• Show Date: 06/02/2011
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Ric Beall Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/11/2021

Midland & West Of England Great Dane Club

Thank you to the Officers and Committee for the invitation to judge Fawns and Brindles at this show. I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Presentation and condition was, overall, very good indeed. I encountered 3 bad mouths.


Minor Puppy Dog (2)

1. Pratt’s Robessa The Sacred One at Khanin. Rising 7 month old puppy with balanced outline. Front was good with pleasing shoulder and well developed forechest . Super feet and good bone. Good depth of body and topline. Correct head planes but needs to grow into ear and could be cleaner in throat. Difficult to assess on the move due to playfulness and lack of schooling, but overall outline took him to the top of the class. Unfortunately went lame in the challenge and his owner sensibly withdrew him from further competition. Best Puppy Dog in Colour.

2. Jackson-Haines’ Vanmore Vision at Leighsham. 7 Month old puppy. Built on clean lines, but lacked the strength of topline and croup of winner appearing much weaker over body and rear. Still very young and has time. Preferred this boy’s head with good foreface, level planes, kind expression and eye. Moved out quite well in profile but needs to develop and strengthen in hock. Good bone and temperament.

Puppy Dog (1)

1. Jackson-Haines’ Vanmore Vision of Leighsham

Junior Dog (7, 1 abs).

1. Morgan-Evans Vanmore Sound Investment. Masculine fawn. Impressive forehand from good head down through broad deep chest and well laid shoulder, although not always clean over the wither . Head is strong with parallel planes and in proportion to size, but could be cleaner in flews, throat and skull. Terrific bone and good feet. A joy to go over well sprung ribs and firm loin. A touch long for perfect balance, but topline is firm and he is still young. Strong hindquarters of adequate angulation. Powerful, easy mover with reach and drive, carrying himself exceptionally well. Pressed very hard for best dog but just needs to let down more behind. Reserve Best Dog In Colour

2. Collett’s Foaldown Secret Society. Excellent quarters on this well balanced boy of almost 18 months used to advantage on the move. Not the biggest but all in proportion Good depth and width of front but not the feet and strength of pastern of the winner. Head is balanced in profile but I would prefer cleaner cheeks front on. Neck is clean, arched and flows into wither and short, firm back. Belly well drawn up and in good condition. I preferred the masculine outlook of winner and cleaner movement over the shoulder

3. Harrison’s Teeseedane Truly Theodoric By Emaneaz. Solid, slow maturing type of almost 15 months. Not the balance of 1 & 2 right now needing to let down behind, but has time. Carried himself very well and powered round the ring from good strong hocks. Strong, masculine head and neck and he scored in eye and ear. Depth of forechest and body coming along well. Presented in excellent condition.

Yearling Dog (2)

1. Morgan-Evans’ Vanmore Sound Investment

2. McGuiness’ Tawnybrae Tri Ma Best for Dinahtron. Very honest dog of 18 months. A big boy presenting a decent profile picture, and clean outline. Correct head planes and strength of jaw. Clean neck leading into good quarters fore and aft with firm back. Standing on tight feet, he needs time to fill his large frame as he lost out on depth of body and strength of thigh. On the move he was strong and steady with good action from the hock. Should finish well.

Post Graduate Dog (2)

1. Monaghan’s Highesteem Special Guy at Veendam (Imp Nor). Strong with masculine head of parallel planes although deep set eyes and heavy ears do not lend themselves to typical Dane expression. Lay of shoulder could be better but very good width and depth of chest. Depth of body correct with belly drawn up. Excellent firm back with strong loin. Was impressed by his excellent hindquarters consisting of super croup, turn of stifle and strong hock which he used to advantage on the move.

2. Cartledge-Blake’s Carbarline Top Secret. Extremely immature boy of almost 16 month who was VHC in Junior. Lacking in body and with a typical teenage topline he could not match the balance of the winner. He has substantial bone and is built on clean lines. Front is clean with forechest developing. Needs to tighten in feet and pasterns. Good spring of rib he needs to let down behind. On the move gave a good profile picture, but needs to tidy coming and going.

Limit Dog (5,1)

1. Bishton’s Jaydania Fred Astaire JW. Topped the males on his overall balance and clean lines; height to length ratio was correct and he stood over his ground. Smart and showy I loved his size, enormous bone and great substance filling into his frame since I judged him as a puppy. He carries his strong head on a reachy neck although I would prefer more arch and cleaner throat. Super expression and good ear. Straight front of good width and depth and stands on tight feet although could use a touch more angulation of shoulder. Firm back and pleasing depth of body. Strong croup and rear. Moved with strength and fluidity. Best Dog and delighted to see him take Best In Show.

2. Teese’s Selmalda Stay Free for Teeseedane. Mature boy, rising 5 years I have judged before. Well developed strong quarters used purposefully on the move, driving from rear with front extension although rather proud of his tail. Not quite the overall balance, feet or head of the winner, but has kind eye and well set ear. Front on he has width and depth. Good spring of rib with firm back and loin. Good turn of stifle and presented in excellent condition.

3. Dewane’s Stegill Heavy Hogwater. Tall 3 year old boy. In profile he pleases for his good head, clean length of neck, shortness of back, correct topline and firm loin. He was lacking depth of body which with his great length of leg does not lend itself to correct balance. Straight front and tight feet He could have better fore angulation, but length of back is good. Loin is short and firm. Sound on the move but lacked drive and enthusiasm.

Open Dog (3,2)

1. Seddon’s Tenaya Apache Bold Warrior. Mature 4 year old masculine dog Good bone and substance. Fills his strong quarters which were of adequatre width and depth. Head is strong with pararlell planes but denition should be better and he is a touch harsh in expression. Good tight eye and deep front. He is firm in topline, well covered and in good condition. Scores in croup and good turn of stifle. Moved steadily but could have shown greater drive and reach.

Minor Puppy Bitch (1)

1. McGuiness’ Dinahtron Princess. Elegant, feminine bitch of just 8 months. Carries herself well with good length of body to height. Head is typical with good length of foreface and square drop of lip. Excellent bite and ear is of good size and she uses it well. Sweet kind eye, tight feet and straight front. Strong topline and firm croup. Just needs to let down behind and I would like a touch more angulation of shoulder. Lovely profile movement with easy stride. Reserve Best Puppy in Colour.

Puppy Bitch (2)

1. Bishton’s Jaydania Jessica Andrews. Excellent head and expression on this 10 month old puppy. Balanced level planes, kind eye and dark mask. Ears well carried and of good size. Excellent depth and width of front, good bone and stands on tight feet. Crested neck although I would prefer more arch, it flows cleanly into wither. Forehand would benefit from more angulation of shoulder. Body has adequate depth, firm topline and short loin and good turn of stifle. Typical puppy action coming and going but steady, true and pleasing in profile. Best Puppy In Colour.

2. Pearces Ansets Band of Gold. Big strong girl of almost 11 months. Needs more ringcraft as she did not make the best of herself on the stand or on the move. Not the head of the winner, being plainer in expression, but good strength of jaw and planes. Very good depth of body, excellent bone, well laid shoulders and correct spring of rib. Needing to muscle up as she matures and strengthen behind so as not to appear over angulated.

Junior Bitch (7,1)

1. Roan’s Carbarline Penny Lane. Elegant girl of 15 months, mature in body with super quarters fore and aft. Excellent musculature and fits her skin to present a very good profile picture. Although too long in body for perfect balance, she carried herself so well both standing and on the move with firm topline and loin. Head is very feminine with good length of foreface. Arched neck flowing well into good depth of body.

2. Abbott’s Nikami Curly Wurly. Atrractive, balanced outline on this 12 month old baby, holding her own with the big girls and filling out nicely. Good make and shape with short back and loin. Lovely head and expression which I preferred to winner, mounted on good neck. Would prefer a touch more angulation at the shoulder. Good spring of rib, croup and turn of stifle. Steady, sound gait.

3. Jacobs’ Mohos Mo Chara at Kazabbie. Substantial girl of 12 months. Strong but balanced headpiece with good drop of lip, powerful jaw and typical expression set off by attractive dark mask. Reachy neck into good depth and width of chest and well bodied. Good topline and underline but needs to strengthen in croup and hindquarters. Moved with easy even stride.

Yearling Bitch (4)

1. Cranfield’s Zefather Cleopatra’s Secret. Won this class on her good balanced outline which she held whilst going round with ground covering easy action. Super head and expression enhanced by well set ear and mounted on clean, crested length of neck. Good depth of front and tight feet although could be stronger in pastern. Short firm back and good croup, but I would prefer a slightly better tuck up and touch more width of thigh although has adequate turn of stifle. Good honest bitch.

2. Roan’s Carbarline Lady Madonna. Strong, shapely girl with excellent well angulated and powerful quarters. Front is clean and well developed, but she is a touch short in leg for the great depth of chest and she lost out to the balance and finesse of winner. Head is strong appealing. Well off for bone standing with strong pasterns. Topline and spring of rib pleased me as did her correct tailset. Sound, powerful mover but could have been tidier coming towards me. Has time on her side.

3. Thurlby’s Selmalda Dream Baby Dream at Justinian. Striking girl, strong and of good size, put down in super muscular condition as she was last time I judged her. Sadly she was lacking body and out of coat today, but has the essentials. Good height to length ratio and balanced headpiece with pleasing tight dark eye. Firm topline and loin. Extrovert temperament she moved out well when concentrating on the job! Another who needs time to fill her frame.

Post Graduate Bitch (4,3)

1. Roan’s Carbarline Let It Be. Tall, substantial bitch who although stood alone certainly stood out! Elegant, feminine, yet strongly built through quarters. Only 15 months and had lovely depth of body like her quality sisters. Loved her forehand starting from a balanced headpiece of level planes, flowing through long, arched neck, clean depth of chest to tight feet. Good topline, underline, slightly arched loin, and although a touch long in body she carries it well. Good croup and turn of stifle. Very showy she gave her handler some difficulty but a powerful easy mover who was very good to go over. Pleased to award her Reserve Best Bitch in Colour

Limit Bitch (7,4)

1. Hogarth’s Sunlind Summer Lovin’. Statuesque bitch of great size and substance but retains elegance through correct length of leg. Head in proportion to body with good drop of lip and ear. Reachy neck, although occasionally a little upright but set well into the shoulder and clean wither. Chest to brisket with super underline, belly being well drawn up and loin slightly arched she is able to carry off a slightly long body. Scores in croup and turn of stifle. Used her good quarters to move easily with head carried high. Pressed hard in the challenge.

2. Bishton’s Jaydania Hollywood. Smart, striking outline on this girl with a very good head and expression accenturated by deep mask. Couldn’t match the forequarters of the winner, being rather prominent in sternum and not the angulation of shoulder. Good bone, clean underline and strong topline, correct spring of rib and croup. Powerful hindquarters, she moved soundly and steadily but lacked a little animation.

3. Ritchens’ Dainwoods Storm Lilly to Branella. Strong, honest sort with clean shapely, well muscled quarters. Not the balance of 1 and 2 being rather high over the rear and softer in topline, but plenty to like. Head whilst strong is of correct proportions with good expression, kind eye and good ear. Well covered with very pleasing front standing on super feet. Not terribly enthusiastic on the move but one of very few who tracked true.

Open Bitch (5,3)

1. Day & Fry’s Ch. Merribox Love Affair with Janirche JW. Good outline on this girl with correct height to body length ratio and firm loin which is of good depth and slightly arched. A feminine headpiece yet has good strength of jaw and square drop of lip. Pleasing ear and expression. Clean, reachy neck into well developed forechest and brisket to elbow. Stands on tight feet with strong pastern. Short back and good ribbing. Could be a touch stronger in croup but has excellent turn of stifle and strong hocks. Positive gait with reach and drive. Very pleased to award her Best Bitch in Colour

2. Merwick’s Salaan Storm Power. Mature girl with correct depth of body, well covered and put down in good condition. Being longer cast she did not have the balance of the winner, but she held a firm topline standing and on the move. Head is balanced on crested neck and leads into a clean front with tight feet. Good spring of rib and well let down at hock. She insisted on pacing all the way round the ring!


Puppy Dog (2,1)

1. Drew’s Lindeefay Away He Goes. Well marked big boned boy of almost 9 months standing on tight feet. Well covered and well presented. Strong boy with masculine headpiece and very good eye although a little broad in skull Alert expression and good ear. Chest developing well and neck flows well into topline, needs to let down into his angles. Strong behind and powerful mover displaying dignity and positive action, head carried high Reserve Best Dog in Colour and Best Puppy in Colour.

Junior Dog (2,1)

1. Shadbolt’s Jaydania Eric Hall into Akura. 14 month old youngster. Obviously immature but presents a decent profile, masculine with good bone. Strong head with broad nose and muzzle and good strength of jaw. Front is of good width and adequate depth, he is clean over the shoulder. Feet and pasterns could be much tighter. Firm topline, good coupling and croup, touch high over the rear but hind angulation is still developing. Pleasing stride in profile but movement needs to tighten both coming and going . Best Dog in Colour

Open Dog (1)

1. Harrison’s Emaneaz Pure Star Attraction. I last judged this boy as a rangy 11 month old puppy. At 5 years he is now fully mature with deep well filled and correctly angulated quarters. Good headplanes with kind eye and expression. Excellent forechest and depth of brisket and tight feet. Slightly long cast and a little soft in topline, but good spring of rib, pleasing croup and rear. In good condition. A little tired on the move, but sound and steady.

Puppy Bitch (1)

1. Drews Lindeefay Tiger Lilly. Very pretty litter sister to Puppy Dog. Elegant, feminine outline. Lovely head with good length of foreface, typical expression, ear and eye. Reasonable body shape although a little long cast at the moment. Angulation fore and aft coming along, she needs to fill into her frame as she matures. Very weak behind which was reflected in her movement. Hopefully she will strengthen in hock with maturity Reserve Best Puppy in Colour.

Junior Bitch (1)

1. Teese’s Teeseedane Truly Adelicia. Cracking bitch with such an honest outline. Compact, balanced, strong yet still feminine with her clean flowing lines through shapely correctly angulated quarters. Head is in proportion to body with good drop of lip and quizzical expression from tight eye. Ears well set if a little heavy. Super clean front and depth of body. Having correct underline, belly being well drawn up and slightly arched loin she is in no way coarse. Well defined markings. Excellent drive and reach on side gait but could be cleaner in front movement. Not yet 15 months still has so much to give. A pleasure to award her Best Bitch in Colour and to see her win Best Opposite Sex In Show

Yearling Bitch (1)

1. Teese’s Teeseedane Trule Adelicia

Post Graduate Bitch (2,1)

1. Hempsetad’s Majosun Jenny Wren. 2 year old strong dark brindle with beautifully angulated shoulders and turn of stile which stood her in good stead on the move. Flowed round the ring and tracked true coming and going. Not the tallest of bitches and needs more length of leg to balance out her great depth of chest and body. Strong, but classy headpiece mounted on strong neck. Excellent spring of rib, firm topline and loin. A good bitch, but lost out in the challenge to the winner’s more elegant outline. Reserve Best Bitch in Colour.

Ric Beall