• Show Date: 08/10/2011
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ric Beall Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 01/12/2021

North East Of England Working & Pastoral Breeds Society

Dobermann: PG (2) 1 Sanderson’s Aritaur Cardinal Red at Jodaseen. Super outline on this 10 month old brown puppy dog. Elegant yet masculine with noble carriage. Wedge shaped head, dry length of neck into first rate shoulders and front. Good bone and feet, straight slightly sloping back and correct coupling. Powerful, angulated rear and easy mover; so true when coming towards you. Still has more to give and a little out of coat, but so much to like. Best of Breed, Best Puppy and I was so pleased to see him take Group 4, Puppy Group 1 and Best Puppy In Show. 2. Swan’s Samenco My Irish Boy (Imp). 3 Year old black and tan dog with the most handsome head and expression. A joy to go over his firm musculature, well spung rib and excellent loin. He was of size and substance. Masculine throughout with good topline and brisket to elbow. Very pleasing side gait on this lad, but he could not match the front and overall shape of the winner. O (1) 1. Morgan’s Malibray Finlaggan for Telenndu. 16 month black and tan dog. Pleasing head with good strength of jaw. Neck was clean, of good length into a well developed front and supported by good round bone. Level topline and stronger croup would improve overall outline. Movement in profile was very pleasing but a touch wide behind when going away. Well muscled boy in good condition.

Great Dane: Y (3 1) 1. Whyte’s Lomondane Ma Heids Mince. Tall, elegant brindle dog of 16 months with clean outline. Well proportioned head which is correct from all angles complemented by good expression and tight eye. Adequate angulation fore and aft with short loin. Covered the ground with sound, easy action. He has all the essentials and now needs to fill his frame with maturity. 2 Farthing’s Kenine Ishkur Blue dog of 23 months who is nicely short coupled with firm loin and good spring of rib. Head is of parallel planes, although eye could be darker. Good ratio of length of leg to length of body. Not the strength of croup or thighs of the winner. Steady mover. PG (5 3) 1 Young’s Tawnybrae Three Against One at Iluvadane. 2 year old full bodied fawn bitch who holds a reasonably well balanced outline. Strong head, yet in proportion to body with good ratio of muzzle to skull and dark eye. Clean front of good width and depth, standing on tight feet. I would prefer cleaner wither but firm in topine leading into good croup. Very well muscled with strong rear which she put to good use on the move. 2 Farthing’s Chardonnay Queen. 2 year old feminine and elegant mantle who was not as developed in body as the winner and slightly longer cast. Head is good in profile and mounted on lovely clean length of neck. Stands on tight feet. Firm topline and pleasing underline, good croup and turn of stifle. Displayed a lithe action on the move. O (7 4) 1 Young & Gilbert’s Lomondane Jeeliepiece at Iluvadane. Gorgeous brindle of 2 and a half whose smart outline pleased me greatly. Excels in head and expression. She is strong and substantial yet clean flowing lines from her reachy neck through strong shapely quarters, slightly arched loin and tuck up convey elegance and femininity. So well balanced with depth and width throughout. Well conditioned, she moved out precisely with true reach and drive. Wish she was mine! Pleasure to award her Best of Breed and see her take Working Group 3. 2 Farthing’s Chardonnay Queen. 3 Farthing’s Kenine Ishkur.

Leonberger: Y (3 1) 1 Bodle’s Debbollinby Just A Rumour JW ShCM. Charming young dog of almost 18 months. Although not yet fully mature he is smart with well developed quarters presenting a strong yet elegant outline. I particularly liked his front with correct depth and width of forechest standing on good bone and excellent feet. Masculine head with roman nose and full mask. Strong topline and croup with correct moderately angulated stifles. Fluid, easy mover, true both in profile and coming and going, showing off his sunny disposition. Best of Breed. 2 Burrell’s Rossnick Quest For A Star. Appealing young male of 12 months, who has time to develop into his body. Already of good size and ratio of length of leg to length of body Good head and dentition, fleshy feathered ears. Pleasing length and strength of neck leading into good shoulders. Being immature he did not have the topline of the winner at as he needs more hind angulation, but he is promising. Very good on the move, tracking true. PG (5 1) 1 Bodle’s Debbollinby Just The Ticket JW ShCM. 2 and a half year old full brother to Just A Rumour, of the same good type and maturing nicely. I was very pleased with his well proportioned head which is in no way overdone with typical expression and good ears. Scores in forehand standing on feet which neither turn in nor out. Well laid shoulder and just enough bend of stifle. Easy mover, particularly good driving away. He was not terribly enthusiastic with the change of handler in the challenge. 2 Burrell’s Vanroy Othello. Honest dog of 16 months with good outline not dissimilar to the winner. A good head although a touch deeper in stop than 1. Overall well balanced with just enough neck, well filled front and good bone. Pleasing topline, correct ribbing and covered with good coat. Strong, broad rump leading into powerful moderately angulated hindquarters. Strong, sound mover. 3 Donley’s Stormchaser Enferno. 11 month old puppy who held his outline reasonably well although his handler did not make the best of him. Head is well proportioned and in balance to body with lovely dark mask. Well set feathered ears, good bone and adequate coat. Strong topline although shorter coupled than I would have liked. Pleasing moderate hind angulation he moved out well. Best Puppy O (2) Burrell’s Rossnick High Flyer. I very much liked the harmonious, flowing outline on this mature 5 year old male, who in such good condition was very good to go over. Correct lay of shoulder, moderate forechest and depth of body to brisket. Pleasing topline, good length of body, strong croup and correct hind angulation. He did not disappoint on the move. I just preferred the head and feet of Just A Rumour in the challenge. 2 Rose’s Vanroy Rainman of Bedeburn 3 year old lad of great size and substance. No denying his masculinity, he has impressive bone and stands on huge tight feet. Strong head mounted on a good neck. Pleasing depth of body throughout and well ribbed. Not wearing his best coat and was a touch weak across the croup which affected his outline. Enthusiastic mover.

Ric Beall