expression, correct ears and good fold. Muzzle deep, strong neck and front ino good chest which is well let down to elbow. Ribs well sprung and nice angulated rear. Level topline on the move. 2 Turner’s Quadet Dargo At Rockleyan JW good silver colour with correct reach of neck into deep chest, good fore chest and well sprung ribs, well angulated rear. Moved with good drive and fluidity, should have a great future when he matures out. 3 Milby & Snaith’s Tequise Guardia’nSpirit Of Bifonda NAF compact and well balanced with good head and topline into well muscled quarters. Good straight front and moved with drive. PGD (6,1) 1 Halliday’s Greyspirit Olympic Flame true silver grey with good aristocratic head, correct median line and occipit. Good neck into deep chest and well arched feet. Moved straight and true covering the ground well. Well muscled but elegant in profile. 2 Thorne’s Mabanika Atlantic Crossing very nice dog, liked head and ears with fine leathers and fold. Level back, well angulated rear, well muscled second thigh and good let down of hocks, just needs to tighten up on movement. 3 Mountain’s Merlins Magic good colour and nice head and expression, good reach of neck, nice topline and moved well, good muscle tone. LD (15,1) 1 Beckett’s Enryb Golf Party, was very taken with this dog who was very balanced and correct colour. Good head not too overdone but masculine and well set ears. Nice neck into good front with ribs well laid back and correct length of loin. Good angulation on rear and well developed second thigh, good feet. 2 Brown & Filby’s Enryb Pyjama Party At Desjiem JW ShCM another one from this talented kennel, good head and expression with deep flews and nice median line into full skull, clean-cut neck and good forechest into correct shoulders with well ribbed chest into firm loin. Moved freely and true, just not in his best coat. 3 Harman’s Lassemista Tango lovely long hair, well boned with excellent soft head and expression, straight front with well let down chest to elbow, well angulated rear and very good feet. Coat just right, well feathered and good tail carriage. OD (16,1) 1 Dyer’s Sh Ch Sharnphilly Awesome JW ShCM, truly elegant and athletic, who will go down in the history books as one of the great dogs in the breed. Aristocratic head and good length of foreface to skull, correct fine ears with good fold, nostrils well developed. Correct length of neck into front with good topline and rear quarters, excelled in his true and free movement covering the ground effortlessly. Very well handled. CC & BOB. 2. Clarke & Radford’s Schonhund Showvanist Over Errytar JW another quality upstanding dog with nice masculine head. Good front and coat, carrying the correct condition, clean-cut neck into forechest and front. Well angled rear and let down of hock, tight feet. 3 Byrne & Egan’s Ch/IR Sh Ch Enryb Secret Party JW ShCM a dog with lots to like, excelled in bone and overall strength, perfect head and expression and good front with well sprung ribs and strong over the loin, good rear end and moved true. FTD (3,0) 1 Morgan’s Parhelis Duke Leto, good colour and nice balance of foreface to skull, well set ear and good reach of neck into level topline and well muscled quarters, moved well with good tail carriage. 2 Hunter’s IR Sh Ch Gryspirit Valour JW CW10 ANCH09 good head and ear with straight front and well let down chest. Well angulated rear and good second thigh. Level topline on move. 3 Carpenter’s Aschfahl Golby Gamefinder compact dog of good shape and well balanced, just not the bone quality of my winner. WGD (3,0) 1 Burden & Molnar’s HUN/RUM Ch Granithill Nine One One well made dog with darker cast of colour, good head with true proportions and good neck into well laid shoulders. Well let down ribs and strong loin, well muscled rear and good feet, moved well once settled. 2 Baker’s Weiambea Blue Moon Of Verwegen finer made dog of good colour, correct head and good length of neck into well placed shoulders, nice spring of rib and good rear quarters. Moved true. 3 Van Deutekom’s NL/LUX Ch Ioulos Van 't Weimeland [ATC AP00354BEL] longhair in good coat and condition, appealing head with good breadth of skull. Strong neck and well sprung ribs into strong loin. Nice tight feet well arched and good tail carriage. GCD (6,1) 1 Rintoul’s Silberstern Water Buoy good colour, nice head and expression with well set ears. Straight front and good angulation, ribs well let down to elbow. 2 Rintoul Silberstern Blue Blazer well boned dog with strong masculine head and expression, good front and level topline, well muscled rear and good second thigh, giving the handler a hard time on the move. 3. NL/LUX Ch Ioulos Van 't Weimeland [ATC AP00354BEL] VB (17,2) 1 Thompson’s Sh Ch Risinglark Sun Chariot 8yr old of correct pale grey, femine head with enough depth in muzzle and good slope of skull in occipit. Fine ears set well back, good deep forechest and ribbed well back into strong loin, nicely angulated rear and good feet, close decision for my reserve cc. 2. Batty & Smith’s Sh Ch Almoor Disco Diva JW feminine and well balanced 9 yr old bitch, good head and neck into well laid shoulder, good chest and strong topline, good musculation on rear end and second thigh, well let down hocks and well arched feet. 3 Robert’s Graufreund Giggles nice head and good reach of neck into well sprung chest, good rear angulation, feet not so well arched as my winners. SPB (9,2) 1 Gibbon’s Gilbert Pearce Gunalt Can Dance nice head shape with good balance of muzzle to skull, ears well set with good fold, clean-cut neck into forechest and ribs well down to elbow. Strong over the loin and good let down hocks, moved well. 2 Gibbons & Gilbert’s Gunalt Socialite At Telleara liked head and expression, good neck and well ribbed back. Balanced and very feminine puppy, showing promise once she fills out. 3 Maclaine & Dickson’s Greyspirit Missy Sippi similar to my first placed puppy with good front and nice feminine outline, level topline on the move. SJB (11,1) 1 Gummerson’s Nagum Snow Fairy well balanced with correct head and fine ears well set, good clean-cut neck into straight front and good chest. Strong topline on move and well muscled rear end. 2 Elders & Ward’s Gunalt Gorjuss femine, good depth of flew and muzzle shape, nice line of skull to occipit. Correct neck and front into good length of loin, well angulated rear and good let down hocks, well arched feet.BPB 3 Rutland’s Khamsynn Carry On Camping JW lovely puppy of good type with well defined head and good ears, outline good and nice rear quarters, just needs to fill out and become more collected on the move. YB (9,1) 1 Morris’s Kalimor Casey JW of excellent type and true silver grey, well defined head and correct length and depth of muzzle, nice median line to width of skull. Good front and loin with well let down hocks and good muscle, moved with drive and balance, well handled. 2 Hollngs’s Gunalt Perceive another good type bitch with slightly less muzzle than my winner , good movement with correct front and good rib and depth of chest, well off for bone and well angled rear. 3 Milby’s Teguise Angel Eyes good head and fine ears with good fold, correct front and chest into strong loin, moved well. PGB (19,3) 1 Rayner’s Gunalt The Look At Raystans JW Elegant and well balanced as you would expect from this kennel, appealing head with well set ears and good clean-cut neck, correct depth of chest to elbow and good length of rib into loin, well angled rear and moved true for and aft. 2 Roberts’s Graufreud Amazing Grace liked her head and expression with strong neck and good body into well angulated rear, well let down hocks and good arch of foot. Carried herself well on the move. 3 Gosling’s Glasarian Athena real old fashioned type bitch with lots to like, nice pale colour and excellent bone, good head with correct stop and good depth of muzzle, outline good when standing and moved with pace and elegance. LB (23,1) 1 Robinson’s Hollieseast Sahnenkirsche, never put a foot wrong and won this class on her faultless movement. Unexaggerated with correct outline and balance, feminine head and skull with good fold of ear, elegant neck into good forechest, well laid shoulder, ribbed well back into correct rear end and well let down hocks. A worthy winner in a very strong class. 2 Snaith’s Bifonda Stop Her On Sight nice pale colour, well off for bone with good reach of neck and well developed fore chest, deep rib and strong loin, good rear with well let down hock and good feet well arched. 3 Shackell’s Gabbi Gracious another with lots to like, good outline when standing and good coat and colour, well muscled with out coarseness, good tight feet. OB (21,6) 1 Morris’s Sh Ch Kalimor Tula JW ShCM great go to over this bitch again who has really matured well and followed through all her early promise. Very correct type with good head and expression, correct ears and elegant neck into good forechest and well laid shoulder, ribbed well back, well angulated rear and moved true for and aft with an easy stride and spring to her step. CC & RBOB. 2 Byrne & Egan’s Enryb Party at the Palace, similar comments to my winner but a shade darker in colour, well off for bone but not coarse, good feet and liked her head and expression, a bitch who deserves to be shown more often. RCC 3 Dyer’s Sh Ch Ansona Vanity Fair At Sharnphilly, easy to see the stamp of her sire, a good upstanding bitch with excellent outline, strong topline on move and very co-ordinated covering a lot of ground in a balanced stride, good rear end and well let down hocks. FTB (1,0) 1 Carpenter’s Aschfahl Foresters Fancy, alone but worthy of her first place, feminine head and elegant neck, well muscled front and rear with correct depth of chest for her height. Moved effortlessly, with good stride. WGB (1,0) 1 Molnar & Nacsa’s Grannitehill Queen Mary Rose [ATC AM01511HUN] a good young bitch of finer shape but balanced, liked her head and expression with well developed front and good chest into good loin, well angulated rear and good feet, moved with drive. GCB (9,0) Glasarian Athena, brains as well as beauty with Gold Good Citizen. 2 Maclaine & Dickson’s IR Sh Ch Greyspirit Liberty ShCM correct and compact bitch balanced standing and moving. Feminine head and neck into good body outline. Good legs and feet. 3 Gudgeon’s Gallyocean Seadreams Of Gunway good colour and aristocratic head. Good topline and well arched feet, just needs to mature out and tighten up. Mrs Grace Brown - Judge